Sulfaro – Choose Craftsmanship, Quality and Comfort.


Camelot Fringe, 3.5 seat Scatterback Sofa

When purchasing furniture, it really is rewarding to select the very best available. A new sofa, armchairs, an ottoman – your choice is often determined on appearance and style, both important and well worth spending time on selecting the setting you really like – you’ll be looking at it, sitting upon it and enjoying it for at least a decade. But the most important consideration is craftsmanship. And you can for a reasonable and similar price, select furniture that is handcrafted, sturdily constructed and supremely comfortable – at Sulfaro.

Sulfaro Furniture is simply of a higher quality than most of its competition. And there is good reason for this. All furniture at Sulfaro is manufactured using tried and true traditional craftsmanship handed down for generations. It is well recognised that much of the world’s most beautiful furniture comes from Italy. At Sulfaro we employ the very same traditions in lovingly crafting a wide range of both contemporary and traditional upholstered furniture for your comfort and enjoyment.


Euro Sofa, 3.5 seat

There is a not so subtle difference in choosing a Sulfaro sofa over a mass produced assembly line sofa from one of the major retailers. At Sulfaro each piece of furniture is hand built by genuine experienced Tradesmen and Artisans. Each piece is an individual creation loving crafted until completion, rigorously tested and quality controlled.

Sulfaro offer customers a very broad range of styles and settings. You can review our Collections here. As well at Sulfaro you can choose the fabric. leather or material you desire from the broad selection available. Our complete range includes fabrics, leathers and materials from major Fabric and leather supply houses, world wide. Select timber finishing, studding and piping. Choose castors, skirting or feet. Your lounge suite can be as individual as you are.


Ringwood Sofa, 2.5 seat

It’s time to make the right decision. Choose Sulfaro. There is just so much more on offer. Quality furniture, comfortable and stylish – built to last. Add to this a wonderful range of accessories – lamps, coffee tables, statues, credenzas – all you will need to design the perfect living space for you and your family.

For many people, an interior designer is perhaps beyond their reach. The good news is at Sulfaro, we can assist you with all your design queries. Our experienced Design and Sales team can review your floor plan and offer solid practical advice.

So, the choice is yours – made in Melbourne. Buy a mass produced import from a third world nation at a large retailer, or choose craftsmanship, quality and comfort at Sulfaro. Real European style and artisanship.

The Sulfaro showrooms at 650-652 Whitehorse Road Mitcham are open 7 days per week, 10am to 5pm Monday to Saturday and 11am to 4pm on Sunday. Leave Eastlink at Ringwood. We are 1km from the exit, left hand side of the road, corner of Cochranes St.

Call ahead on 9872 4608 and book in a consultation with our Design and Sales team.

Sulfaro – Hand built crafted quality furniture. European style, comfort and luxury.

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