Introducing our Free Interior Design Service with Sulfaro Furniture


With time on our hands, it’s a great opportunity to re-design and reconfigure our living spaces. Right now, Sulfaro Furniture is offering a free Interior Design service to all customers and clients. Yes, that’s right, a free Interior Design Service.

Free Interior Design Service

So you may ask how does it work? It’s relatively simple so let’s take you through the process.

Step 1 – Photograph your living areas – Lounge, sitting room, dining room, bedroom or entertainment rooms, sunrooms and open entertaining areas – it really depends on your home and its layout. Save the photos to your phone, tablet or desktop computer.

Step 2 – Create a floor plan map. If you already have one, so much the better. Give approximate measurements. Show the layout of your home.

Step 3 – Note your colour schemes – walls, flooring, doors and windows. Indicate the rooms and their purpose.

Step 4 – Browse the Sulfaro Collection and select the lounge suite, sofas, armchairs, occasional chairs and accessories you desire.

Step 5 – Collate all of the information and send the file you’ve created to us at Sulfaro. You can send it to our email

If you require guidance and assistance, please don’t hesitate to call us on 03 9872 4608 and ask for Amelia Sulfaro. Amelia is our Retail Manager and Design Team leader. Perhaps you may prefer a member of our design team to attend your home and assist you in providing the information required. This is always possible and you simply need to request an appointment with our staff, to suit your convenience.

Visit our Showrooms

Alternatively, you may be within proximity of our Showrooms located in Melbourne’s Eastern Suburbs at Mitcham. Please feel free to visit us and discuss your interior design needs. The Sulfaro Showrooms are located 650-652 Whitehorse Rd Mitcham (details below) and consists of two well-appointed large stores, for your enjoyment.

With the size of our showrooms, social distancing is no issue. As well we maintain a very high standard of hygiene, with cleaning and maintenance occurring daily, to a standard beyond that which is required by the State and Federal Health Departments. Your safety and wellbeing is of paramount importance to us and we abide by and follow all instructions from both Federal and State Authorities. Hand Sanitiser and wipes are available at all times.

Hand Built, Handcrafted

Sulfaro Furniture is unique in that it is handcrafted and hand built in our modern studios and workshop located directly behind our Mitcham Showrooms. Each furniture item is created from initial design through to finished item right here in Melbourne. The Sulfaro Collection represents nearly 60 years of design and manufacturing excellence. All materials, framing, cushioning, stainless steel springs, fabrics and leathers are of the highest quality. We offer a huge selection of fabrics and leathers from which to choose from. These have been selected and supplied to us from the world’s leading fabric houses and leather purveyors.

Made In Australia

Sulfaro Furniture is genuinely Australian made. We use Australian components such as F1 Hardwoods, memory foam and motion systems when required. In doing so we support local Australian industries, employment and the Australian economy. Sulfaro employs local Artisans, engages local Apprentices and provides Work Experience programs for students interested in a career in furniture making and manufacture. We now believe this is more important than ever.

Refresh and Renew

So here is the opportunity to refresh and renew your home with superb furniture from Sulfaro. Take advantage of our Free Interior Design Service and start the process – it’s the Sulfaro experience – a lifetime of luxury, comfort and superb design.

Visit our Website

Prior to visiting or calling please visit our Website and browse our Sulfaro Collection. The Signature Series profiles some of our most popular sofas, lounge suites and occasional chairs. Take the time to view and enjoy our complete collection as follows.


Contemporary / Modern – On trend, modern design, sleek, low comfortable.

Traditional / European – Elegant Classic European, timeless beauty, stunning design.

Classic / Hamptons – Relaxed yet formal, stylish – comfort from the Hamptons.

Recliners / Motion Suites – Pure relaxation and comfort. Sit back, stretch out, pure enjoyment.

Decor and Design Accessories – A complete range of accessories including coffee tables, credenzas, buffets, side cabinets, lamps and much more.

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The Sulfaro Showrooms are located at 650-652 Whitehorse Rd Mitcham, approximately 1 kilometre west of the EastLink Ringwood off ramps, on the corner of Cochrane St.

Opening Hours are as follows

  • Monday to Saturday – 10am to 5pm
  • Sundays – 11am to 4pm

During these times at Sulfaro we are here to support you – we will make it easier for you to refresh and renew the living areas in your home. Ultimately your superb handcrafted furniture from Sulfaro will support you for a lifetime – It’s from Sulfaro.

Comfort, Design and Quality – luxury

Sulfaro – simply the very best

Sulfaro Furniture for Comfort, Design and Quality – Luxury you deserve.


It’s easy to become disaffected in the current health crisis, but it will pass. Today if you venture outside you may see the first green shoots of spring starting to appear. These times are a great opportunity to plan for the future, to redesign and redevelop your home and its living areas. Reflect your optimism and vitality – with Sulfaro Furniture.

The first step is to browse our extensive Sulfaro Collection here. We offer an exclusive range of superb designs and styles to suit most tastes. Select the Lounge Suite, Sofa or Armchairs that you desire. Then contact our Design team at Sulfaro, led by Amelia Sulfaro, and discuss your project, design concepts and ideas. Make a time to meet with Amelia and her team. Be sure to bring your floor plans, photographs, samples of fabrics or leathers if you have them and a description of your flooring and colour schemes. You can contact us via phone on 03 9872 4608, email or go to the contact page of our website. We can also arrange a virtual meeting with you if you prefer on Zoom, Skype, Facebook Messenger or Whatsapp.


However, to really appreciate the sheer beauty, the quality and craftsmanship of all Sulfaro furniture, a visit to our generous showrooms in Mitcham will truly introduce you to a world of elegance, warmth and comfort. It’s the ‘Sulfaro experience’. Schedule a visit to our showrooms (650-652 Whitehorse Rd Mitcham – details below) and take a seat on the sofa, armchairs or full lounge suite of your choice. Enjoy the ambience and space of our delightful dining settings. Feel the luxuriance of the fabrics and leathers as you’re seated. Relax into the superb support, marvel at the finish and complete quality of every item – again it’s that true Sulfaro experience.

Our success is no accident at Sulfaro. Every item of furniture is handcrafted and hand built by trained artisans, using the methods of furniture building, upholstery and finishing passed down and utilised over many generations. European styling with Italian flair and design, but 100% Australian made – right here in our Mitcham Studios and Workshop located behind our showrooms – all overseen and directed by Master Craftsman Santo Sulfaro, with all furniture completed by the skilled tradesmen and women of the Sulfaro team.


It’s a great time to BUY AUSTRALIAN. In doing so you are supporting local businesses and employment. Sulfaro engage local artisans, apprentices and offer work experience to those students interested in a career in furniture making at its highest levels.

So this is the time to be creative, to refresh and renew. Your Sulfaro journey can begin now. With Sulfaro you get to select the colours, the fabrics and the accessories, timber finishes, skirting or fringes, cushioning, piping and more. In selecting Sulfaro, your new lounge suite can be as individual as you are. Again it’s the Sulfaro experience – it’s the difference between selecting a cookie-cutter mass produced unit from an offshore ‘sweat shop’ or choosing a superb Australian made selection, customised to your preference and taste.

Sulfaro employs social distancing at all times in its showrooms. The showrooms themselves are spread over two huge stores, enabling required social distancing with relative ease. The Sulfaro team follow the directions and instructions of both Commonwealth and State Government Health Departments. Cleaning occurs daily and is carried out to a level of hygiene that is definitely above the standards required. Hand Sanitiser and wipes are always available. Your safety and comfort is our primary consideration so please feel confident to visit us anytime.

The Sulfaro Showrooms are located at 650-652 Whitehorse Rd Mitcham, corner of Cochrane St, approximately 1km west of the Ringwood exit ramps on Eastlink. View Map

Store opening hours are as follows:

  • Mon to Sat – 10am to 5pm
  • Sundays – 11am to 4pm.

Sulfaro deliver Australia-wide. We offer the opportunity to purchase premium and genuine hand built, handcrafted furniture of the highest quality made here in Australia at our Mitcham facility. Design, luxury and comfort – it’s the Sulfaro experience.

With the time available now you have the opportunity to create your dream living areas, to realise the interior design you truly desire – with real Sulfaro quality and flair.


Sulfaro – it’s simply the very best.

Sulfaro Furniture – Stay well, stay safe, stay secure – It’s take two for Covid-19


With stage 3 Coronavirus restrictions being re-imposed as of July 9th 2020 for 6 weeks, it’s really time again to get comfortable at home and sit this one out. These are challenging times and more than ever we need the comforts of home to support us through this next six weeks. The Sulfaro team will continue to manufacture during this new lockdown period and our expansive showrooms shall remain open as well, given strict social distancing and hygiene standards and requirements are enforced and observed. Your safety, security and wellbeing as always is our number one concern.

When you visit our showrooms you can be confident that all furniture and surfaces are hygienically cleaned daily to standards that actually exceed the current Health Department requirements.

We recognise that for all of us, comfort is paramount. It may well be that you have determined the need for a new lounge suite or dining setting to cope with the situation of having the family home 24/7 possibly for the next 6 weeks. It’s certainly a time when our sofas, armchairs, dining settings and accessories get quite the work out!

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At Sulfaro, all upholstered furniture is designed and manufactured in our modern studio and workshop situated behind our showrooms in Mitcham.


Yes, that’s right, all Sulfaro furniture is made right here in Melbourne. With high quality materials in storage and in good supply, the Sulfaro team will continue to craft and build furniture of the highest standard – truly ‘Australian made’ – throughout the lockdown period.

Sulfaro is not effected by import embargoes or supply issues from overseas sources. We simply do not require imported materials – our furniture is genuinely 100% Australian made.

We’ve said this before and we will continue to say it. In the following months and years (post Coronavirus), it will become critically important to support local manufacturers to maintain Australian employment and local industry.

At Sulfaro we employ local craftsmen and women; Tradespeople such as frame builders, upholsterers and seamstresses. We engage young people in apprenticeships and work experience programs. With the Australian Dollar very likely to fall further over the coming months, this vision and action will become a valuable asset, ensuring the Australian consumer market has continued access to high quality. locally designed product, particularly with furniture.

Local Manufacturing effectively provides ongoing local employment, fosters genuine local craftsmanship and ultimately reduces Australia’s international carbon footprint. This is truly a sustainable proposition and again we express our gratitude for the ongoing support from all of our customers and clients during these difficult times.

For interstate buyers, please visit our website and browse our fabulous Sulfaro Collection. You can select from a superb range of both traditional classic designs and styles as well as the very best in contemporary, modern styles and designs.

For Melbourne and Victorian based clients and customers, our Showrooms are located over two huge stores at 650-652 Whitehorse Rd Mitcham (corner of Cochrane St) approximately 1km from the EastLink Ringwood off-ramps.


Sulfaro is adhering to all Government health recommendations in regard to Covid-19 and will be closely monitoring the advice and guidance of both the Australian Government as well as all local and international health authorities and their recommendations. We will be guided by these recommendations in our actions moving forward over the next few months in particular.

The reality is that our home, its environs, living areas and facilities becomes even more important to our family and our wellbeing in these difficult times. With the imposition of self-isolation and social distancing our home becomes the sanctuary where we seek comfort, security and a sense of protection.

Again, it’s consideration, kindness and generosity that matter. It’s time to look out for one another. Stay safe, stay well.


~ The Sulfaro Family and Team.

Australian Made – Handcrafted and Hand Built in every detail. It’s from SULFARO. Design, Comfort and Quality – Simply the very best


Now more than ever is the right time to buy ‘Australian Made’. But to be more explicit, now is the time to buy genuine Australian Made products. At Sulfaro our furniture is completely Australian made – right down to the last detail. And the actual quality is in every detail – handcrafted, hand built. Exquisite design, a fabulous finish – truly elegant, comfortable furniture – made to last a lifetime.

It’s fashionable now to claim your furniture is Australian made. But often that’s not the case – it’s merely assembled here. This is very true of several very large National organisations with multiple branches around Australia. The framing, the components such as springs, cushioning and the associated accessories are made offshore. Normally assembled by a third party trader in China, Indonesia, Malaysia or the Philippines, the component parts are now shipped to Australia and assembled. Why? Because the seller can then claim it’s “Australian made” when in fact it most definitely isn’t – it’s merely assembled here.

Contrast this to Sulfaro Furniture. At our Mitcham Studio and Workshop, our team of trained artisans – frame builders, upholsterers, seamstresses and apprentices create your sofa, lounge suite, armchairs and ottomans from the ground up; Using F1 Australian Hardwood, first quality memory foam, stainless steel springs and accessories – all sourced locally supporting many local Australian industries; with all works overseen and supervised by Master Craftsman Santo Sulfaro. Yes that’s correct – right here in Melbourne.

The Sulfaro team use templates and pattern designs created exclusively in our Mitcham Studio. All Sulfaro designs are original and unique. The Sulfaro Collection was actually commenced way back in 1962 – elegant European furniture with a dash of Italian style and panache – real timeless beauty.

For many it’s about enjoying a new lifestyle – Apartment living. Panoramic views, open space, privacy, comfort and security. The Sulfaro Collection offers a superb range of lounge suites, sofas, armchairs and accessories for apartment living. Comfort, luxury and gracious elegant style. Apartment living? – Sulfaro is the right choice


Take the time to browse our website here… Start with the Sulfaro Signature Selection and then enjoy the huge selection of quality hand built, finely finished upholstered furniture, dining settings and accessories as follows.

Remember all Sulfaro Furniture comes with a lifetime guarantee on workmanship and finishing.

But there’s more. Often the most difficult element in making your furniture selections – lounge suites, dining suites, accessories and occasional chairs is the all important aspect of your ultimate interior design and the completed look and feel.


Did you know that Sulfaro Furniture offer a complimentary Interior Design service providing qualified experienced advice and direction. Led by Amelia Sulfaro, the Sulfaro Interior Design team can create for you the ultimate look and feel you’ve always desired. You can choose you colour schemes, fabrics, leathers, timber finishes, piping, skirting, even the castors, legs or timber feet, guided and comforted by the expert advice of Amelia and her team. With a huge selection of fabrics and leathers from Australia’s and the world’s leading suppliers and you can be sure of a unique design with selected components that are as unique and individual as you are, a design that recognises your taste, your dreams and your desires.

Arrange an appointment – either by visiting our showrooms, or have a virtual consultation via Skype, Zoom, Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp. Call 03 9872 4608 or leave your details here to schedule your appointment at your convenience.

Bring your floor plans, interior design drawings, photographs, and fabric or leather samples with any images of floor coverings, paint schemes and interior surfaces. Be comfortable in knowing that your Sofa, Armchairs, Ottomans and Dining Settings meet the dimensions and measurements of your living areas. It’s the first step on your journey to the Sulfaro experience – a lifetime of comfort, superb design and pure luxury.

Do you live interstate? No problems. Sulfaro can facilitate delivery to your location, with care, in a timely fashion. Sydney, Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane, Cairns. Trinity Beach or Peppermint Grove. The Gold Coast or Hobart. If you really want to enjoy the very best in stylish, comfortable handcrafted, hand built Australian made furniture, look no further. Sulfaro are the absolute premium in quality and design – furniture you’ll be proud to own for many years to come.


‘It’s from Sulfaro’.

The Sulfaro Showrooms are situated over two huge stores located at 650-652 Whitehorse Rd, corner of Cochrane St, approximately 1km west of the Ringwood exit ramps on Eastlink.

Grange 02 copy

Opening hours for the showrooms are as follows

  • 10am until 5pm Mon to Sat
  • 11am until 4pm Sundays

Sulfaro abide by all State and Federal Government health directives, ensure appropriate social distancing and provide hand sanitizer and wipes for all visitors as required.
All furniture and surfaces are hygienically cleaned as per requirements

Schedule a visit, bring the family, there is ample off-street parking.

When you select from the Sulfaro Collection, you’re choosing the very best in refined, elegant, finely finished furniture. Its furniture you’ll be proud to own, display and enjoy. It truly is the Sulfaro Experience. And when it all comes down to it – you do really truly deserve it.


Sulfaro – it’s simply the very best.

Sulfaro – Where Interior Design meets Handcrafted Elegance – It’s all part of the Sulfaro Experience.


Often, when considering new furniture, we all welcome professional advice. Having just completed major renovations, purchased a new apartment or built a new home, it’s now time to furnish. Naturally the desire is to accentuate and compliment the design elements and beauty of your property with an elegant and clever selection of superbly crafted, comfortable furniture – lounge suites, dining suites and occasional chairs and accessories. At Sulfaro, the process is made simple and accessible – we offer a complimentary Interior Design service.

According to well-known Architect Andrew Fedorowicz of Balance Architecture, the completion of any major renovation or new build requires competent interior design to satisfy the overall project.

“Why create a refined elegant vista and then finish off with a flat featureless interior? Furniture needs to be carefully selected. It needs to bring out the form and elegance, the space and the warmth of your interiors, taking into account the lighting, colour schemes and surfaces of your living areas.”

At Sulfaro, we offer a complimentary Interior Design service. To access the service, call and make an appointment with our design team, headed up by Amelia Sulfaro on 03 9872 4608.

Please then feel welcome to bring your floor plans, architectural plans or house plan to the meeting. Be confident to bring photographs of interiors you admire, furniture you find attractive, colour samples, fabric or leather samples, and information on colour schemes, flooring or features such as feature windows, bifold doors, indoor/outdoor areas, living room and bedroom layouts – anything you feel may assist or requires attention.

At the same time, take the opportunity to browse the Sulfaro Collection on our website and select the designs, the styles of lounge suites, sofas, armchairs and occasional chairs you desire. Also view our range of Decor and Design Accessories – cabinets, credenzas, buffets, coffee tables, side tables, lamps and much more.


Here are the links to each category:

  • Signature Selection – Some of our most popular Sofas and Lounge Suites.
  • Contemporary Modern – A superb selection of comfortable modern sofas and armchairs suitable for spacious new apartments and homes.
  • Traditional European – Classic design, both European and time honoured traditional styles.
  • Classic Hamptons – Formal design incorporating the relaxed feeling of the Hamptons.
  • Recliners and Motion Suites – A full selection of recliner sofas, chairs and combinations, both Classic and Contemporary.
  • Decor and Design Accessories – A superb collection of ornate and decorative accessories to compliment your selection of upholstered furniture.

Add to this our complete Dining Suite range – Extendable Dining Tables, compact settings and everything in between, in selected timbers, ceramics, glass and metal, all complimented with handcrafted, hand built dining chairs.

At your appointment or simply at your leisure, take the time to inspect our full showroom display, spread over two large stores. Many of our popular designs and styles are on display for your enjoyment and consideration.

“If you have the opportunity to select your fabrics, leather and finishing on your new furniture, take it. Create your individual space that you’re comfortable with. Seek qualified advice, go the extra mile. There’s nothing more disappointing than to downgrade your newly renovated or constructed living areas with cheap, uninspiring, mass manufactured furniture.”

Andrew Fedorowicz Architect
Fellow of the Australian Institute of Architects

At Sulfaro, you can determine the fabrics or leathers you desire. Select from our huge collection from the world’s leading suppliers. Choose your piping, cushioning, skirts or fringing. Determine the size, timber finishing, castors or feet to suit your needs. The end result? Furniture that reflects your taste, your individuality and compliments your beautiful home.

australia sofa crop 1400

With the ‘Made in Melbourne’ Sale on now, it’s the perfect time to make your selection and purchase the lounge suite of your dreams – currently indicated floor stock has been discounted up to 40%.

Drive out to the Sulfaro Showrooms, we are located at 650-652 Whitehorse Rd Mitcham, cnr of Cochrane St. This is approximately 1km west of the Eastlink Ringwood exit ramps.

Opening hours are as follows:

  • 10am-5pm Mon-Sat
  • 11am-4pm Sundays.

Let Sulfaro design you the living areas you desire – beautiful handcrafted and upholstered furniture that compliments your home, your lifestyle and your vision. The Sulfaro Interior Design team will create a simply gorgeous vista that will provide you with a lifetime of pleasure. Let your Sulfaro experience begin. Schedule your Design appointment now.


Sulfaro – it’s simply the best.

Luxury, Comfort and Quality.