Interior Design Trends for 2021/22? At Sulfaro it’s Classic and Contemporary,Traditional? Ultimately it’s What Pleases You

When you review the opinions given on design trends for 2021/22 there are many conflicting opinions. Some say minimalist, some say maximalist, some say grey is ‘in’, some say it’s on the way out. There is a general trend towards sustainable materials, open, multi-use rooms and a more feminine, curved element in upholstered furniture and dining settings. Some reports see the retreat of mid-century modern styles while others consider it a time of the 70’s renaissance. Ultimately it comes down to one thing – what is it that you want? What is the look you’ll be comfortable with, the look that completes your home?

Lockdown has given us time to ponder these things as we look around our home. Fashion in itself can be very fickle. What you simply must have this year can be a faded memory next year. With furniture it’s smart to opt for what is crafted traditionally and to seek the advice of those with expertise and knowledge.  Sulfaro offers nearly 60 years’ experience in providing superb quality furniture and craftsmanship and with that comes the ability to guide our clients and customers to discover what will ultimately please them the most. 

When family patriarch, Nunzio Sulfaro, and his wife, Francesca, first started their business in the swinging sixties it was all about modernist styles, hip fabrics for the time together with comfortable design. Over the years the Sulfaro team have evolved a spectacular Collection of traditional classic and contemporary furniture. Some enjoy a Hamptons influence whilst others pay homage to classical, European design. It’s a Collection that is constantly added to each year and there’s sure to be a style, a design that suits your taste and requirements. A design that you absolutely love. Furniture that is completely handcrafted and hand-built using the very best in materials, expertly finished by the Sulfaro team of Artisans under the direction of a true Master Craftsman, Santo Sulfaro, the second generation of the Sulfaro furniture making family here in Australia. 


As a Sulfaro client you have the opportunity to make a selection from our extensive Collection and its Catalogue Sections and then to take a truly individual approach to the final look and feel of your new furniture – lounge suites, sofas, armchairs, occasional chairs or dining settings. 

Simply schedule a time (virtual or in person post-lockdown) by calling 03 9872 4608 to discuss and plan your new furniture (or simply leave your details here for a prompt reply). You have the opportunity to select the fabrics or leathers of your choice from our extensive collection of materials we have gathered from the best fabric houses and fine leather purveyors, both here in Australia and world-wide. You can then select the accessories you desire – buttoning, piping, skirting, fringing, cushioning, timber finishing and more – truly bespoke, truly unique. 


Start by visiting our website and browsing our full Collection. Our most popular sofas are profiled in a series of delightful interior settings – this is your starting point – the Signature Selection.

From there take the time to browse each Catalogue to find the design, the style of sofa, armchair and accessories you prefer. Our Catalogue sections are as follows:

  • Decor and Design Accessories
    A complete range of accessories including coffee tables, credenzas, buffets, side cabinets, lamps and much more.

As well we also offer an extensive range of dining settings – fully extendable tables to seat up to 12-16 people in comfort, in beautiful, polished timbers finished in your choice of timber, glass, ceramic or marble table tops. If you require something more compact we offer beautifully crafted tables to suit 4-6 people for the kitchen, the sunroom or breakfast nook. All dining chairs are finished with matching fabrics or leathers, handcrafted and hand-built for durability, strength and in superb complementary designs. 

Australian Made

In Australia these days much of the furniture on display at retail outlets is imported and mass produced robotically offshore.  There is little to distinguish each individual piece from the next with manufacturers applying a cookie cutter approach to all upholstered furniture. 

Purchasing from Sulfaro means you are buying a handcrafted product that is 100% Australian made, quality furniture that is crafted using Australian products and materials wherever and whenever possible. Your purchase benefits a local Australian industry, Australian workers and the Australian economy. Sulfaro is a wholly Australian owned business, a family business with a tradition of excellence, stylish design and genuine service. Quite simply the money stays here in Australia, benefitting Australians. 

Order Now

Even during lockdown you can place your orders with Sulfaro. Simply browse our website and select the items you desire.Then call us on 03 9872 4608 to order and to determine price and availability. Sulfaro delivery Australia wide. We offer unique custom built furniture – lounge suites, sofas armchairs, occasional chairs, ottomans and a wide range of complementary accessories – coffee tables, side tables, buffets, credenzas, lamps and sumptuous rugs. We also offer a complete range of recliners – sofas, armchairs and lounge suites as well as sofa beds. We carry significant floor stock and there is current availability on many lines.

Don’t delay, call us now and start your Sulfaro experience. A lifetime of comfort, relaxation and pure luxury. It’s from Sulfaro and it’s simply the very best. 

Sulfaro – Luxury, Comfort and Design. 

Interior Design with Sulfaro. Trends for 21/22

Time to redecorate and refresh your home and its living areas? Over the last few months we have had time to consider and appraise the interior design and furnishings of our homes. To assist you in your deliberations here is an article from Better Homes and Gardens by Tahni Mesann, published earlier this year:

‘10 Interior Design Trends You’ll See Everywhere in 2021’

New year, new trends. – by Tahni Mesann  – 13 January, 2021.

It’s 2021, which means new interior design trends to explore. So which interior design trends will dominate our homes in 2021/22? The global pandemic has definitely had an impact on the type of homes we want to create. Rather than pack everything away in the name of minimalism, as we have been for years, we’re now looking to create places filled with objects that reflect our passions, places that facilitate our desire to take up a new hobbies and places that can quickly shift from  to work, play and relaxation. 

We also want to create a home that allows us to catch up safely with friends, family and colleagues by rethinking our outdoor entertaining spaces and our home office setups. There is also an increasing desire to reconnect with nature and interior design, as a result, is moving away from hard lines and edges and veering towards warm neutral tones, organic, curved shapes, floral prints and colour. 

Here are 10 interior design trends you now see everywhere in 2021. 

1. Warm neutrals

Cool neutral tones like black, white and grey ruled supreme throughout the early 2000s, but the time has come for warm neutrals to have their moment in the spotlight. Dulux’s Colour Trend Forecast showcased the Grounded palette, which featured Dulux Pancake Mix and Grey Reflection as warm neutral options to consider this year.

Dulux | Photography: Lisa Cohen | Styling: Bree Leech

2. Curves and organic shapes

In the 2000s and 2010s, straight lines and hard edges conveyed a feeling of stability and efficiency. Entering a new decade during a global pandemic, we’re looking for interiors that soothe and cocoon. 

One way designers are working to achieve this feeling is by embracing curves. You’ll see everything from chunky, curvaceous furniture and rounded edges as well as the return of arched doorways.

Getty Images

3. A nod to nostalgia

A love of nostalgic interiors will continue in 2021. While mid century modern style and the 70s boho look have both been on-trend for some time, an 80s aesthetic is steadily growing in popularity. 

Prepare to see a whole lot more curved lines, square tiles in bathrooms, and geometric patterns and prints – all elements that make up a distinct 80s look. 

4. Colour

Entering the new design decade, you’ll probably feel a little like Dorothy stepping into the land of Oz – there’s finally colour after years living in a monochrome world.

Splashes of bold colour International Klein Blue and Pantone’s 2021 Colour of the Year ‘Illuminating’ yellow are the hues to embrace in 2021. 

5. Curated maximalism

Lockdowns and a shift to working from home has meant that we’ve all spent a lot more time at home lately. Rather than become bored by the same four walls, many have turned to decorating their home in a way that energises, uplifts and inspires – and this means collecting and displaying collected objects, photographs, vases, indoor plants and artwork. 

The key here is to make the items look curated, rather than cluttered.  

Getty Images

6. Cottagecore

Reconnecting with nature, a slower pace of living, and a return to simpler hobbies and activities have led a resurgence in the country cottage aesthetic, now referred to online as ‘cottagecore’. 

The cottagecore aesthetic comprises whimsical objects, floral prints, natural fabrics, freshly picked flowers, wallpaper and distressed antique furniture. 

7. Eye on textiles

Another way to add comfort and style to your home in 2021 is to layer living spaces with tactile textiles. While the obsession with linen bedding continues, we’ll also gravitate to other fabrics, including boucle, velvet and chenille. 

8. Home offices

According to a survey conducted by Roy Morgan, nearly a third of all Australian employees worked from home in 2020. That means having an office space at home is now a must. While dedicated office rooms are wonderful for those with the luxury of space, others have been transforming everything from hallways to upstairs landings into handy office nooks.

9. Room for activities

Making space in our homes for things like baking, boardgames, sewing and making pottery has become a priority and an act of self-care. DIY projects were one of the top Google searches in 2020 and as a result, craft rooms for children and adults alike will become popular home additions. Other activity rooms we may see more frequently in homes are dedicated exercise rooms, yoga rooms and meditation stations. 

Other home design trends that are likely to take hold in 2021 include the use of antibacterial building materials and adaptable home layouts. 

Getty Images

10. Indoor outdoor living 

For years, Australians have loved the idea of seamless indoor outdoor living spaces. This trend will only continue grow in 2021, with a renewed focus on treating the outdoors as an extension of the home. Fire pitspergolas, pool cabanas and alfresco dining spaces will be at the top of many home improvement checklists this year. 

Interior Design Service 

For many people assistance with their interior design floorplan is simply a necessity. The good news? At Sulfaro Furniture all customers and clients are eligible for a completely free Interior Design Service. Simply call us on 03 9876 4608 and arrange for your initial consultation with our Design Team led by Amelia Sulfaro, our Retail Manager. Or, if you prefer, simply leave your details here for a prompt reply. It’s the perfect opportunity to discuss the look and feel you hope to present with the features and flow you are determined to achieve.


The Sulfaro Collection offers a magnificent selection of impeccably finished classic and contemporary sofas, armchairs, occasional chairs and accessories such as ottomans, buffets, credenzas and lamps from which to choose from. But it doesn’t end there. As a Sulfaro customer or client you are given the opportunity to customise your selection. Choose the fabrics or leathers, the colours, the materials or accessories you desire. Buttoning, piping, skirting, fringing, cushioning, timber finishing, castors and more – it’s your decision. You get to select the fabrics or leathers you desire from our stunning range gathered from Australia’s and the world’s leading fabric houses and fine leather purveyors. 

 Once the design has been confirmed, our in-house Artisans, Tradespeople and Seamstresses commence the hand building and crafting of your individual furniture to your requirements, guided and supervised by Master Craftsman Santo Sulfaro. The Sulfaro workshop and studios are modern facilities but all furniture is crafted using time tested methodology handed down through generations of furniture makers. The end result? A truly individual and stylish lounge suite, sofas and chairs you can be rightfully proud of. 

For your interior design consultation be sure to bring floor plans, photographs, fabric samples (if you have them) as well as current colour schemes and flooring descriptions for your home. 


Making your selection from the Sulfaro Collection can start immediately. Simply browse our website and open up our Sulfaro Collection. The Signature Series depicts some of our more popular sofas in a sequence of carefully crafted interior designs to assist you in visualising each sofa and chair selection, with an exciting accompaniment of exquisite accessories – sumptuous rugs, coffee and side tables, lamps and ornaments.  

Continue with your search here where you have the opportunity to view each section of our full catalogue: 

  • Decor and Design Accessories
    A complete range of accessories including coffee tables, credenzas, buffets, side cabinets, lamps and much more.

Dining Settings

Dining Settings to seat up to 12-16 people with a fully expandable table, or a more compact range to seat 4-6 people offered in beautiful, polished timber with finishing in glass, ceramics, marble, metallic and timber surfaces. All are offered with matching dining chairs in fine, polished timber completed with selected fabrics and leathers. 

All Sulfaro furniture is 100% Australian made utilising Australian components and materials wherever possible. Sulfaro is a family business with nearly 60 years ‘ experience in supplying elegant, refined furniture to the Australian market. With a reputation for comfort, design and absolute luxury choosing to purchase from Sulfaro assures you a lifetime of captivating beauty and genuine relaxation. Step up to the Sulfaro experience. Call 03 9872 4608 for further information and details on pricing and delivery. Sulfaro deliver Australia-wide, so relax and take a seat with Sulfaro. 

Sulfaro – it’s simply the very best. 

Sulfaro ‘Why Italian Craftsmanship is Superior to Everything Else’

Sulfaro is a business steeped in the traditional craftsmanship of Italian furniture making where excellence and innovation in design meets the supreme quality, dedication and finish of true artisanship. Italian design is recognised world-wide for its creativity, functionality and understated elegance. Here in Australia Sulfaro continues the tradition.

This week we offer an interview from Architectural with one of Italy’s foremost furniture designers, Roberto Minotti. For us, at Suflaro, the foundations remain the same – craftsmanship, quality – hand-built, innovative, elegant design with one very important difference. All Sulfaro furniture is 100% Australian made. 

Why Italian Craftsmanship Is Superior to Everything Else

Legendary furniture mogul Roberto Minotti explains the history and quality of his country’s design tradition

By Hadley Keller

There’s no doubt that Italians know good design. From Ettore Sottsass’s whimsical Memphis furniture to Gio Ponti’s sleek wares, Italy has been a leader in innovative, beautiful, and high-quality design for decades. Since 1948, Minotti has been a part of that legacy. The family-owned company has made a name for itself producing high-quality furniture that both references Italy’s design history and maintains a fresh aesthetic. AD chatted with Minotti CEO Roberto Minotti (who runs the company alongside his brother and co-CEO, Renato) to hear more about the history of Italian manufacturing, and just what makes the country’s products so superior.

Architectural Digest: Can you tell us more about the history of Minotti and how the brand started?

Roberto Minotti: Alberto Minotti, our father, founded the company in 1948. In that postwar time, the Italian economy quickly started to boom again, and the small workshop soon grew into a modern factory employing dozens of craftsmen. The next big step was when my brother, Renato, and I decided to bring the brand onto the international scene in the early ’80s. Nowadays the company is distributed in over 70 countries, and the network of flagship stores includes 31 showrooms, located in the main cities all over the world.

AD: Why do you think so many reputable design brands come out of Italy?

 RM: Italy has always been the cradle of high-quality craftsmanship. Minotti is located in Brianza, the so-called design district, which is halfway between Milan and Lake Como. It is a well-to-do area, in which over the past two centuries noble and affluent families built many villas, for which highly qualified craftsmen were required in order to furnish these beautiful homes. This explains why there is such a fine know-how in this area that cannot be found elsewhere in Italy. In more recent times, since the 1950s, the entrepreneurs of this area collaborated with famous Italian and foreign architects, creating very special relationships that made possible the creation of a great number of iconic furnishings and lamps.

AD: What makes Italian craftsmanship unique?

RM: All the best Italian-made products meld tradition and technology in an indissoluble way: Artisan expertise puts the finishing touches to products that are manufactured employing cutting-edge production methods, while intelligent hands lend sensitivity and emotion to industrial precision.

AD: What makes handcrafted products special?

RM: Because anybody can perceive their uniqueness, their not being mass-produced products. Every detail conveys the idea of the craftsmanship that’s behind any handmade product. Minotti sticks to this attitude while manufacturing ever-increasing quantities.

Sulfaro first commenced manufacturing in Australia in the early 1960’s in Melbourne. Nunzio Sulfaro, the family patriarch, was a classically trained furniture maker from Italy who chose to continue in his trade in Melbourne upon emigrating. 

Today Sulfaro continues the tradition from its modern studios and workshop based in Mitcham, Melbourne. All Sulfaro furniture is handcrafted and hand-built. Our designs are exclusive but we offer a unique opportunity to all customers and clients to customise their selections with a choice of the very best of fine fabrics, leathers and accessories. Sourced from both Australia’s and the world’s leading suppliers, a superb selection is available. Our in-house Design Team led by Amelia Sulfaro will guide you through the process. Upon completing your selections our expert team of Artisans, Tradespeople and Craftsmen will bring your selection to life. 

Making Your Selection

The starting point for your Sulfaro experience is to visit our Website and view our extensive Sulfaro Collection. Here you have the opportunity to choose the design and style of lounge suite, sofa and chairs you desire. 

The Signature Selection offers some of our more popular sofas, armchairs, occasional chairs and superb accessories in a range of clever interior design settings. The full catalogue is then revealed in each of the following selections:

  • Decor and Design Accessories
    A complete range of accessories including coffee tables, credenzas, buffets, side cabinets, lamps and much more.

A full complement of dining settings is also available from large extendable, polished timber tables designed to seat up to 16 people through to more intimate settings, suitable for the kitchen, breakfast nook or the sunroom, with more compact units to suit 4-6 people also available. Table tops and finishing in beautifully polished timbers, glass, ceramics, marbles and metallics are all available. With all settings complemented by exquisitely designed and sturdy timber chairs finished in the finest of fabrics and leathers. 

The heartbeat, the pulse of the Sulfaro brand is design coupled with comfort and handcrafted quality. As part of our overall offering the Sulfaro package includes a free interior design service for all Sulfaro clients and customers. Simply call us on 03 9872 4608 and arrange a consultation, either now virtually online, or post-lockdown in person to discuss your needs and plan the new interior design for your home. You’re most welcome to provide photographs, internal floor plan layouts, colour preferences and current colour schemes and flooring to assist in the progress. 

Right now many of the sofas, armchairs, occasional chairs and gorgeous accessories – credenzas, lamps, objects des’art, buffets, coffee tables and side tables – are available immediately as floor stock, with discounts of up to 40% on many ticketed items. 

Simply select from our website and call us on 03 9872 4608 to order. Alternatively, leave your enquiry here.

The manufacturing process at Sulfaro is overseen and delivered by our Artisans and Tradespeople under the watchful eye of Master Craftsman Santo Sulfaro.

All Sulfaro furniture is 100% Australian Made, utilising Australian materials wherever and whenever possible. It is a unique process and is very much exclusive to Sulfaro, being based on traditional methodologies and techniques handed down from generation to generation, offering the supreme quality of Italian design and craftsmanship right here in Melbourne. 

All Sulfaro furniture carries a lifetime guarantee on workmanship. Delivery is available Australia wide. Traditional, classic or contemporary design offering a lifetime of comfort, quality and genuine luxury. It’s the ultimate in handcrafted furniture – superb.

Sulfaro – It’s Simply The Very Best. 

Spring and Summer Renewal. The Colours of the Sulfaro Collection.

Cassia Modular Sofa from The Ultimate Collectors Luxury and Design Mag.

From ‘Coveted’ – The Ultimate Collectors Luxury and Design Magazine – April 19th 2021 

Spring-Summer Trends 2022

After some time experiencing a new way of living as the result of this unexpected pandemic we have started to adapt to a new normal and have different needs. Experiencing the world and seeing things with new eyes made us change our habits rather quickly but we still need and want to experience life. Interior design and fashion usually change according to seasons or social events but now more than ever we see these changes in habits leading us to new trends for spring-summer of 2022. CovetED brings you all about the spring-summer trends of 2022, are you ready? 

Maybe these trends represent the need people have to embrace the warmth of the outdoors after spending so much time indoors. Collectively we are feeling nostalgia for simpler and mellower times, for easy sunny days. Let’s create space for what we need, let’s create trends that will serve us and help us go through these times together and come back better from the experience. 

Colours are a reflection and a sign of times and so this year we will see mature yet hot and bold colours choices. On the colder spectrum side, we go from emerald green to dark blue hues and on the warmer side of things we have burnt orange and mustard yellow hues. Hot, bold and earthy colours are the choices for designers in 2022. These trends can also be seen in other details from the use of patterns to the use of design features such as geometric forms and furniture with rounded shapes. 

This year has been very out of the ordinary for everyone and came with a lot of changes within our everyday lives. Most of us now spend the entire day at home, eating, working, exercising and relaxing, everything within the same walls. With this in mind, we saw and continue to see an interest in investing in home offices, flexible spaces and even applying the same principle to the way we dress. So you want to be versatile and adaptable, either at home feeling fresh and with a healing space or with your own clothes knowing you can be comfortable and still go from inside to outside at any given moment.


An increasing need to bring nature to our indoors has been developing a wellness mood, choosing conscious and sustainable elements such as wood, stone, bamboo and so many other organic materials that will give your design a natural feeling. Using organic materials gives us the ability to reconnect and strengthen the human-nature connection we all need in order to increase our wellness. With so many of us living in crowded cities where outdoor pollution levels are on the rise and stress is an emerging disease embracing the use of more organic materials will improve our overall wellbeing and has been proved to reduce mental fatigue and improve our attention and focus.


Minimalism is all about giving attention to the essential forms and elements, which makes them the most important. So as they are the key elements they should be detailed oriented, perfect and of high quality. Items should have a touch of luxury, focused on being special like being made by hand and with purer materials. Refined and colder colours are a way to help complement these trend, like stone, metals and brass, is the most favourite elements. It’s the “less is more” approach that makes it perfect for these new times or we want to focus on what is really important.

 Amongst Interior Designers and Colourists there is always divergent opinion on the ‘Colour of the Year’, minimalist or maximalist? But this year we see a general consensus whereby there is a return to curves, to the tones of nature – light, sensuous, grey-greens, earthy tones of terracotta and sunburnt browns, plants and orchres, featured stone surfaces and tonings and the fullness of collectibles.

Then there is the simple classic look. Ageless, refined lines, sumptuous comfort – furniture that remains chic and luxurious over generations. 


At Sulfaro you have the genuine opportunity not only choosing the style, the design of the furniture you prefer – sofas, armchairs, occasional chairs and accessories; you have the freedom to select the fabrics, leathers, colours and finishing you desire. 

At Sulfaro we have a vast collection of fine fabrics and leathers gathered from the world’s leading fabric houses and leather suppliers coupled with a broad range of finishing accessories – buttoning, piping, skirting, fringing and cushioning – all to your preference and taste. The Sulfaro Design Team will guide you in your selections and can advise on what is possible with our highly skilled team of Artisans, taking your imaginings to the furniture completed to meet your vision and expectations. It is the art of the possible. 

Interior Design

Take it a step further. Sulfaro offer a complete Interior Design service to all Sulfaro clients and customers. Simply call 03 9872 4608 and arrange for an initial consultation with Amelia Sulfaro, our Design Team Leader and Retail Manager and her experienced team to determine your needs and requirements. Alternatively, simply leave your details here for a prompt reply.


Browse our Website and our extensive Sulfaro Collection (now to discover the lounge suite you desire and match it with the accessories you require – sumptuous rugs, lamps, coffee and side tables, credenzas, buffets and more. 

The Signature Selection is a collection of some of our most popular sofas, armchairs and occasional chairs with simply gorgeous accessories in interior design settings to assist you in your deliberations. 

Review the complete Sulfaro Collection here with each catalogued section presenting a full range of options in sofas, armchairs and occasional chairs. For a full range of accessories go to decore and design. Start your Sulfaro journey here: 

  • Decor and Design Accessories
    A complete range of accessories including coffee tables, credenzas, buffets, side cabinets, lamps and much more.

Dining Settings

Sulfaro also offer a stunning range of dining settings. Polished timber tables, from fully extendable units seating up to 16 people to compact units seating 4-6 people all with a range of different surfaces – timber, glass, ceramic, metallic and marble. All tables are matched with hand crafted, elegant dining chairs finished in either selected fabrics or leathers.

Now is the right time to be planning for that summer upgrade. Either start right now with a scheduled online meeting via Skype, Zoom, Facetime or similar or arrange a post-lockdown meeting at our showrooms. Simply call our showrooms on 03 9872 4608. 

Discounts Available

Currently we are offering marked (tagged) floor stock with up to 40% discount. If you make your decision when viewing our website or social media don’t delay – call us to check on current availability and pricing. At your meeting you are welcome to provide photographs, articles and images of the look you are aiming to achieve. Be sure to bring any floor plans or fabric samples you may have in your possession. Create the home, the flow and comfort you truly desire with Sulfaro – it really is the Sulfaro experience.

Sulfaro furniture is 100% Australian made ,utilising Australian made components and materials whenever and wherever possible. ‘Buying Australian Made’ you are supporting a valuable and unique Australian industry and its workers. 

Compare this to buying from one of the larger furniture franchises or warehouses. There you have the choice of two to three variations on colour, size and fabrics. It’s a ‘cookie cutter’ design, robotically manufactured off-shore by poorly paid workers. A purchase here sees your money remitted off-shore. 

Sulfaro is renowned for its truly luxurious and comfortable furniture. Hand-built and handcrafted in our modern studios and workshop in Mitcham, Melbourne; all Sulfaro furniture carries a lifetime guarantee on workmanship. As well, Sulfaro delivers Australia-wide, as is required. 

Start your Sulfaro experience now. Select your preferred lounge suite, sofa and chairs from the Sulfaro Collection and call now to order on 03 9872 4608. 

Sulfaro – It’s Simply The Very Best. 


Sulfaro showrooms are located at 650-652 Whitehorse Road, Mitcham, corner Cochrane Street, approximately one kilometer west of the Ringwood off ramps on Eastlink. There is ample off street parking available.


Hours – (Post Lockdown)

Monday to Saturday 10am to 5pm.

Sunday 11am to 4pm.

Fully air conditioned and heated, as required.

Spring is Here. Refresh and Renew with Sulfaro. Design Luxury and Comfort.

Spring is here with new growth, new life. It’s time to be optimistic and plan for the future. With the Footy Finals, the Spring Racing Carnival, then Christmas and the holidays in sight what better time than to refresh and renew with Sulfaro?

Now is the time to start planning the update of your interior design and the best news? Sulfaro offer all customers and clients a full interior design service – absolutely free of charge! It’s simple, it’s easy. Call now on 03 9872 4608 and book a time (post lockdown) for a consultation. At present we will lock bookings in for two weeks in advance and if the lockdown continues we will forward them a further two weeks as is required until we re-open.. Alternatively, we can arrange an online virtual meeting (via Skype, Zoom, Face time Messenger or similar) with our Design Team Leader, Amelia Sulfaro, to discuss your project. Be sure to bring any photographs and floor plans to the scheduled meeting or email these to us prior to your meeting to assist us. 

You can also leave your message on our contact page and expect a prompt reply. 


Make sure you take the opportunity to browse our website and view our stunning Sulfaro Collection. Here you can select your favourite sofas, chairs and accessories (such as credenzas, buffets, coffee tables and more) – be inspired. Review our Signature Selection featuring some of our more popular sofas, armchairs, occasional chairs and accessories – lamps, sumptuous rugs, side tables, buffets and more. Then take the time to review our full Collection and each catalogue section as follows:

  • Decor and Design Accessories
    A complete range of accessories including coffee tables, credenzas, buffets, side cabinets, lamps and much more.


Visit our Sulfaro Furniture Instagram page for more photos, including images of our full selection of dining suites – tables, dining chairs and ornaments. 


Our WordPress Blog page also carries images of many of our dining tables and dining chairs finished in fine leathers and fabrics. Dining tables are from fully extendable, seating up to 16 people, to compact units designed for kitchen, sunroom or breakfast nook, seating 4-6 people.

We also offer an excellent range of both recliner sofas and chairs and full recliner suites, as well as sofa beds. Most Sulfaro sofa designs can be converted to sofa beds upon request. 


At Sulfaro we naturally offer a full selection of floor stock in our well appointed showrooms spread over two huge stores. Maybe you’ve seen the lounge suite you desire either on the website or whilst visiting our showrooms (when we re-open) but you would prefer a different colour, fabric or leather, you’d like to see a button back and piping in a striking contrast, perhaps you might prefer skirting or fringing, maybe you desire fuller cushioning and a different timber finish with brass castors. At Sulfaro it is genuinely the art of the possible. Sit down with our Design Team and conjure up an individual vision of your ultimate lounge suite.

You get the chance to create with our Design Team’s assistance the lounge suite you truly desire. Select the fabric or leather of your choice from our expansive collection of fine fabrics and leathers, gathered from the world’s leading fabric houses and fine leather suppliers. 

It is then over to our fabulous team of Artisans – Frame makers, Upholsterers, Seamstresses and Finishers to create your individual lounge suite – sofa, armchairs, occasional chairs, ottomans and accessories exactly to your requirements, as you have envisaged.

The Sulfaro studios and workshop are located directly behind our showrooms in Mitcham, Melbourne. Each furniture piece is handcrafted and hand-built under the watchful eye of Master Craftsman, Santo Sulfaro. Yes, that’s right. Sulfaro is 100% Australian made, using Australian materials whenever or wherever possible, made right here in Melbourne. 

In choosing Sulfaro you’re choosing to support a valuable Australian industry and it’s workers. Unlike the majority of the larger franchises and wholesale furniture warehouses all monies you spend with Sulfaro stay here in Australia, supporting the Australian economy. 

Don’t settle for some cookie cutter design produced robotically off-shore offering a limited lifetime, often less than five years. Select from Sulfaro and enjoy real luxury, comfort and elegant design with a touch of Italian flair and genuine style. And remember all Sulfaro furniture offers a lifetime guarantee on all workmanship. Delivery is available Australia-wide. 

During lockdown you are welcome to call and enquire on availability, price and, of course, to order your selected furniture. It’s a great time to start your Sulfaro journey with beautiful, handcrafted, exquisite furniture (100% Australian made). Don’t delay, call now 03 9872 4608, or leave your details here for a prompt reply. Create the home you truly desire with Sulfaro. 

Sulfaro – It’s Simply The Very Best.


Sulfaro showrooms are located at 650-652 Whitehorse Road, Mitcham, corner Cochrane Street, approximately one kilometer west of the Ringwood off ramps on Eastlink. There is ample off street parking available.


Hours – (Post Lockdown)

Monday to Saturday 10am to 5pm.

Sunday 11am to 4pm.

Fully air conditioned and heated, as required.