The Sulfaro Summer Living Sale. There’s Still Time! Discounts of up to 40% off all current floor stock. Hand crafted, hand built, Australian Made.

With beautiful sunny, late summer days and the evenings becoming cooler, it’s time to head indoors and enjoy the comforts of home in the evening. No doubt this year will see us spending more time on the sofa watching our favourite sports, movies and reality shows. So why not be prepared and add that little extra in luxury and comfort – a new lounge suite, sofa, armchairs and accessories from Sulfaro. Right now Sulfaro is offering up to 40% discount on all price-marked floor stock. With over two huge stores our showrooms offer a superb selection of both classic and contemporary furniture, sure to please even the most discerning of tastes. 


Sulfaro are located at 650-652 Whitehorse Road, Mitcham, corner of Cochrane Street, approximately 1 kilometre west of the Ringwood exit ramps on Eastlink. See map  

Opening Hours

Monday to Saturday 10am to 5pm 

Sundays 11am to 4pm

Take the time to explore our website including our fabulous Sulfaro collection before you visit us. Featured in the signature series are some of our most popular sofas, armchairs and occasional chairs, all complemented by a gorgeous range of accessories – side tables, buffets, coffee tables, credenzas, lamps, cushioning and sumptuous rugs.

For further detail to assist you in making a decision on which design or style you prefer browse each element of our individual collections here. 

Sulfaro also offer a pleasing selection of dining tables with matching dining chairs, all hand crafted and hand built with selected leather or fabric coverings. Tables are available in simply beautiful polished timbers with either timber, ceramic, marble, metallic or glass surfaces.

There is literally so much, to see and ultimately to enjoy and make your very own at Sulfaro. 

But even more enticing for many of our clients is the opportunity to select a favourite style or design from our website, then customise and individually design the look, the feel, the colour and accessories to create the lounge suite truly desired. 

At Sulfaro you, the customer,  get to select the fabrics and leathers, the colours, the materials, the cushioning, the piping, skirting and timber finishes – you choose the ultimate finish and it really does become as individual as you are. We call it the Sulfaro experience. It’s a level of comfort and satisfaction you will enjoy with Sulfaro Furniture whether you purchase directly from the floor or decide to opt for a more individual customisation. 

To arrange a design consultation with Sulfaro to enable your desired customisation simply call Sulfaro on 03 9872 4608 and book a consultation with our Sales Manager and Design Team Co-ordinator Amelia Sulfaro. Feel confident to bring photos, fabric samples if you have them, floor plans and interior design plans and custom measurements for your home. 

Sulfaro also offer a complete interior design service for all clients and customers. Bring your floor plans, colour schemes, flooring descriptions and any photos you may have and again, call Amelia Sulfaro on 03 9872 4608 to arrange a design consultation – and yes for Sulfaro customers and clients this is a completely free service. 

All Sulfaro furniture is 100% Australian made, our workshop and studios are located directly behind the Sulfaro showrooms in Mitcham.  Sulfaro furniture is hand crafted and hand built by highly skilled artisans, tradesmen and women – upholsterers, frame makers, seamstresses. Each individual piece of furniture is created in our workshop from the framing right through to the finished product, upholstered in either fine fabrics or leather, here in Melbourne. This all happens under the watchful gaze and supervision of Master Craftsman Santo Sulfaro.  Rigid quality control and completely precise finishing is the hallmark of all Sulfaro manufacturing; of course with true elegance in design, superb comfort and a genuine touch of Italian flare and style. 

Sulfaro at all times chooses to utilise genuine Australian materials wherever possible. Fabrics and leathers are selected from Australia’s leading suppliers as well as from leading international fabric houses and leather suppliers. Stainless steel springs, memory foams, timber framing and much more – all from Australian manufacturers wherever possible. When you purchase from Sulfaro the money you spend stays here in the Australian economy. It supports local Australian tradesmen and women in an important local industry that has thrived now for nearly 60 years. Sulfaro offers real choice – you have the opportunity to select from thousands of different fabrics, colours and an excellent range of both traditional and contemporary designs.  

Don’t delay, make the time to visit Sulfaro this week, this weekend or as soon as you can. Now is the right time to purchase a beautiful Sulfaro lounge suite at an excellent price. There is ample off-street parking and our showrooms are air conditioned and Covid compliant. We look forward to seeing you very soon,

Sulfaro – simply the best in hand built and handcrafted furniture Australia wide. 

Luxury, Comfort, Quality  

         It’s from Sulfaro. 

It’s time to Celebrate at Sulfaro’s Summer Living Sale

This week, we have even more reason to celebrate. On Thursday morning, our beautiful granddaughter Zara Rosetta Sulfaro arrived (Congratulations to Nunzio and Renee!) – Our very first Grandchild. Mother and baby both happy and healthy. So blessed. – Santo and Amelia Sulfaro.

What a beautiful time summer can be. We are so pleased. Here we are, open again and ready to greet you after the little break. The weather has been glorious and it’s certainly given us all time to reflect on our circumstances again. With another year in front of us it’s the right time to refresh and renew your furnishings – the lounge suite, the sofas, armchairs and accessories. It’s time for a little luxury, comfort and elegant design. It’s time for Sulfaro.

Beautiful handcrafted and hand built upholstered furniture. Polished timber, superb fabrics and leathers individually selected for your comfort and pleasure from Australia’s and the World’s leading fabric houses and fine leather purveyors.

Furniture lovingly created to last you and your family a lifetime. Precision, finesse and not just a little Italian flair and style.

Start your ‘Sulfaro Experience’ by visiting our website and viewing our fabulous collection. From timeless classic beauty to contemporary modern masterpiece, make your selection. Customise to suit your taste and preferences – colours, materials and accessories.

The Signature Selection features some of our more popular Sofas, Armchairs and accessories. Buffets, side tables, coffee tables, lamps and sumptuous luxuriant rugs.

You can individually select from the following categories then as you may please…

Sulfaro offer a sublime range of Dining Setting – dining tables with matching handcrafted hand built dining chairs From fully extendable dining tables seating 12-16 people through to more intimate 2-6 seaters, suitable for the breakfast room, sunroom or guest rooms – in marble, ceramic, glass, metal or polished timber surfaces.

There are two simple ways to purchase from Sulfaro. Right now you can select from our huge range of floor stock and enjoy discounts of up to 40%. The Sulfaro Showrooms are spread over 2 huge stores. Air conditioned, with regular cleaning to Covid requirements, we offer extensive off-street parking and convenient opening hours.


650-652 Whitehorse Rd, Mitcham, corner of Cochrane St, approximately 1km west of the Ringwood EastLink exits. View Map

Opening Hours (When permitted post lockdown)

  • 10am to 5pm – Mon to Sat
  • 11am to 4pm – Sundays

The second method of purchase enables you to custom design the lounge suite, sofa or armchairs and occasional chairs of your choice. Firstly select the style of sofa and armchairs you desire. Then call us on 03 9872 4608 and schedule an appointment with Amelia Sulfaro and her design team to consult with you and determine your preferences. Buttoning, studding, skirting, piping, cushioning, timber finishing – select the colours and the fabrics, the premium leather you desire. Your finished and completed lounge suite will be as individual as you are. Unique, a quality design and the perfect finish – again, it’s from Sulfaro.

Sulfaro Furniture is all 100% Australian made using all Australian components wherever possible. All Sulfaro Furniture is hand built and finished in our modern Studios and Workshop located directly behind our Mitcham Showrooms. Each piece of furniture is created individually by Australian artisans under the knowledgeable direction and inspection of Master Craftsman Santo Sulfaro. The Sulfaro team have been manufacturing and hand crafting beautiful elegant high quality furniture now for nearly 60 years.

Buying Sulfaro is buying Australian. The money you spend stays here in Australia ultimately benefitting the Australian economy and local Australian industries.

Compare this to purchasing from one of the bigger wholesalers or furniture outlets. Much of the furniture follows cookie cutter robotic procedures with components being shipped to Australia from off-shore factories to be assembled, thus claiming to be ‘Australian made’. Put simply none of it is really Australian made and the bulk of your purchase price will be remitted overseas. You have minimal choice in fabrics, leathers and design. There is no variance in cushioning or springs to suit your individual needs, and frankly you have no guarantee of longevity.

All Sulfaro furniture carries a lifetime guarantee on workmanship. Only the highest quality components – timber framing, stainless steel springs, memory foam, leathers and fabrics are selected and utilised by the Sulfaro team.

Quite simply Sulfaro furniture is without doubt the very best in handcrafted, hand built furniture manufactured anywhere in Australia today. It is without peer.

But for you the real test is to come to our Mitcham showrooms in the near future and take a seat, relax and enjoy the perfect luxury of the Sulfaro experience. Comfort, luxury, design and quality simply unsurpassed.

Celebrate this summer and select from Sulfaro for a lifetime of comfort and sheer delight.

Sulfaro – it’s simply the very best.

Valentine’s Day – the Gift that lasts a lifetime. From Sulfaro with Love. Be our Valentine.

it’s Valentine’s Day, the 14th of February. A special day for lovers, a time to exchange gifts and demonstrate our affection for our partners. A new lounge suite? A beautiful lamp? Perhaps a distinctive ornament or objet de art? A memorable gift of distinction that is a constant reminder of your love and appreciation for your beloved.

Make it a very special day. Take the time to visit our showrooms located at 650-652 Whitehorse Rd, Mitcham, corner of Cochrane St, 1km west of the EastLink Ringwood exit ramps. With over two huge stores of beautiful handcrafted furniture and accessories, there is sure to be something to please all tastes and preferences. Sofas, Armchairs, occasional chairs, full lounge suites and a myriad of accessories to complete your living areas in luxury, comfort and stylish design.

The Sulfaro Showrooms are open 7 days per week. Monday to Saturday 10am to 5pm, Sundays 11am to 4pm. There is ample off-street parking for your safety and convenience. Sulfaro also offers a complete Covid Safety plan for your protection.

Accessories such as ornate side tables and coffee tables, freestanding lamps and table lamps, mirrors, buffets, sideboards and luxurious rugs – elegant, sophisticated and superbly crafted.

Before you visit make sure you browse our website.

The Sulfaro Signature Selection profiles some of our most popular sofas, armchairs, occasional chairs and gorgeous accessories.

You can then select from the following categories…

Add to this a truly superb range of handcrafted, hand built Dining tables and settings, there is much to choose from. Durable polished timber tables with ceramic, marble, glass, metal tops or simply beautifully highly polished timbers are available in a series of configurations, from fully extendable designed to seat 12-16 people, through to more intimate models designed for 2 to 4 people, perfect for casual meals or sunroom. All with stylish hand crafted dining chairs in fabric or leather upholstery.

At Sulfaro you have the very real opportunity to customise your selected sofa and armchairs, finishing them in the style, fabrics and colours of your choice.

You and your partner select the fabric, the leathers and the colours or patterns you desire. You can choose from our massive range of materials selected from both Australian and the world’s leading fabric houses and leather suppliers. Select the timber finish, the piping, buttoning, studding, skirting and cushioning, firmness or softness, the balance, the feel as you desire it.

Simply call us on 03 9872 4608 and book a consultation with our expert design team led by Amelia Sulfaro our Retail Sales Manager, at your convenience. Create the ambience you’ve always desired, the look, the feel, the living areas that you’re proud to display, to enjoy, to luxuriate in. Supreme comfort, sublime design and the ultimate in quality – it’s the Sulfaro experience.

Sulfaro Furniture is hand built and handcrafted at our Mitcham Studios and Workshop located directly behind the Sulfaro Showrooms. Led by Master Craftsman Santo Sulfaro, the experienced crew of fine artisans, tradesmen and women, seamstresses and upholsterers continue to produce some of Australia’s finest furniture year after year. Each piece is individually crafted using genuine Australian components and materials, finished to perfection with quality unsurpassed.

Sulfaro Furniture is lovingly crafted for your comfort and relaxation. Each individual item is a genuine masterpiece. Best of all, your Sulfaro furniture carries a lifetime guarantee on all workmanship. Australian made, supporting Australian industry and the Australian economy. When you buy from Sulfaro, you are truly buying Australian and your money really does stay here. No trickery – no false claims of local manufacture like some of the larger furniture warehouses who simply import modular components made robotically in huge factories offshore, assemble the units here then claim to be Australian made. All Sulfaro Furniture is hand built right here in Melbourne from the framing through to the upholstery, fabric or leather coverings, expressly created for your comfort, for your pleasure.

So this Valentine’s Day present your beloved with a Sulfaro Voucher to the value you nominate. Call us on 03 9872 4608 or leave your details here for a prompt reply in obtaining your gift voucher.

Sulfaro Furniture is without doubt Australia’s premium destination for quality superb handcrafted furniture. It is unmatched without peer, it is simply the very best.

“It’s from Sulfaro

Luxury, Comfort, Design

Sulfaro Furniture – Summer Living Sale. Crafted with love. Luxury, Comfort and Stunning Design

Now is the perfect time to select a brand new lounge suite from Sulfaro. With our Summer Living Sale in full swing, all floor stock is currently enjoying major discounts (up to 40%). This is your opportunity to purchase superb handcrafted furniture at genuinely reduced prices.

Lounge Suites, Sofas, Armchairs, and Occasional Chairs – we offer over two large stores of simply beautiful furniture. Dining Settings – Tables, Chairs in various styles and configurations, Recliners, Sofa Beds and an amazing range of classic and contemporary accessories – lamps, buffets, sidetables, mirrors and much, much more.

Sulfaro is located at 650-652 Whitehorse Rd Mitcham, approximately 1km west of the Ringwood exit ramps on Eastlink, corner of Cochrane St. There is ample off-street parking and the Sulfaro Showrooms are air conditioned and Covid safe, for your comfort and protection.

Opening Hours

The Sulfaro Showrooms are open 7 days per week as follows

  • Monday to Saturday – 10am to 5pm
  • Sundays – 11am to 4pm

Over the last year for many people it has become obvious that it’s time to refresh and renew their furnishings. Your current lounge suite and dining setting have served you well over the years. But spending more time at home it has become increasingly clear, it’s really time for a change, a renewal. And now is the time you can afford to do so but where to start?


The first thing to do is visit our Sulfaro website and view our extensive Collection. Browse the various sections to find the design, the style, the look that appeals to you.

Start with our exquisite Signature Series. Here you can view our most popular Sofas and furnishings in a range of settings.

For more detail you can then browse our individual selections as follows…

Sulfaro also offer a stunning selection of Dining Settings. Dining tables with polished timber, marble, ceramic and metallic finishing, accompanied by matching chairs, hand built and crafted, finished in fabulous fabrics and leathers; from extendable units to seat 12-16 people to cosy four seater tables – suitable for the sunroom or breakfast nook – for your selection.


For some it may be that your current lounge suite is a cherished item. It could be a treasured family heirloom, it may be a valued antique, but now it’s in obvious need of some loving care and attention. And it’s critically important that you ensure a professional and expert restoration – where do you start?

The Sulfaro team are true artisans. With valuable period and antique furniture, it’s imperative that a proper assessment of each individual piece in made. Framing, springs, webbing, cushioning are all vitally important to ensure comfort and durability. Sulfaro will assess your valuable furniture’s condition and advise you of what needs to be done and whether the process is worthwhile. It could be that damage is irreversible and in that case the Sulfaro team can advise you on a suitable replacement.

Once restored and repaired, your treasured lounge suite, sofa or armchairs can be placed prominently in your home again, a featured display you are proud to own providing comfort and luxury for many years to come.

All Sulfaro Furniture is lovingly crafted and hand built in our Mitcham Studios and Workshop located behind our Showrooms here in Melbourne.

Sulfaro Furniture is 100% Australian made by local tradesmen and women, genuine artisans, supervised by Master Craftsman Santo Sulfaro. Sulfaro chooses to use Australian materials exclusively wherever possible – fabrics, leathers, framing, springs and cushioning. A Sulfaro creation is one of precision, of finesse, of quality. In buying from Sulfaro, you are supporting the Australian Economy and a vital local industry.

In selecting from the Sulfaro Collection you are choosing the very best in Hand-crafted furniture currently available within Australia. Stylish, comfortable, elegant – European design with a touch of Italian flair.

Sulfaro – It’s simply the very best.