Celebrate with Sulfaro this Christmas and New Year. Spring Sale Ends Nov 30th. Superbly Crafted Dining Settings and Lounge Suites.

Summer is now upon us. It’s a great time for entertaining, for family and celebrations. It’s that time to prepare for the festive season and the holidays. And it may well be time to consider a new dining setting or lounge suite to accommodate your family and guests. It’s time to visit Sulfaro.

Sulfaro offer a magnificent range of Dining Tables and matching chairs. Beautifully handcrafted timber tables in polished hardwoods. Extendable tables with hand-built artisan designed dining chairs. Fabric. leather or timber. Tabletops in traditional timber, glass, ceramics, marble or even dressed metal finishes. This Christmas and New Year ensure superb comfort and complete luxury for you, your family and guests with a unique beautifully designed and executed dining suite from Sulfaro.


With the family having grown up and the children now young adults, this could really be the time to purchase that new lounge suite, the one you have been coveting for many years. Reward yourself with a stunning sofa, armchairs and ottoman from Sulfaro (a Christmas gift to yourself if you like!)

Select from our extensive Collection of both Traditional and Contemporary Sofa designs.


View our most popular selections here. Our Signature series is presented for your pleasure by well-known Interior Designer Amanda Richmond (the former President of the Design Institute of Australia)

Whether you live in a modern multi-level home in a leafy suburb, a restored Victorian Terrace house or a luxury inner city apartment, the Sulfaro Collection offers superb options ensuring your ultimate satisfaction. Sulfaro offers true European elegance and more than a touch of Italian design finesse. Contemporary Modern, Traditional European and Classic Hamptons. Take the time to browse through our website and select your own preferred design and style.


The Sulfaro Collection offers handcrafted artisan-built furniture, the result of 50 years of furniture design and upholstery excellence. Patriarch Nunzio Sulfaro established the business in the early 1960s, based on traditional European methodologies and premium materials. Today he and his son Santo continue this tradition utilising the very best in framing, cushioning and accessories with fabrics and leathers selected from the world’s leading suppliers.


At Sulfaro all furniture displayed is made exclusively here in Australia, at our Mitcham Studio and Workshop. There are distinct advantages in purchasing locally built and artisan crafted furniture from Sulfaro. With a lifetime guarantee, customers are assured peace of mind. As well, it is not uncommon for Sulfaro customers to return in ten years’ time to re-cover or refresh their lounge suites with current fashion fabrics.

The Sulfaro team in fact offer a full refurbishment and restoration service on all upholstered furniture. Whether it’s a family heirloom from the 1930s, a valuable French provincial antique or a favourite armchair, Santo Sulfaro and his team will give an honest appraisal and where possible restore your treasured furniture piece to its original glory.


The Sulfaro experience gives you the customer the opportunity to select the colour. the fabric or leather, the timber finish, castors, piping, skirting and much more. Book a consultation with our design team. Call 03 9872 4608 and make a time that suits you to meet with Amelia Sulfaro, our Design and Sales Manager, and her staff.

Feel free to bring your floor plans, Interior Design concepts, fabric or leather samples to match and any photographs you may have. This is your opportunity to create the lounge suite you’ve always desired – it’s the art of the possible.

Sulfaro Furniture does not offer cheap imported production line furniture from China, India, Indonesia or other third world manufacturers. Our furniture is lovingly crafted right here in Melbourne to last you a lifetime. This is the Sulfaro guarantee. Luxury, comfort and exquisite design. Always.

Sulfaro Furniture Showrooms are located at 650-652 Whitehorse Rd Mitcham (Cnr of Cochrane St) approximately 1km west of the EastLink Ringwood exit ramps.


Our opening hours are as follows

  • Mon – Sat – 10am – 5pm
  • Sunday – 11am – 4pm

Yes, we are open 7 days.

So this Christmas, let the family sit down to dinner at your new Sulfaro Dining setting. Enjoy the comfort and quality of our handcrafted, hand-built dining chairs. Luxury, premium quality and superb design. It’s the Sulfaro experience.

Sulfaro – it’s simply the best.

Don’t Miss Out – The Sulfaro Spring Sale Ends Soon!

With Summer just around the corner, there are only a few days to go until our Spring Sale ends. So don’t miss out – there are still floor stock items available carrying discounts of up to 40%! It’s simply extraordinary value for handcrafted luxury upholstered furniture. European elegance, Italian styling – made right here in Melbourne with a lifetime guarantee. Yes, you can afford the very best – at Sulfaro.


The Sulfaro story is one of dedication, craftsmanship and vision. Family patriarch Nunzio Sulfaro commenced creating stylish upholstered furniture over 50 years ago. It is now a family tradition first engendered by Nunzio and his wife Francesca way back then in the ‘swinging sixties’.

Traditionally trained in classical furniture building and upholstery, Nunzio has ensured that these techniques, skills and methodologies have been passed down to the next generation through his son Santo Sulfaro and the entire Sulfaro team.

The Sulfaro Collection is wholly and solely manufactured here in Melbourne at our Mitcham Studios and workshop.Genuine Italian design, European elegance and attention to detail on every piece created.

The Sulfaro Collection features a wide range of options from Traditional, Classical European to more Contemporary and Modern styles and designs. As well Sulfaro also present their Classic/Hamptons range, incorporating both classic designs and ‘Hamptons’ inspired designs from the US east coast.

The Sulfaro Signature range features our most popular sofas, armchairs, occasional chairs, as well a delightful selection of accessories such as lamps, side tables, coffee tables, credenzas, mirrors and much more.

This really is the right time to visit our showrooms located at 650-652 Whitehorse Rd Mitcham (directions below). Fully air conditioned for your comfort, schedule a visit to actually experience the genuine comfort, luxury and feel of a Sulfaro lounge suite. From very large expansive corner suites to simple two seater sofas – Sulfaro will fulfil your expectations and more.

Sulfaro also offer a full range of Recliner Sofas and Armchairs – in fabrics and leathers. Sofa beds? Of course. Some of these items are included in those offered at substantial discounts.

Finally, we must mention our extensive range of dining suites. Beautiful rich timbers, extendable or simply delightfully compact. With hand built dining chairs to match, the Sulfaro Dining Settings selection is second to none. From solid and traditional timber finishes, to glass tops, ceramics and metallic with fabric.

All of the items discounted as floor stock can be delivered prior to Christmas. In fact make your selection this weekend and you’ll be taking a seat in your new lounge suite or at your new dining table within days.

Should you desire, we offer a full design service. Choose the fabrics or leathers you desire – we offer both traditional and current fashion fabrics. Select from the world’s leading leather and fabric houses. Piping, skirting, cushioning, timber finishes, castors – customise the lounge suite to suit your living areas. Call now on 03 9872 4608 and ask for Amelia Sulfaro to book a consultation. You’re welcome to bring your Interior Design and floor plans, colour samples and photographs.

The Sulfaro experience, it’s the art of the possible. Never settle for a cheap mass produced copy from China or Asia. Sulfaro does not carry any imported furniture from these regions – all Sulfaro Furniture is hand built and crafted right here in Melbourne at our Mitcham Workshop and studios. Select the very best – luxury, comfort and exquisite design.

Sulfaro are located at 650-652 Whitehorse Rd Mitcham (corner of Cochrane St) approximately 1km west of the Eastlink Ringwood exits.

The Sulfaro Showroom are open 7 days per week for the following hours

  • Mon-Sat – 10am-5pm
  • Sunday – 11am-4pm

Drive out and take advantage of our ample off-street parking.

Select from Sulfaro and you have made the right decision.

Sulfaro Furniture – it’s simply the best.

The Sulfaro Spring Sale – Now is the right time to pre-purchase for Christmas

The Sulfaro Spring Sale is scheduled for completion at the end of November which means there is still plenty of time to schedule a visit and make your selection from the many exciting items currently marked for discounts of up to 40% – A superb selection of Lounge Suites, Sofas, Armchairs. Traditional and Contemporary. All high quality hand made and handcrafted furniture. Luxury, Quality and Comfort – Sulfaro, it’s simply the best.


All Sulfaro Furniture is manufactured right here at our Mitcham Studio Workshop using the latest in modern equipment and the finest materials – framing, fabrics and accessories – available (We do not import from China or third world nations). The actual furniture building and upholstery is supervised by master craftsmen Nunzio Sulfaro and his son Santo Sulfaro. From framing to hand stitching of feature buttoning and piping, this is true craftsmanship and artistry.

As a Sulfaro customer you may select the colours, fabrics, leathers and accessories you desire from our extensive range sourced from the world’s leading fabric houses and leather suppliers.


Thinking of a gift for a loved one at Christmas? Sulfaro offer a vibrant range of high quality ornaments, statues, lamps, credenzas, coffee and side tables. Take a look here and browse our website. Again selected marked items are currently discounted substantially to assist you. But you will need to visit our showrooms to truly appreciate these items.

The Sulfaro Collection is an excellent starting point for you to embark upon your Sulfaro experience. Take the time to browse our full collection and select the lounge suite, sofa, armchairs or occasional chair of your choice. Perhaps choose several styles and then investigate further what is possible and whether it will work for you within your living areas.


How? Call our Design team on 03 9872 4608 and make contact with Amelia Sulfaro, our Store Manager and design team leader. Make a time to discuss your requirements. Then bring your floor plans, photographs, colour swatch selections or even fabric samples to find a match and create the ultimate lounge suite you’ve always dreamed of. Select from a huge range of fabrics and leathers, piping, skirting, cushioning and timber finishes. Bring measurements to ensure you are satisfied your new sofa and armchairs will fit perfectly into your living room, sun room or apartment style setting.

Sulfaro offer the art of the possible. Right now, this includes pre-Christmas delivery at your convenience. But don’t delay as time is definitely limited.

The Sulfaro Showroom offers a wide range of options, from very large corner units such as the Prada and the Alexis, right down to comfortable and compact 2 seater options. Sofa beds are optional on most models.

Add to this a magnificent selection of Recliner Sofas and Chairs, and there really is a wonderful selection from which to choose from. Handcrafted, hand built, with a lifetime guarantee. Take a seat, sit back and simply relax in the comfort, the luxury, the pure beauty of elegant European design – with a touch of Italian inspiration. It’s a Sulfaro. It just simply is the very best.

Sulfaro Furniture’s showrooms are located at 650-652 Whitehorse Rd Mitcham, corner of Cochrane St and approximately 1km west of the Ringwood Eastlink exits.

The showrooms are open 7 days per week. Opening hours are as follows…

  • Mon – Sat – 10am – 5pm
  • Sunday – 11am – 4pm

Don’t delay, now is the time to select your new Sulfaro lounge suite or dining setting. You’re welcome to bring your family. Select from the floor stock and you could be enjoying that Sulfaro experience within the week.

Please remember, for Christmas custom orders, it’s vitally important you finalise your order now to ensure pre-Christmas delivery.

The Sulfaro Collection is a superb collection of unique, exquisitely crafted furniture designed, built and completed right here in Melbourne by our masterful Sulfaro team. Congratulations in selecting from Sulfaro – it’s simply the best.

Sulfaro – It’s an experience

The Sulfaro Spring Sale – Prepare for the Holiday Season – Update and Renew

With the Spring Racing Carnival drawing to a close, our thoughts turn to Christmas and preparing for the festive season. Perhaps this year it’s your turn to host the family get together for Christmas lunch. Or maybe it’s a New Year’s Eve gathering. Right now is a great time to make sure your living and dining areas are functional, attractive and in good shape. Update with Sulfaro – Select a new sofa, lounge suite or dining suite from our stunning Sulfaro Collections and enjoy fabulous prices on nominated floor stock with some items discounted up to 40%.


It’s a great opportunity to select a new dining setting from Sulfaro that really meets your needs. It could be that with regular entertaining, you require an extendable dining table to suit your living area and guest numbers. Alternatively, it may be that you’re considering downsizing as you’ve moved to a new apartment or townhouse. The need is for a smaller unit but again with a capacity to expand. At Sulfaro we offer a range of great possibilities in beautiful polished timber finishes, with glass, ceramic, marble and metallic finishes as well. The Sulfaro team will create dining chairs to match your selection, or alternatively we offer a wide range of floor stock to match.

Make a selection from our exquisite Sulfaro Collection of fine handcrafted upholstered furniture. Designed and hand built here in Melbourne at our well-equipped, modern Studio and workshop, all Sulfaro lounge suites, sofas, armchairs, occasional chairs and accessories are created under the watchful eyes of master craftsmen Nunzio Sulfaro, the family patriarch and founder of the business, and his son Santo Sulfaro, the current manager. Don’t be confused, the Sulfaro Collection is a unique selection of traditional, contemporary and modern furniture hand-made right here in Australia as it has been now for nearly 60 years. However, at Sulfaro we do not stock cheap imported copies from China, India or from other third world manufacturers.

The Sulfaro Signature range, our flagship selection, includes our most popular sofas with matching armchairs available with most designs. Our showrooms at 650-652 Whitehorse Rd Mitcham (directions below) display a wide range of options in sofas, lounge suites and dining settings, along with many beautiful accessories. Superb credenzas, side tables, coffee tables and lamps – a simply fantastic selection to complete your living spaces – elegant, sophisticated, refined – the Sulfaro Experience.

Right now is your opportunity to purchase directly from our floor stock to ensure a Christmas delivery – and a nice discount whilst our Spring Sale continues.


For many the chance to choose the colour, the fabric or leather, the timber finish and accessories such as piping, skirting, castors and cushioning is most attractive. At Sulfaro you can make these selections and custom design the furniture you desire. Select the sofa or lounge suite of your choice from our Sulfaro Collection. Browse our website and view the range of designs available in the Sulfaro Collection here.


Then make a time to meet with our design team to view the range of fabrics, leathers and accessories available. Call 03 9872 4608 and ask for Amelia Sulfaro to assist you. With thousands of fabrics and leathers available in a full range of colours, patterns and textures you can select from the world’s leading suppliers and ensure your new lounge suite is as individual as you are. (Please check whether ‘custom’ delivery is available pre-Christmas as this option will be unavailable shortly.)

To make a truly informed decision, the best option is for you and your family to literally take the time and schedule a visit to our showrooms and ‘take a seat’.


Nothing will confirm your contentment so surely as sitting back and sinking into the luxury and comfort that is a Sulfaro sofa, armchair or occasional chair. Again it really is the Sulfaro experience. Pure comfort, exquisite design with elegant European style and a touch of pure Italian magic.

Sulfaro Furniture are open 7 days per week. Our hours are as follows.

  • Mon-Fri 10am-5pm
  • Sunday 11am-4pm

We are located at 650-652 Whitehorse Rd Mitcham (Corner of Cochrane St) approximately 1 kilometre west of the Ringwood offramps on Eastlink.

Why settle for less? Select the very best in handcrafted, artisan created upholstered furniture. Stunning designs, superb comfort, pure luxury.

It’s a Sulfaro

It’s simply the best