Sulfaro is Open for Business. Doors Open 10am This Saturday. New Season – Celebration Sale! 

Finally the day is here. For all our many customers and clients who have been patiently waiting it’s time to celebrate! The Sulfaro showrooms will re-open for business this Saturday (30 October) at 10am. We are so looking forward to welcoming you back, with a host of new creations and, of course, all of our popular favourites available for both inspection and purchase. Relax and sink back into the complete comfort, the luxury of a genuine Sulfaro lounge suite. Yes, now is the right time to schedule a visit to our showrooms (we are open 7 days a week) – we look forward to seeing you! 

Christmas and the Holidays

After such a long time at home many of us are ready for change. It’s a great time to select a new dining suite in time for the family Christmas and holiday gatherings. Choose from our superb range of exquisite dining tables and matching handcrafted, sturdy dining chairs, finished in fine fabrics or leathers. Whether your gathering is for 12 to 16 people seated for Christmas lunch or just that intimate summer evening dinner party for 4, at Sulfaro we have the dining setting for you. From fully extendable tables in fine, polished timber to more compact units suitable for the sunroom, kitchen or breakfast nook we offer a stunning range of table settings designed to suit your purpose – with finishing and table tops in featured glass, marble, ceramics and metallic surfaces and, of course, the much loved and admired traditional polished timber. 

New Season Sale – Celebrate with Sulfaro

It’s time to refresh and renew with Sulfaro. Right now we are offering significant discounts – up to 40% on some items – on all marked and ticketed floor stock. To celebrate our new found freedom we are offering a full range of selected items from our extensive Sulfaro Collection at one-off, not to be repeated discount pricing. 

It’s simple, visit us at our Mitcham Showrooms and select the lounge suite, sofas or chairs of your choice. Discover the discounts available and then relax – your new furniture will be delivered well within time to prepare for the holiday period. 


To assist you in making your selection browse our website and view our full Sulfaro Collection

Start with our very popular Signature Selection where we feature our most sought after sofas, armchairs and occasional chairs with a gorgeous, eclectic range of accessories – buffets, credenzas, lamps, objects des art and sumptuous rugs in simply stunning interior design vignettes. 

Expand your search to review our full Catalogue as follows:

  • Decor and Design Accessories
    A complete range of accessories including coffee tables, credenzas, buffets, side cabinets, lamps and much more.

If you wish to check on availability of any item please don’t hesitate to call us on 03 9872 4608 or, alternatively, leave your details here with your enquiry for a prompt reply.


All Sulfaro furniture is exclusively crafted and hand-built at our modern, Mitcham (Melbourne) studios and workshop.  This permits much greater leverage in terms of fully customising the lounge suite, sofas or chairs you may have selected. At Sulfaro you can choose the colours, the fabrics and accessories such as piping, buttoning, skirting, cushioning and more to suit your individual taste and requirements. Select from our truly expansive range of fine fabrics and leathers collected from Australia’s and the World’s leading fabric houses and suppliers of leathers. 

Custom design is currently in great demand with our clients and customers, so there will be some delay. But the end result is well worth waiting for. 

To arrange for a meeting with our Design Team led by Amelia Sulfaro, please call 03 9872 4608 and arrange a suitable time to meet. At your meeting you’re most welcome to bring floor plans, design concepts you admire, photographs and, if you have them, fabric or leather samples. Take the time to discuss your vision with our team and you can look forward to a lifetime of enjoyment – elegant design, total comfort and impeccable quality. 

At Sulfaro all our furniture enjoys a lifetime guarantee on all workmanship. As mentioned earlier Sulfaro furniture is handcrafted and hand-built – by our expert team of Artisans – Frame Builders, Upholsterers, Seamstresses and Finishers, under the watchful eye of Master Craftsman Santo Sulfaro. 

The Sulfaro family have been crafting fine furniture now for nearly sixty years. It is a tradition they are truly proud of. A family business, Sulfaro is 100% Australian owned and all furniture produced and sold by Sulfaro is 100% Australian made, utilising Australian materials wherever and whenever possible. When you purchase from Sulfaro you are supporting a unique Australian industry and its workers, and your money is supporting the Australian economy directly. 

So don’t delay – schedule a visit to our showroom this week covering two huge stores, there is so much to see – and remember it’s our New Season celebration sale.  So don’t miss out. There is ample off street parking and our premises are climate controlled for your comfort. 

Make it a Sulfaro Christmas this year. Sit back and relax on your new Sulfaro sofa – absolute comfort, totally luxurious and stunning design. It’s the beginning of your Sulfaro experience. Enjoy! 

Sulfaro – Simply the Very Best.


Sulfaro showrooms are located at 650-652 Whitehorse Road, Mitcham, corner Cochrane Street, approximately one kilometre west of the Ringwood off ramps on Eastlink. There is ample off-street parking available.



Monday to Saturday 10am to 5pm.

Sunday 11am to 4pm.

(Closed Melbourne Cup Day, 2nd November)

Sulfaro follow the Covid 19 protocols as recommended by the State Government of Victoria. You will be required to sign in, either via the Services Victoria QR code or manually sign in. It is required that all visitors to the Sulfaro showrooms must produce their vaccination certificate. This is a Victorian State Government Health Department requirement. 

The Sulfaro Showrooms – Preparing for Re-opening. A Taste of Freedom

After many months we are now preparing to re-open our Showroom doors to the public in the next few weeks. With the expectation that the vaccination rate will reach 80% in Victoria in late October it is now time to welcome back our many customers and clients.

With spring well and truly upon us and summer just around the corner it’s the right time to arrange a visit as soon we re-open, to check out our new creations as well as old favourites. Whether traditional, classic or contemporary with Sulfaro it’s always about comfort, quality and superb design.

This season we offer an exciting selection of new creations. As we draw closer to opening we will provide a full reveal to complement our upcoming NEW SEASON SALE to celebrate our Showroom’s re-opening. Stay tuned for further details. With new lounge suits, sofas and occasional chairs and more we will be offering significant discounts on many items of existing floor stock. It really will be a great reason to celebrate – with Sulfaro.

Now is the right time to update your living areas with beautiful hand-crafted furniture from Sulfaro. Whether you live in an inner city apartment or on acreage in the Yarra Valley, the Sulfaro Collection has the right selection to reinvigorate your interior design.


Prior to your visit to our Mitcham Showrooms (located at 650-652 Whitehorse Road, corner Cochrane Street, one kilometre west of the East Ringwood off ramps) be sure to browse our website (link) and consider our full Sulfaro Collection. Start with our very popular Signature Selection where we profile our most popular sofas combined with occasional chairs, armchairs, coffee tables, side tables, buffets, credenzas, sumptuous rugs and exquisite accessories. Each sofa is profiled in a unique interior designed setting for your appreciation and consideration.

You can then review our full Catalogue via the following sections. We offer a full range of traditional, contemporary and classic options as well as recliner units and a great selection of accessories to complement your new interior design and layout. 

  • Decor and Design Accessories
    A complete range of accessories including coffee tables, credenzas, buffets, side cabinets, lamps and much more.

Dining Settings

Add to this an exciting range of dining settings – fully extendable tables in polished timbers designed to seat 12-16 people as well as more compact units to seat 4-6 people for the kitchen, breakfast room or sunroom.

New Season Sale 

Make the most the of our New Season Sale with substantial discounts on marked and ticketed floor stock. With many new creations featured across our huge Showrooms there has never been a better time to purchase your new lounge suite, sofa or recliner unit. Make sure you schedule a visit to our Showrooms when permitted and enjoy the simply superb comfort of a genuine Sulfaro sofa or armchair. 


Of course the real difference in purchasing from Sulfaro is the choice available to you when you have selected from our extensive Collection. Not only do you have an amazing range of designs and styles to choose from, it’s a simple step to actually facilitate the customisation of your selection.

Design Your Furniture

You can select the colours, fabrics or leathers, accessories and finishing you desire. It’s a very simple and uncomplicated process. Call us now on 03 9872 4608 and schedule an appointment with our Design Team led by Retail Manager Amelia Sulfaro. Take a seat with the team and review our huge selection of fine fabrics and leathers collected world-wide from both Australian and International Fabric Houses and fine leather suppliers. Choose the fabrics, leathers or material as you desire, then select the accessories to complement your choice – piping, buttoning, fringing, skirting, cushioning, timber finishes and more. 

Interior Design Service

You may desire to take the process a step further and arrange for our Design Team to facilitate your full and complete interior design. It’s an absolutely free service – no charge to Sulfaro customers and clients. Be sure to bring your floor plans and design concepts, photographs and a description of your current flooring and colour schemes within your home. 

Sulfaro 100% Australian Made

All Sulfaro furniture is made exclusively on our premises in Mitcham. The Sulfaro Studios and Workshop are located directly behind our extensive Showrooms. Sulfaro choose to use Australian materials wherever possible. Each piece of furniture is completed under the watchful eye of Master Craftsman, Santo Sulfaro, the current Manager of the Sulfaro family business. Furniture building and the whole upholstery process is completely done by hand by our skilled Artisans – Frame Builders, Upholsterers and Seamstresses. 

Compare this to the robotically made, ‘cookie cutter‘ formula furniture offered in the larger retail furniture barns and franchises. There, all componentry is made offshore and often is not even assembled here in Australia. Your purchase price is remitted offshore and is of little value to local industry or the Australian economy.

Order Now 

Don’t delay – browse our website and make your selections.  Call us on 03 9872 4608 for further details and pricing. Be sure to enquire as to whether any discounts are currently available on your selected items. Sulfaro deliver Australia wide and all floor stock items ordered now can be delivered immediately. 

It’s also worth remembering that Sulfaro offer a lifetime guarantee on all workmanship. Be sure to select Sulfaro and enjoy the very best in comfort, quality and elegant design. 

Sulfaro Furniture – Simply the Very Best.


Sulfaro showrooms are located at 650-652 Whitehorse Road, Mitcham, corner Cochrane Street, approximately one kilometre west of the Ringwood off ramps on Eastlink. There is ample off-street parking available.


Hours (Post Lockdown)

Monday to Saturday 10am to 5pm.

Sunday 11am to 4pm.

Fully air conditioned and heated, as required.

Sulfaro – 100% Australian Made. Quality, Craftsmanship and Impeccable Design

In today’s world of mass produced sameness there is always a quiet spot, a place where true Artisans patiently ply their craft doing the things they’ve always done without fuss or bother, creating the beautiful, the unique in the way it’s meant to be – with passion, precision and a love of the art. Crafting and hand building fine furniture is an art in itself and it’s an art that here, at Sulfaro, we are deeply passionate about and immensely proud of what we produce.

In the 1960’s when many families emigrated from Europe, the culture in Australia gradually shifted. The new arrivals brought with them an eye for classic beauty, a richness, a love of colour, design and finesse. It was during this period that the Sulfaro family first began to manufacture and sell beautifully crafted, hand-built furniture to what was, in effect, a changing world.

The market now called for the newly popular mid-century modern lounge suites, chairs, coffee tables, exotic buffets and credenzas, with fabulous lighting – it was a far cry from the mass produced sameness evident in all the big Department Stores of the times. It was then in this environment that Nunzio Sulfaro established his business and the Sulfaro brand and what it stood for – innovation, style, truly elegant design and absolute premium quality.

The Sulfaro journey had begun and over the last nearly sixty years the Sulfaro Collection has grown and flourished. Owned and managed by the Sulfaro family the business has continued to expand, combining a stunning collection of superb classics with new and trending bespoke creations each new season. 

The success of the business can be measured by its two unbreakable foundations. Firstly the whole creative process – templates, frame making, upholstery and finishing occurs wholly and completely here in Australia at our Mitcham (Melbourne) studios and workshop. All works are completed by our fabulously talented team of Artisans, Tradespeople and Craftsmen – no outsourcing, no imported, partially completed furniture. Each individual piece is fully crafted at Sulfaro exclusively. 

Essentially what has happened in the furniture trade is that 90% of what is currently on display in the large furniture ‘warehouses’ and outlets is wholly imported. There are a few variables in design or components. Often the furniture is robotically manufactured using cheap labour off-shore with designs simply being copies or ‘knock-offs’ from original European designs.

Advertising and distribution costs extract a high proportion of your purchase price with the remainder being divided between the importers and the off-shore manufacturers. Very little goes toward promoting local industry or the Australian economy. 

Compare this to purchasing from Sulfaro. When you select Sulfaro your purchase prices supports a genuine local industry and its local workers. Sulfaro always prefer to use locally (Australian) sourced materials such as framing, cushioning, springs, wadding, fabrics and leathers. This further advantages the local economy and jobs. As well, Sulfaro not only support local Tradespeople and Artisans but also engage Apprentices and offer Work Experience to local youth interested in a career in furniture making, upholstery and design.

Made in Australia isn’t just a logo or an advertising campaign, it’s a far better way to buy. With Sulfaro you are purchasing stunning furniture, handcrafted by experts and supervised by Master Craftsmen. So when repairs, alterations or restoration is required the Sulfaro team is just a phone call away, not a continent. 


Take the time to explore the Sulfaro Website and browse our full Sulfaro Collection. We offer a complete range of stunning designs and styles – Traditional, Classic and Contemporary. 

For inspiration view our Signature Selection where we profile some of our more popular sofa designs and accompanying chairs (both armchairs and occasional chairs) in elegant and stylish interior designs. It’s a vision that speaks to luxury, comfort and quality. 

Browse the full Sulfaro Catalogue here and make your selections:

  • Decor and Design Accessories
    A complete range of accessories including coffee tables, credenzas, buffets, side cabinets, lamps and much more.

Sulfaro offer an exciting range of full dining settings – tables, chairs and ornaments, from fully extendable in polished timber to seat 12-16 people, to more compact units to seat 4-6 people, suitable for the kitchen, breakfast nook or sunroom; tables come with ceramic, marble, glass, metallic and, ofcourse, timber tops. All Sulfaro dining chairs are handcrafted and offer a sturdy seat beautifully finished in selected fabrics or fine leathers of your choice. 

Order Now – Floorstock

Don’t delay. Order now. Sulfaro offer a huge range of available floorstock right now. With discounts of up to 40% on some ticketed items it pays to call us on 03 9872 4608 to order or enquire as to pricing and availability. Alternatively, simply leave your details here with your enquiry for a prompt reply. Again, browse our Sulfaro Collection to make your selection. We carry many of the items depicted currently as floorstock.

When you purchase from Sulfaro you are selecting Australian made, Artisan built furniture of the highest quality. All Sulfaro furniture is guaranteed for a lifetime on workmanship – don’t delay! Order now. 

Delivery is available Australia-wide and all floorstock purchasesd now can be delivered pre-Christmas. It’s time for you to commence your Sulfaro experience – a lifetime of luxury, comfort and exquisite design. Furniture you can be truly proud of.

Sulfaro Furniture – Simply the Very Best.


Sulfaro showrooms are located at 650-652 Whitehorse Road, Mitcham, corner Cochrane Street, approximately one kilometre west of the Ringwood off ramps on Eastlink. There is ample off-street parking available.


Hours – (Post Lockdown)

Monday to Saturday 10am to 5pm.

Sunday 11am to 4pm.

Fully air conditioned and heated, as required.

Prepare for Summer With Sulfaro. 100% Australian Made. Relax in Comfort and Enjoy Superb Design.

It’s really only a matter of time before we regain our freedom to indulge in some retail therapy. According to current projections Victoria will reach its vaccination milestone of 80% by late October/early November. At this point it is the intention of both the State government and the Federal government for restrictions to be reduced and business to open up. If this eventuates we are in for a good summer. With the Spring Racing Carnival already upon us, then Christmas and the annual holidays only a few months away it’s a great time to plan for a complete refreshment of your furnishings. It’s timely after such a long period of lockdown to now consider selecting a new lounge suite, dining setting and chairs and accessories – naturally from Sulfaro.


The Sulfaro Showrooms are currently being refreshed with this season’s new creations and they stand ready to accept visitors as soon as it is permissible and possible. Browse our website here and view our extensive Sulfaro Collection.

 Spread over two huge stores the Sulfaro showrooms carry a magnificent array of floorstock with many of our popular lounge suites, sofas and armchair designs available for immediate purchase. In some cases we are offering significant discounts on ticketed items up to 40%. 

It’s time to start thinking of long evenings on the patio or decking. Perhaps you enjoy a combination of indoor/outdoor living and entertainment areas. Sulfaro offer an exciting range of both contemporary, traditional and classic furniture suitable for such applications including weatherproof fabrics upon request. It’s time to step up to real luxury, quality and hand crafted elegance. It’s time to step up to Sulfaro. 

It’s a great opportunity to select a new dining setting from Sulfaro that really meets your needs. It could be that with regular entertaining, you require an extendable dining table to suit your living area and guest numbers. Alternatively, it may be that you’re considering downsizing as you’ve moved to a new apartment or townhouse. The need is for a smaller unit but again with a capacity to expand. At Sulfaro we offer a range of great possibilities in beautiful, polished timber finishes, with glass, ceramic, marble and metallic finishes as well. The Sulfaro team will create dining chairs to match your selection, or alternatively we offer a wide range of floor stock to match.


Make a selection from our exquisite Sulfaro Collection of fine handcrafted upholstered furniture. Designed and hand built here in Melbourne at our well-equipped, modern Studio and workshop, all Sulfaro lounge suites, sofas, armchairs, occasional chairs and accessories are created under the watchful eyes of master craftsmen Santo Sulfaro, the current manager of the business. Right now is your opportunity to purchase directly from our floor stock to ensure a Christmas delivery.

The Sulfaro Collection offers you the opportunity to discover the design and style you truly desire. The Signature Selection presents some of our most popular designs in a series of selected interior designs combined with superb accessories – lamps, sumptuous rugs, buffets, side tables and ornaments. 

Then browse our full selection catalogue by catalogue as follows:

  • Decor and Design Accessories
    A complete range of accessories including coffee tables, credenzas, buffets, side cabinets, lamps and much more.


Sulfaro offers clients the chance to choose the colour, the fabric or leather, the timber finish and accessories such as piping, skirting, castors and cushioning. You have the opportunity to make these selections and custom design the furniture you desire. Select the sofa or lounge suite of your choice from our Sulfaro Collection. Then make a time to meet with our design team to view the range of fabrics, leathers and accessories available. Call 03 9872 4608 and ask for Amelia Sulfaro to assist you. With thousands of fabrics and leathers available in a full range of colours, patterns and textures you can select from the world’s leading suppliers and ensure your new lounge suite is as individual as you are. Delivery on custom designs is now unavailable pre-Christmas, but it’s an option many are prepared to wait for to achieve their individual visions for their home and living areas.

Order Now 

Simply visit our website and make your selection and call us on 03 9872 4608 to enquire as to pricing and availability. All floor stock selections available can be delivered pre-Christmas. Alternatively, please leave your details on our contact page for a prompt response. 

Nothing will confirm your contentment so surely as sitting back and sinking into the luxury and comfort that is a Sulfaro sofa, armchair or occasional chair. Again it really is the Sulfaro experience. Pure comfort, exquisite design with elegant European style and a touch of pure Italian magic.

All Sulfaro furniture is 100% Australian made, hand crafted and handbuilt at our Mitcham workshop and studios in Melbourne. Sulfaro furniture comes with a lifetime guarantee on all workmanship. For customers selecting Sulfaro furniture we provide delivery Australia wide, as is required.


  • Mon-Fri 10am-5pm
  • Sunday 11am-4pm

(Currently closed as per lockdown restrictions.)


We are located at 650-652 Whitehorse Rd Mitcham (Corner of Cochrane St) approximately 1 kilometre west of the Ringwood offramps on Eastlink.

Why settle for less? Select the very best in handcrafted, artisan created upholstered furniture. Stunning designs, superb comfort, pure luxury. It’s from Sulfaro.

Sulfaro – It’s simply the best