Showrooms to re-open. Welcome back to Sulfaro. New lines available and Opening Specials.

After 100 days, it’s fantastic to be re-opening. Victorians have done a splendid job in flattening the curve and it’s now time to enjoy the freedom of movement we have all been missing. During the lockdown at Sulfaro we have been exceptionally busy creating new exquisite designs in further furniture additions adding wonderful new options to our extensive range. This month with production resumed and in full swing, the Sulfaro Showrooms will look bigger and brighter than ever.

So, upon opening we invite you to come and visit our Showrooms at 650-652 Whitehorse Rd Mitcham (just 1km west of the EastLink off-ramp’s at Ringwood). Situated on the corner of Cochrane St, we offer two very large and substantial showrooms stocked with a gorgeous range of Lounge Suites, Dining Settings, Sofas, Armchairs, Occasional Chairs and Accessories such as Ottomans, lamps, objets de art, statuettes, side tables, coffee tables, credenzas, buffets – it’s a superb selection of beautiful high quality hand selected accessories and art pieces.

At Sulfaro, our floor stock is always available for immediate purchase, but we offer much, much more. It’s time to introduce you to the ‘Sulfaro experience’.

This is your opportunity to design the lounge suite you’ve always desired. Here at Sulfaro you get to select the fabrics or leathers of your choice from our extensive range gathered from the world’s leading suppliers. You choose the colour or colours, you select the accessories and finishing – from piping, fringing, buttoning and skirting through to timber finishes with brass or steel castors.

Amelia Sulfaro and her design team will guide you through this process. We encourage you to provide photographs, interior design plans, architectural plans, floor plans or colour schemes you may wish to work with or incorporate.

For Sulfaro clients and customers we take this exciting option one step further. We offer an Interior Design Service free to all Sulfaro customers. Again – make contact with Amelia Sulfaro on 03 9872 4608 and start the process – this is your ‘Sulfaro experience’. Simply provide us with your floor plan and colour schemes, current floor coverings or finishes and we can begin to plan for your needs.

Start by browsing our website and discovering our collection. Our most popular selections can be found in our Signature Series, where we profile our most popular Sofas, Armchairs, Occasional Chairs and Accessories.

You can then select from our full Collection individually as follows…

Contemporary / Modern
On trend, modern design, sleek, low comfortable.

Traditional / European
Elegant Classic European, timeless beauty, stunning design.

Classic / Hamptons
Relaxed yet formal, stylish – comfort from the Hamptons.

Recliners / Motion Suites
Pure relaxation and comfort. Sit back, stretch out, pure enjoyment.

Decor and Design Accessories
A complete range of accessories including coffee tables, credenzas, buffets, side cabinets, lamps and much more.

We also offer a full range of Dining Settings from large extendable tables with matching dining chairs through to more compact settings, all with a selection of Timber, Ceramic, Marble or Glass surfaces.

All Sulfaro Furniture is hand built and handcrafted at our Mitcham (Melbourne) Studios and Workshop. Using modern equipment and the very best in selected materials, the Sulfaro team of artisans, tradesmen and women create the very best in Australian made, handcrafted furniture for your pleasure and delight. All Sulfaro Furniture is manufactured and completed entirely in our Melbourne workshop using traditional furniture making and upholstery techniques, handed down over generations. Each piece is monitored and completed under the watchful eye of Master Craftsman, Santo Sulfaro.

We hope you are encouraged to ‘Buy Australian’ in these rather difficult times. At Sulfaro we utilise Australian materials wherever possible and in purchasing from us at Sulfaro you are supporting local industry and local employment. Perhaps best of all, the money stays here in our economy, and isn’t simply sent offshore. Local manufacturing supports local families and the Australian economy, so make sure you buy Australian made.

Contrast that with the majority of furniture offered by the larger furniture warehouses and Retailers. The vast proportion of imported sofas, armchairs and accessories are robotically manufactured to ‘cookie-cutter’ formulas that leave consumers with little or no choice. The factories are sweat shops that exploit workers. In many cases the importers ‘assemble’ the components here in Australia to achieve ‘Australian made’ status. But it’s simply not true, with all components manufactured offshore.

Make the decision to select quality. Sulfaro Furniture is meticulously crafted and expertly finished. We are so confident of our product we give a 100% lifetime guarantee on all workmanship on all Sulfaro Furniture.

Interstate buyers can order via email or telephone. Simply call 03 9872 4608 or email us at for orders and pricing. We deliver Australia wide.

At Sulfaro we have no hesitation saying the Sulfaro Collection is in fact the very best handcrafted hand built furniture currently available Australia wide. In selecting Sulfaro, you are choosing a lifetime of comfort, luxury and quality. Superb design with Italian flair and finesse. It’s the right decision.

Sulfaro – It’s simply the very best.

This Year it’s Christmas in November. Order now for all Pre-Christmas deliveries.

With re-opening of all retail stores likely in late October, now is the right time to place orders for pre-Christmas deliveries. It’s easy, browse our Sulfaro Collection on our website, make your selection and either email us at or call during business hours to confirm pricing and order on 03 9872 4608. We deliver Australia-wide and can customise to suit your individual needs and taste.

Customise? Yes, you get to select the fabric design, the leathers and the colours. Accessories? Your choice of piping, skirting, fringing, cushioning, timber feet or castors. Select the size that suits your need – Armchairs to sofa sets to full corner suites. Start the process by calling now on 03 9872 4608 and making a virtual appointment with our experienced design team led by Retail Sales Manager Amelia Sulfaro.

All Sulfaro Furniture is 100% Australian made. The Sulfaro Studios and Workshop are located in Mitcham, Melbourne behind our spacious showrooms. We are currently now in production again busily ensuring all new orders are completed prior to Christmas as well as creating new ‘Floor Stock’ for the re-opening of the Sulfaro Showrooms in late October.

The first step? Visit our website and browse our simply beautiful Collection. From exquisite traditional and classic designs to exciting modern and contemporary styling – there is surely something there to please all tastes. From the Hamptons to European classics, it’s an exquisite range of simply gorgeous furniture you will be proud to own, you’ll experience a lifetime of quality, comfort and pure luxury. It’s the Sulfaro Experience.

The Signature Range
Explore and discover some of our most popular Sofas, Armchairs, occasional chairs and selected accessories such as lamps, ottomans, credenzas, coffee and side tables.

Then take the time to review our full collection. We offer four key selections and a superb range of beautiful high quality accessories to complement your new furniture.

Contemporary / Modern
On trend, modern design, sleek, low comfortable.

Traditional / European
Elegant Classic European, timeless beauty, stunning design.

Classic / Hamptons
Relaxed yet formal, stylish – comfort from the Hamptons.

Recliners / Motion Suites
Pure relaxation and comfort. Sit back, stretch out, pure enjoyment.

Decor and Design Accessories
A complete range of accessories including coffee tables, credenzas, buffets, side cabinets, lamps and much more.

Call us now on 03 9872 4608 to discover our current range of handcrafted, hand finished Sofas, armchairs, occasional chairs for sale now straight off our showroom floor. Currently many of the items available enjoy significant discounts on normal prices.

Right now, the following lounge suites and sofas are available at the prices indicated here. If you don’t require two sofas, call us and we can discuss pricing for single units.

Sulfaro Spring Lockdown Specials

The Sulfaro online sale continues this week. Here is a list of our current specials.

Octavia – New Design Release
3 Seater and 2 ½ Seater
Now 20% – $6920
Save $1730!

3 Seater and 2 ½ Seater
Now 20% off – $5340
Save $442

3 Seater and 2 ½ Seater
Now 15% off – $5920
Save $1010

Hudson Leather Recliner
Electric Double Action
Now 20% off – $7540
Save $1899

3 Seater and 2 ½ Seater
Now 15% off – $5350
Save $932

3 ½ Seater and 3 Seater
Now 20% off – $6920
Save $1753

Sorrento Leather Recliner
3 ½ Seater Chaise and Recliner
2 ½ Seater Double Recliner
All electric actions
Now 20% off – $9950
Save $2485

Furniture making and Upholstery, both are an art form. To create supremely comfortable, premium quality furniture offering a lifetime of luxurious stylish living requires the skills of master craftsmen and women and genuine artisans. At Sulfaro, all furniture is crafted using traditional techniques in our modern Studio and workshop. Hand finishing ensures a level of quality simply not possible using robotic manufacturing. Master Craftsman Santo Sulfaro watches over the creation of each individual piece of furniture – it’s stitch perfect and that is why your Sulfaro Furniture comes with a genuine lifetime guarantee on all workmanship.

We are now counting down the days to reopening and we look forward to welcoming the return of our valued customers and clients to our extensive Showrooms. With new season designs now being prepared for display, please feel most welcome to come and browse, once full restrictions are lifted.

Sulfaro is a wholly Australian owned and operated company. The Sulfaro family established the business in the early 1960s. We utilise Australian made products wherever and whenever possible. Please ‘Buy Australian Made’ and support our business and others also manufacturing here in Australia. The return you ultimately enjoy is fabulous. We employ local tradespeople, artisans and apprentices. The business and many others like ours support local families, local employment and our Australian economy. The ‘money’ stays here as opposed to being shipped offshore to another country

But more than that, always select Sulfaro – made here in Australia – it is simply the very best in hand crafted and hand built furniture available today nationwide. World class, and yours to enjoy.

It’s the Sulfaro Experience.

Sulfaro – 100% Australian Made

Today more than ever is the time to support Australian made products. In supporting Australian made you are maintaining Australian manufacturing, Australian jobs and employment.

The majority of furniture currently sold in Australia in imported, mostly from China. Quite simply the profit is being remitted offshore and is of little or no benefit to the Australian economy.

Australia used to have a thriving manufacturing sector. Much of the furniture we grew up with was made here in Australia. It is a testament to its quality that a considerable quantity of it is still in use after restoration.

Today, Sulfaro is one of the few remaining local manufacturers. All Sulfaro furniture from frame-making through to completed upholstery is handcrafted and hand built, here in Melbourne at our modern Mitcham Studio and Workshop. We employ local artisans and tradespeople and provide apprenticeships as well as Work Experience programs for young people interested in a career in the furniture industry. In supporting us and other Australian manufacturers you are in fact supporting our work forces and their families.

Quite simply we urge you to ‘Buy Australian’ wherever possible. Never before has it been so important to do so. The reality is we produce materials of the highest quality right here in Australia – in our case furniture, and with broad migration having extended for over 100 years in Australia, anything you could purchase offshore is likely manufactured right here now to a higher standard with guaranteed quality.

At Sulfaro, we are expecting to re-open our Showrooms in Mitcham (650-652 Whitehorse Rd – 1km west of the EastLink) in October, hopefully mid-month if the numbers keep improving and stabilise. Schedule a visit and experience for yourself the superb quality and design of our complete Sulfaro Collection. Visit our website and browse to select your new lounge suite, sofas, armchairs or dining settings.

But remember ‘Buy Australian’ and select Sulfaro. it really is the very best furniture available in Australia today.

It’s Spring at Sulfaro. Back in production and ready to re-open.

With Sunday’s announcements by Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews, we have now resumed production at our Mitcham Studios and Workshop. Current new orders are now underway and will soon be completed. As all Sulfaro Furniture is hand built and handcrafted in our modern workshop, now is the time to place all pre-Christmas orders. [Our cut-off date for pre-Christmas orders is Close of Business November 14th]

So it is with real enthusiasm that we look forward to re-opening our showrooms, possibly from mid-October onwards.

It’s Spring, you can feel it in the air. The flowers are blooming, the birds are nesting, and there is regrowth everywhere with new leaves and the promise of a bountiful summer harvest. It’s the right time to shake off the winter gloom and refresh and renew. Take in the sunshine, the fresh fragrant air and come home to a world of comfort, a home that is superbly furnished in elegant European designed furniture from Sulfaro.

Contemporary Modern Sofas

With new designs and utilising a brilliant range of fabrics and leathers in current trending colours and patterns from the world’s leading suppliers, Sulfaro is simply pure quality. It’s the luxury and comfort you deserve. Furniture that is handcrafted and built in the manner quality furniture must be finished, Sulfaro utilises the traditional methodologies and techniques handed down over generations. As soon as you relax into a Sulfaro sofa or chair you will feel the difference – it’s the Sulfaro experience.

Most furniture available through the major stockists and ‘warehouses’ has been robotically manufactured offshore. It’s a cookie cutter production line designed to churn out as many units as possible in the shortest time possible. It certainly isn’t high quality or built to last.

Not so at Sulfaro. For a start you the client get to select the fabrics or leathers of your choice from our huge range of current and traditional materials. You can choose the accessories from skirting, piping, fringing, timber feet or casters, cushioning and sofa sizes. You can decide the colour, the look and feel of the fabrics and leathers. Time wise, it takes a little longer than simply selecting from the showroom floor, but it is entirely worth waiting for. Your lounge suite, dining setting and accessories are unique and as individual as you are.

Take the time to browse our website. Start with our most popular range of sofas, armchairs, occasional chairs and accessories – our Signature Range. For further detail view our complete collection here…

Contemporary / Modern
– On trend, modern design, sleek, low comfortable.

Traditional / European
– Elegant Classic European, timeless beauty, stunning design.

Classic / Hamptons
– Relaxed yet formal, stylish – comfort from the Hamptons.

Recliners / Motion Suites
– Pure relaxation and comfort. Sit back, stretch out, pure enjoyment.

Decor and Design Accessories
– A complete range of accessories including coffee tables, credenzas, buffets, side cabinets, lamps and much more.

We also offer a selection of Dining Tables, Dining Chairs and accessories, as well as a delightful range of objets de art to complement your Dining Setting selection.

Classic Hamptons Sofas

The Sulfaro Collection consists of timeless traditional and classic sofas, armchairs and occasional chairs and accessories as well as on-trend Modern and Contemporary furniture – Sofas, Armchairs, modular and corner units as well as a wonderful selection of Hamptons inspired lounge suites.

Sulfaro furniture is built to last a lifetime. For this reason we provide a lifetime guarantee on all Sulfaro Furniture workmanship. The full Sulfaro range is genuinely crafted from frame-making through to finished upholstery, wholly and solely in our Mitcham (Melbourne) Studios and Workshop.

It’s time to lift you and your family’s spirits. Redesign your living areas and refresh with simply gorgeous furniture from Sulfaro. As the last months have taught us, we now spend a lot of time in our homes. Why not opt for comfort, for design, for beauty with a touch of Italian flair and select your new lounge suite from Sulfaro.

Stay tuned for further news on our Showrooms re-opening. We are certainly looking forward to re-engaging with our many clients, customers, suppliers and friends in the near future. To date, all of us have done a remarkable job ensuring that our Covid infection rate has now dropped to very low levels. Congratulations!

To make sure we all remain safe, when we do re-open, we will be following the recommended processes. We will make it very easy for you to register your visit and then enjoy viewing our wonderful selection of floor stock now available. With new designs and new material constantly becoming available, we will now be presenting our new lines of Sofas, armchairs, accessories and dining settings, whilst offering some fabulous specials upon re-opening. (The same high quality Sulfaro furniture but at very attractive prices.)

Looking forward to seeing you all soon if you can visit us in Melbourne. For interstate clients and customers, view our website and make your selections. You can order by calling us during business hours on 03 9872 4608 or emailing us at for all pricing and further information. [This also applies to Melbourne based clients and customers until we have re-opened]. Order now and if your selection is in stock, you can expect delivery within a week or two, depending upon your location.]

Enjoy the Sulfaro Experience sit back and relax. Superb quality, comfort and design.

It’s from Sulfaro – it’s simply the very best.

Order from Sulfaro NOW Select from the Superb Sulfaro Collection.

Call 03 9872 4608 or Email

A new Lounge Suite, Sofa and Armchairs, a dining setting with handcrafted chairs in selected fabrics or leather. It’s the right time to browse our Sulfaro Collection and make your selection. Exquisite hand crafted, hand built and refined. Made in Melbourne – Australian made.

Elegant European design with clever Italian styling. Finished to perfection. Quality, Comfort – real luxury. Why settle for less?

During lockdown the process is simple. Browse our Sulfaro Collection and make your selection. Email us at for pricing, or call us on 03 9872 4608. If floor stock is available, you can expect delivery in a short time, otherwise we can build you a new one in a few weeks.

So first view our Collection you may wish to start with our Signature Series, a selection of our most popular Sofas, armchairs and occasional chairs, combined with a gorgeous range of unique accessories – lamps, mirrors, credenzas, coffee and side tables, luxurious floor rugs and much more. Then view our full catalogue here.

Add to this a stunning range of dining suites in beautiful polished timbers with a selection of ceramic, glass, marble and of course timber table tops. The Sulfaro range is ever evolving and new creations are added to the website regularly.

When Sulfaro creates and builds a lounge suite for you, you get to choose the colours, the fabrics or leathers and the accessories. You can ask for skirting, fringing, piping, buttoning, cushioning and timber finishing. Castors? (Brass or stainless steel) your choice. Sulfaro offer a magnificent range of fabrics and leathers from the world’s (and Australia’s) leading suppliers.

Measurements can be adjusted to suit your homes individual requirements. All Sulfaro Sofas come in a full complement of sizes from 2 seaters to complete corner units.

Take it that little bit further – as a Sulfaro customer we offer you a full Interior Design service. Supply us with your floor plan, colour schemes, flooring, etc with any fabric samples or photographs. The end result will be your vision, your desire, a home as individual as you are. Simply call us on 03 9872 4608 and ask for our Retail Manager and Design team leader – Amelia Sulfaro, and request assistance.

Quality at Sulfaro is no accident. All Sulfaro furniture is hand crafted, hand built to exacting standards. The traditional methodologies of European Furniture making are our template with a skilled team of Artisans – tradesmen and women working in frame making, upholstery, seamstressing and finishing. All Sulfaro furniture is manufactured at our Mitcham Studio and Workshop in Melbourne, under the watchful eye of Santo Sulfaro.

Care and attention to detail is paramount. Compare this to the mass produced robotically manufactured furniture imported from various off-shore Asian locations. Sulfaro Furniture is built to last a lifetime, not just to look good on the showroom floor. And as such we offer a full lifetime guarantee on all workmanship on all Sulfaro furniture.

Sulfaro offer a broad range of both traditional, classical European Furniture and Contemporary modern furniture including also a number of beautiful ‘Hamptons’ inspired sofas and lounge suites.

The process is simple:
• Make your selection from our website
• Call 03 9872 4608 for pricing or email us at
• Order your furniture
• Delivery – Australia wide

With customisation, there may be slight variations in price. It’s important that when ordering we provide you with accurate pricing.

With Covid 19 numbers dropping dramatically in Victoria, there is hope we may be able to reopen our showrooms soon.

With over 50 years of supplying furniture to a discerning market here in Melbourne and across Australia, you can be confident of quality, comfort and superb design. It’s time for a little luxury in your life. It’s time for the Sulfaro experience.

You can trust Sulfaro – craftsmanship, quality and stunning beauty.

Sulfaro – It’s simply the very best.