Spring and Summer Renewal. The Colours of the Sulfaro Collection.

Cassia Modular Sofa from The Ultimate Collectors Luxury and Design Mag.

From ‘Coveted’ – The Ultimate Collectors Luxury and Design Magazine – April 19th 2021 

Spring-Summer Trends 2022

After some time experiencing a new way of living as the result of this unexpected pandemic we have started to adapt to a new normal and have different needs. Experiencing the world and seeing things with new eyes made us change our habits rather quickly but we still need and want to experience life. Interior design and fashion usually change according to seasons or social events but now more than ever we see these changes in habits leading us to new trends for spring-summer of 2022. CovetED brings you all about the spring-summer trends of 2022, are you ready? 

Maybe these trends represent the need people have to embrace the warmth of the outdoors after spending so much time indoors. Collectively we are feeling nostalgia for simpler and mellower times, for easy sunny days. Let’s create space for what we need, let’s create trends that will serve us and help us go through these times together and come back better from the experience. 

Colours are a reflection and a sign of times and so this year we will see mature yet hot and bold colours choices. On the colder spectrum side, we go from emerald green to dark blue hues and on the warmer side of things we have burnt orange and mustard yellow hues. Hot, bold and earthy colours are the choices for designers in 2022. These trends can also be seen in other details from the use of patterns to the use of design features such as geometric forms and furniture with rounded shapes. 

This year has been very out of the ordinary for everyone and came with a lot of changes within our everyday lives. Most of us now spend the entire day at home, eating, working, exercising and relaxing, everything within the same walls. With this in mind, we saw and continue to see an interest in investing in home offices, flexible spaces and even applying the same principle to the way we dress. So you want to be versatile and adaptable, either at home feeling fresh and with a healing space or with your own clothes knowing you can be comfortable and still go from inside to outside at any given moment.


An increasing need to bring nature to our indoors has been developing a wellness mood, choosing conscious and sustainable elements such as wood, stone, bamboo and so many other organic materials that will give your design a natural feeling. Using organic materials gives us the ability to reconnect and strengthen the human-nature connection we all need in order to increase our wellness. With so many of us living in crowded cities where outdoor pollution levels are on the rise and stress is an emerging disease embracing the use of more organic materials will improve our overall wellbeing and has been proved to reduce mental fatigue and improve our attention and focus.


Minimalism is all about giving attention to the essential forms and elements, which makes them the most important. So as they are the key elements they should be detailed oriented, perfect and of high quality. Items should have a touch of luxury, focused on being special like being made by hand and with purer materials. Refined and colder colours are a way to help complement these trend, like stone, metals and brass, is the most favourite elements. It’s the “less is more” approach that makes it perfect for these new times or we want to focus on what is really important.

 Amongst Interior Designers and Colourists there is always divergent opinion on the ‘Colour of the Year’, minimalist or maximalist? But this year we see a general consensus whereby there is a return to curves, to the tones of nature – light, sensuous, grey-greens, earthy tones of terracotta and sunburnt browns, plants and orchres, featured stone surfaces and tonings and the fullness of collectibles.

Then there is the simple classic look. Ageless, refined lines, sumptuous comfort – furniture that remains chic and luxurious over generations. 


At Sulfaro you have the genuine opportunity not only choosing the style, the design of the furniture you prefer – sofas, armchairs, occasional chairs and accessories; you have the freedom to select the fabrics, leathers, colours and finishing you desire. 

At Sulfaro we have a vast collection of fine fabrics and leathers gathered from the world’s leading fabric houses and leather suppliers coupled with a broad range of finishing accessories – buttoning, piping, skirting, fringing and cushioning – all to your preference and taste. The Sulfaro Design Team will guide you in your selections and can advise on what is possible with our highly skilled team of Artisans, taking your imaginings to the furniture completed to meet your vision and expectations. It is the art of the possible. 

Interior Design

Take it a step further. Sulfaro offer a complete Interior Design service to all Sulfaro clients and customers. Simply call 03 9872 4608 and arrange for an initial consultation with Amelia Sulfaro, our Design Team Leader and Retail Manager and her experienced team to determine your needs and requirements. Alternatively, simply leave your details here for a prompt reply.


Browse our Website and our extensive Sulfaro Collection (now to discover the lounge suite you desire and match it with the accessories you require – sumptuous rugs, lamps, coffee and side tables, credenzas, buffets and more. 

The Signature Selection is a collection of some of our most popular sofas, armchairs and occasional chairs with simply gorgeous accessories in interior design settings to assist you in your deliberations. 

Review the complete Sulfaro Collection here with each catalogued section presenting a full range of options in sofas, armchairs and occasional chairs. For a full range of accessories go to decore and design. Start your Sulfaro journey here: 

  • Decor and Design Accessories
    A complete range of accessories including coffee tables, credenzas, buffets, side cabinets, lamps and much more.

Dining Settings

Sulfaro also offer a stunning range of dining settings. Polished timber tables, from fully extendable units seating up to 16 people to compact units seating 4-6 people all with a range of different surfaces – timber, glass, ceramic, metallic and marble. All tables are matched with hand crafted, elegant dining chairs finished in either selected fabrics or leathers.

Now is the right time to be planning for that summer upgrade. Either start right now with a scheduled online meeting via Skype, Zoom, Facetime or similar or arrange a post-lockdown meeting at our showrooms. Simply call our showrooms on 03 9872 4608. 

Discounts Available

Currently we are offering marked (tagged) floor stock with up to 40% discount. If you make your decision when viewing our website or social media don’t delay – call us to check on current availability and pricing. At your meeting you are welcome to provide photographs, articles and images of the look you are aiming to achieve. Be sure to bring any floor plans or fabric samples you may have in your possession. Create the home, the flow and comfort you truly desire with Sulfaro – it really is the Sulfaro experience.

Sulfaro furniture is 100% Australian made ,utilising Australian made components and materials whenever and wherever possible. ‘Buying Australian Made’ you are supporting a valuable and unique Australian industry and its workers. 

Compare this to buying from one of the larger furniture franchises or warehouses. There you have the choice of two to three variations on colour, size and fabrics. It’s a ‘cookie cutter’ design, robotically manufactured off-shore by poorly paid workers. A purchase here sees your money remitted off-shore. 

Sulfaro is renowned for its truly luxurious and comfortable furniture. Hand-built and handcrafted in our modern studios and workshop in Mitcham, Melbourne; all Sulfaro furniture carries a lifetime guarantee on workmanship. As well, Sulfaro delivers Australia-wide, as is required. 

Start your Sulfaro experience now. Select your preferred lounge suite, sofa and chairs from the Sulfaro Collection and call now to order on 03 9872 4608. 

Sulfaro – It’s Simply The Very Best. 


Sulfaro showrooms are located at 650-652 Whitehorse Road, Mitcham, corner Cochrane Street, approximately one kilometer west of the Ringwood off ramps on Eastlink. There is ample off street parking available.


Hours – (Post Lockdown)

Monday to Saturday 10am to 5pm.

Sunday 11am to 4pm.

Fully air conditioned and heated, as required.

Luxury Quality and Comfort ‘Made by Hand’ from Sulfaro.

The moment you enter the Sulfaro showrooms you notice it. There is a very telling difference to other furniture showrooms – absolute quality. It’s a quality that only comes with genuine artisanship. Artistry and synergy, the result of the crafting of each piece individually by hand. Design that is timeless, beauty that is ageless. 

“Things made by hand are rare in this world” – Ralph Lauren

The Sulfaro story commenced nearly 60 years ago here in Australia. Nunzio Sulfaro, the family patriarch, had been classically trained in furniture making and upholstery in Europe. When he emigrated to Australia in the early 1960’s it was these unique and impeccable skills he brought with him. Today the tradition continues through his son Santo Sulfaro – himself a Master Craftsman. The knowledge and skills have been passed from generation to generation. It’s a quest for perfection, a passion to create something one of a kind, in every stitch, every detail, and a love to create.

The Sulfaro story is ever evolving. A family business, the Sulfaro Collection is continually refreshed with new designs, both traditional and contemporary classics, further contributing to our complete selection of lounge suites, sofas, armchairs, occasional chairs and our splendid catalogue of beautiful complementary accessories – Buffets, Credenzas, Cabinets, Sideboards, Coffee Tables, Objects d’Art. 

At Sulfaro it’s possible to complete your entire interior design for your living areas with unique vision, simplicity and care. To assist you further our Signature Selection features some of our most popular sofa designs and combines them with a stunning range of armchairs, occasional chairs, ottomans, lamps and sumptuous rugs to demonstrate what is possible in truly elegant interior design. 

To individually select from our full Sulfaro Collection ,visit our website and browse each section of our catalogue to find the sofa or armchair design you may desire as well as the accessories and decor items to complement them. 

 Contemporary / Modern
On trend, modern design, sleek, low, comfortable.

·  Traditional / European
Elegant Classic European, timeless beauty, stunning design.

·  Classic / Hamptons
Relaxed yet formal, stylish – comfort from the Hamptons.

·  Recliners / Motion Suites
Pure relaxation and comfort. Sit back, stretch out, pure enjoyment.

·  Decor and Design Accessories 

A complete range of accessories including coffee tables, credenzas, buffets, side cabinets, lamps and much more.

Once you’ve selected the design and style you desire you now have the opportunity to customise it to your exact specifications. Choose the fabric or leathers, decide upon your accessories of choice in the finished upholstery – buttoning, piping, studding, skirting, castors or timber feet, cushioning and timber finishing. Select the colours and patterns to create a truly unique piece that reflects your individual taste. Call and make an appointment to meet with Amelia Sulfaro and her Design Team at your convenience (post lock down) on 03 9872 4608. Or make a time for an online video conference on Zoom, Facetime or Skype. 

Sulfaro actually offer a free interior design service to all Sulfaro customers and clients. When you customise your new lounge suite, sofa or chairs you become our client. And, if you choose to avail yourself of our FREE design service you most definitely become our client. Either way you become part of our Sulfaro Family and will enjoy a lifetime of comfort, relaxation and beauty – it’s the Sulfaro experience. 

Again, for a full interior design service call us on 03 9872 4608 and schedule an appointment at your convenience with Amelia and her Design Team (post lockdown). Be sure to bring any photographs, floor plans, interior design concepts you may prefer, a description of your current floor covering and paint schemes with any samples of fabrics desired (if you have them). You can email us at sulfaro@sulfaro.com if you prefer to make an appointment. And again during these times we can video conference with you with Zoom, Facetime or Skype. 

All Sulfaro furniture is 100% Australian made utilising Australian made materials wherever possible – framing, cushioning, fabrics and fine leathers. The Sulfaro studios and workshop are located directly behind our showrooms in Mitcham (directions below). As one of Australia’s few remaining furniture manufacturers that utilise traditional hand building and hand crafting techniques we offer full delivery service Australia-wide. We also offer a lifetime guarantee on all workmanship.

When you take a seat on our sofas or armchairs you really experience the luxury, the comfort and design excellence of Sulfaro. (When we re-open take advantage of post-lock down discounts of up to 40%on marked Floor stock items.) Best of all you can be comfortable in the knowledge you are supporting Australian Industry and local businesses with your money staying here and not being remitted off-shore.

For now relax and take it easy. Be sure to browse our website and select the beautifully hand crafted lounge suite, sofa or chairs of your choice. Be ready for spring and, if you wish, place your orders for Christmas before August 15th to ensure timely delivery. 

We look forward to you visiting us post-lock down. Stay safe, secure and healthy. Stay home with family and enjoy the warmth and comfort during these challenging times. 

Sulfaro – Simply the Very Best!


Sulfaro showrooms are located at 650-652 Whitehorse Road, Mitcham, corner Cochrane Street, approximately one kilometre west of the Ringwood offramps on Eastlink. There is ample off street parking available.




Closed during Lockdown until notified otherwise – Normal hours upon resumption are as follows:

Monday to Saturday 10am to 5pm.

Sunday 11am to 4pm.

Fully air conditioned and heated, as required.

Now is the Time to Buy Australian Made. Hand-crafted Exclusive Designs from Sulfaro. Luxury Comfort and Superior Quality.

When you select your new lounge suite from Sulfaro you can be confident that you are purchasing exclusively designed, 100% Australian made furniture, utilising the very best in Australian materials whenever possible, crafted by industry trained and experienced Artisans under the direction of a Master Craftsman – the result? Premium quality and real comfort with total luxury from Sulfaro. 

Exclusive Design by Sulfaro

Visit our magnificent showrooms (located at 650-652 at Whitehorse Road, Mitcham *details below) to experience the very best in exclusively designed sofas, lounge suites, armchairs and occasional chairs featured in an extensive array of styles and design inspirations. Add to this a superb range of accessories such as ottomans, credenzas, buffets, side tables, coffee tables and much more. For nearly 60 years the Sulfaro team have produced exquisitely designed furniture in both traditional European elegance and with modern presentation. A full range of dining settings with fully expandable, polished timber tables paired with matching chairs in handcrafted sturdy timbers, finished in selected fabrics and fine leathers is available. Choose from timber, glass, ceramic, metal and marble table-tops, as well as compact units for breakfast rooms and sunrooms to seat 4-6 people. Again exclusively Australian made, of the finest quality.


When you purchase from Sulfaro you know that the furniture you select has been crafted onsite in our modern studios and workshop by our gifted team of professionals and artisans – designers, frame builders, upholsterers and seamstresses. Each piece is prepared and created under the guidance and direction of Master Craftsman, Santo Sulfaro. All workmanship on each piece of furniture – sofas, armchairs, full lounge suites and dining settings – is guaranteed for a lifetime. 

Each year Sulfaro produces new designs, including traditional and contemporary European style sofas, armchairs and lounge suites. Colour trends as well as interior design directions are drawn from sources such as the Salon del Mobile in Milan, the IMM Cologne International Furniture and Interiors Fair, Interior Design Exhibition in London and many other major expos offering new direction and creative drive. 


Sulfaro customers and clients have the opportunity to custom design their new sofas and lounge suites utilising the finest in Australian and international fabrics and premium leathers, accessories and finishing. Simply schedule a meeting with our Sulfaro Design Team (lead by Amelia Sulfaro, our Retail Manager) to sit, discuss and select the fabrics and leathers of your choice from our fabulous collection of materials gathered from Australia’s and the World’s leading fabric houses and leather suppliers. Choose the accessories you prefer for your selected design; buttoning, studding, piping, skirting, fringing and cushioning, timber finishing – it’s all down to your selection, your vision with the Sulfaro team there to guide you through the process. Call 03 9872 4608 and select a time suitable for your requirements or contact us here.

The Sulfaro Website

The first step – visit our website and browse our superb Sulfaro Collection to discover the sofa and armchair style you may prefer. The Sulfaro Signature Series presents some of our more popular sofas with armchairs, occasional chairs and accessories in stylish interior design – with sumptuous rugs, side tables, coffee tables, lamps, ornaments, buffets and credenzas. 

Extensive Catalogue 

For a more expansive vision of our full catalogue please view each of our selected categories below (you can download a full information sheet on the individual design you may prefer) –

 Contemporary / Modern
On trend, modern design, sleek, low comfortable.

·  Traditional / European
Elegant Classic European, timeless beauty, stunning design.

·  Classic / Hamptons
Relaxed yet formal, stylish – comfort from the Hamptons.

·  Recliners / Motion Suites
Pure relaxation and comfort. Sit back, stretch out, pure enjoyment.

·  Decor and Design Accessories A complete range of accessories including coffee tables, credenzas, buffets, side cabinets, lamps and much more.

Our aim for all of our customers and clients is to enjoy a fabulous collection of truly unique and beautiful furniture from which you may select the interior design you envisage, the look and feel that provides you with a lifetime of delight and comfort. 

Interior Design Service

As a Sulfaro customer we offer you an entirely free interior design service to assist you in making your selection. Again, book a consultation with our Design Team by calling 03 9872 4608 and scheduling a time to meet that suits your requirements. Be sure to bring any floor plans, design concepts, photographs, colour schemes, flooring descriptions and fabric or leather samples (if you have them). 

Australia Wide Delivery 

Sulfaro are a leading supplier of hand-built handcrafted furniture Australia wide. Each piece of furniture is unique and custom built to your requirements. As such, Sulfaro can facilitate and currently arranges delivery Australia wide for your convenience. Don’t delay, make sure you schedule a visit to our expansive showrooms (spread over two huge stores) as soon as possible. Contact us here. Right now on selected floor stock you can enjoy discounts of up to 40% as we make way for new creations and designs for Spring. 

Sulfaro – the Sulfaro experience – true comfort, genuine luxury, superb styling – with just a touch of Italian finesse. Simply beautiful.

Select Sulfaro – It’s Simply The Very Best. 

Sulfaro – Elegant Handcrafted Design. Furniture For All Seasons.

The turning of the seasons – from summer to autumn, then winter. The rich, vibrant colours of autumn, the chill of winter contrasted with the warmth of your living areas, soft fabrics and leathers on the sofas inviting us to share comfort with family and friends.  

From Sulfaro featuring sofas and accessories from the Signature Series we start with –

The New Tribeca

A contemporary three seater sofa, European design, handcrafted and hand-built with comfort, clean lines.

Featured fabric is Zepel European Chenille in Hug Ink (colour).

The Charlotte Chair and matching Ottoman – classic lines, selected European fabric exclusive to Sulfaro – Dolittle Crimson.

The Euro

Again a contemporary design three seater, European styling, hand crafted, hand-built, strong, elemental lines.

Selected fabric is Zepel – Enforcer Putty.

The Matching Chair – custom design from Sulfaro in Warwick fabric Chenille Animal. 

The Camelot Fringe

Elegant, European design – traditional. A simply stunning sofa, 3.5 seater, hand crafted and hand-built.

Available with matching Armchairs and Ottoman. 

Scatter back style with Bullion Fringe in Damasco Medallion Nero fabric co-ordinated with scatter cushions in Stripe Lurex Nero fabric. 

The featured Diamond Buttoned Ottoman with Bullion Fringe and also featuring Damasco Medallion Nero fabric. 

The Louis XVI Occasional Chair in splendid 24 carat gilding is upholstered in Zepel Velvet Croco Print Nero.

The London Fullback

A superb classic, this traditional three seater sofa is available with matching Armchairs (as depicted).

Stylish, understated, upholstered in Warwick Fabric’s Liam Porcelain.

The London Armchair is upholstered in another Warwick Fabric variation – Surrey Ebony. 

To further explore the stunning Sulfaro Signature Series please visit our website and browse the complete series here. (You can download a cover sheet on each item if you so desire). 

To view our full catalogue please visit our Sulfaro Collection here.

You can choose any fabric or leather in our collection. Gathered and selected from the leading fabric houses and leather suppliers of Australia and Europe by our Design Team, to upholster and cover any of the lounge suites, armchairs, occasional chairs, dining chairs or sofas you select from the Sulfaro Collection.

Ultimately it is the living combination that weaves tradition, technology and vision into one. A creative process that seeks beauty, perfection and precise artistry. It’s the feeling you experience when you cast your eye over a Sulfaro creation. The comfort and tactile pleasure of simply taking a seat on your elegant and individually designed Sulfaro sofa. 

It’s from Sulfaro.

Simply the Best.


Sulfaro showrooms are located at 650-652 Whitehorse Road, Mitcham, corner Cochrane Street, approximately one kilometre west of the Ringwood offramps on Eastlink. 



Monday to Saturday 10am to 5pm.

Sunday 11am to 4pm.

All Sulfaro furniture is manufactured at our modern studios and workshop in Mitcham, located behind our extensive showrooms. Each piece of furniture is handcrafted by trained artisans under the guidance of Master Craftsman Santo Sulfaro using traditional techniques handed down through generations. 

Sulfaro furniture is 100% Australian made utilising premium quality Australian materials wherever possible. 

Elegant Design – Bespoke Creations From Sulfaro

When selecting furniture often the desire is to find that unique sofa or lounge suite, an elegant piece that in its own way expresses and radiates its beauty through the room when placed. An exclusive selection with fabrics or leathers that completely complement both its design and your existing décor, a fabulous piece of bespoke furniture – a feature in itself. 

At Sulfaro the complete catalogue, the whole exciting collection, has been designed, crafted and finished with such a vision in mind. Hand built, hand crafted each complete lounge suite, each sofa, each armchair present as unique, bespoke units of refined furniture. 

This is no coincidence. Sulfaro are Australia’s leading supplier of genuine hand built, upholstered furniture with a solid history dating back to the 1960’s in the production of its original designs in both traditional and contemporary styles. Based in Mitcham in Melbourne’s east all Sulfaro’s furniture is 100% Australian made. The Sulfaro family have been creating beautifully crafted furniture now for generations, using the time-honoured methodologies and upholstery techniques handed down from father to son. The same  techniques and processes that have been utilised in Europe for centuries, yet with all the advantages of a modern workshop, trained and skilled artisans and the vision and stewardship of Master Craftsman, Santo Sulfaro. 

What this means to you as our customers and clients is that you will definitely achieve the Sulfaro experience of complete comfort, superb quality and total luxury. 

Autumn Sale – Up to 40% Discount

It’s time to schedule a visit to Sulfaro showrooms to experience for yourself the ultimate in comfort, luxury and design. Located at 650-652 Whitehorse Road, Mitcham (directions below under Location), our showrooms consist of two huge stores with an amazing selection of floor stock available right now. With traditional classic and contemporary selections all currently available at up to 40% discount it’s the right time to visit and make your selection for a lifetime of comfort and delight. 


To assist you we suggest you visit our website and view our Sulfaro Collection.

The Signature Series feature some of our most popular designs, complete with armchairs, occasional chairs, ottomans, coffee and side tables, credenzas, exquisite feature lamps and sumptuous rugs. It’s exciting and innovative design with Sulfaro. You can browse each of our categories below to view individual styles and designs. 

·  Contemporary / Modern
On trend, modern design, sleek, low comfortable.

·  Traditional / European
Elegant Classic European, timeless beauty, stunning design.

·  Classic / Hamptons
Relaxed yet formal, stylish – comfort from the Hamptons.

·  Recliners / Motion Suites
Pure relaxation and comfort. Sit back, stretch out, pure enjoyment.

·  Decor and Design Accessories A complete range of accessories including coffee tables, credenzas, buffets, side cabinets, lamps and much more.

Sulfaro also offer a magnificent selection of dining settings. Polished timber tables with matching dining chairs finished in fine fabrics or selected leathers. A range of different surfaces can be selected, including glass, marble, ceramic, metallic or various polished timber finishes.

Interior Design With Sulfaro 

With such beautiful furniture available at Sulfaro we offer you the opportunity to avail yourself of our complimentary interior design service. For Sulfaro customers and clients we will assist you to create the interior vista, the flow and connections that will truly enliven your living areas. It’s a hassle-free process – simply call us on 03 9872 4608 and schedule a consultation with Amelia Sulfaro, our Retail Manager and Design Team Leader. Feel confident to bring any photographs, floor plans, colour schemes or even fabric samples you may have and wish to utilise in your design. 

Customisation of Sulfaro Furniture

Customers and clients also have the opportunity of designing their own ultimate lounge suite, sofa or individual chairs. The Sulfaro Design Team have a magnificent and expansive selection of fabrics and fine leathers from the world’s leading suppliers for your viewing consideration. Your Sulfaro Consultant will guide you through choosing accessories for your upholstered chairs; buttoning, piping, skirting, cushioning, studding and more; colours and materials of your choice. The customisation process may take a little longer to produce but in the end it’s a unique and tasteful result that reflects you and your personality, your creativity and your vision. 

All Sulfaro furniture is exclusively manufactured by the Sulfaro team of tradespeople and artisans at our Mitcham studios and workshop, located directly behind our showrooms. Proudly Australian made, at Sulfaro we utilise Australian components wherever possible, supporting local Australian industry and Australian workers.

Unlike many major furniture retailers our product is genuinely Australian made. Often overseas manufacturers simply ship modular components to Australia for assembly to claim Australian made status. The reality is the products are effectively manufactured (often robotically) offshore and most of the purchase price is also remitted to foreign manufacturers. 


So now is the opportunity to buy Australian and purchase your new lounge suite or dining setting from Sulfaro. We are located at 650-652 Whitehorse Road, Mitcham, corner Cochrane Street, approximately 1 kilometre west of the Eastlink Ringwood offramp. 


Opening Hours

Sulfaro is open for business 7 days a week.

Monday to Saturday 10am to 5pm

Sunday 11am to 4pm

We look forward to you visiting us at Sulfaro and “taking a seat”. Experience the comfort, the quality and superb Sulfaro design for yourself. 

Sulfaro – Australia’s leading hand built, hand crafted, bespoke design furniture. 

It’s Simply The Best.