Sulfaro – Choose Craftsmanship, Quality and Comfort.


Camelot Fringe, 3.5 seat Scatterback Sofa

When purchasing furniture, it really is rewarding to select the very best available. A new sofa, armchairs, an ottoman – your choice is often determined on appearance and style, both important and well worth spending time on selecting the setting you really like – you’ll be looking at it, sitting upon it and enjoying it for at least a decade. But the most important consideration is craftsmanship. And you can for a reasonable and similar price, select furniture that is handcrafted, sturdily constructed and supremely comfortable – at Sulfaro.

Sulfaro Furniture is simply of a higher quality than most of its competition. And there is good reason for this. All furniture at Sulfaro is manufactured using tried and true traditional craftsmanship handed down for generations. It is well recognised that much of the world’s most beautiful furniture comes from Italy. At Sulfaro we employ the very same traditions in lovingly crafting a wide range of both contemporary and traditional upholstered furniture for your comfort and enjoyment.


Euro Sofa, 3.5 seat

There is a not so subtle difference in choosing a Sulfaro sofa over a mass produced assembly line sofa from one of the major retailers. At Sulfaro each piece of furniture is hand built by genuine experienced Tradesmen and Artisans. Each piece is an individual creation loving crafted until completion, rigorously tested and quality controlled.

Sulfaro offer customers a very broad range of styles and settings. You can review our Collections here. As well at Sulfaro you can choose the fabric. leather or material you desire from the broad selection available. Our complete range includes fabrics, leathers and materials from major Fabric and leather supply houses, world wide. Select timber finishing, studding and piping. Choose castors, skirting or feet. Your lounge suite can be as individual as you are.


Ringwood Sofa, 2.5 seat

It’s time to make the right decision. Choose Sulfaro. There is just so much more on offer. Quality furniture, comfortable and stylish – built to last. Add to this a wonderful range of accessories – lamps, coffee tables, statues, credenzas – all you will need to design the perfect living space for you and your family.

For many people, an interior designer is perhaps beyond their reach. The good news is at Sulfaro, we can assist you with all your design queries. Our experienced Design and Sales team can review your floor plan and offer solid practical advice.

So, the choice is yours – made in Melbourne. Buy a mass produced import from a third world nation at a large retailer, or choose craftsmanship, quality and comfort at Sulfaro. Real European style and artisanship.

The Sulfaro showrooms at 650-652 Whitehorse Road Mitcham are open 7 days per week, 10am to 5pm Monday to Saturday and 11am to 4pm on Sunday. Leave Eastlink at Ringwood. We are 1km from the exit, left hand side of the road, corner of Cochranes St.

Call ahead on 9872 4608 and book in a consultation with our Design and Sales team.

Sulfaro – Hand built crafted quality furniture. European style, comfort and luxury.

Sulfaro – Choose Genuine European Craftsmanship – Luxury, Quality and Comfort. Bespoke Design.

When it’s time to purchase a new lounge suite, the choices seem endless. Large branded national homewares stores offer a limited range of imported upholstered Sofas, Armchairs and Accessories. What you see is what you get. Floor stock generally represents your total choice. But what if you could ‘design’ your lounge suite from the ground up?



Legs, feet, skirting, cushions, arm supports, backing, not to mention framing, springs and accessories such as piping, fringeing and castors. Plus a world of choice on fabrics, leathers and materials?

When you choose Sulfaro to handcraft your new Sofa, Armchairs, Ottomans or Dining Chairs, that’s exactly what is available – every time.

Why choose a mass produced, factory item imported from a third world destination when you can choose and afford to have a custom designed, luxurious lounge suite hand crafted to your specifications right here in Melbourne.

At Sulfaro we take your concept, whether it’s a truly bespoke design or the manifesting of something you’ve seen elsewhere, and we then faithfully craft a piece of furniture that completely fulfils your vision. For many people this can mean first reviewing our Sulfaro Collection, selecting a style that appeals, then deciding on fabrics, leather, and finishing – the result? A genuine one-off original piece of hand crafted furniture that reflects both your taste and design preferences.


In our slide show this week we feature a sofa recently developed for a Sulfaro client. The original design was of a one-off architecturally designed sofa that the client appreciated certain elements of – but also wanted to add some further modifications of her own. At Sulfaro we then commenced a design process utilising our Lawrence Sofa from the Signature Collection as the base model for this new sofa. After conferring with Sulfaro’s design team, the decision was made to select a beautiful supple Aniline leather fixed with individually hand applied studs. This is a superb choice of leather, soft and supple to the touch yet durable and hardwearing. As can be seen, the finished result is visually stunning resulting in a simply gorgeous feature sofa.

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Sulfaro bring timeless European know-how and craftsmanship to its business through generations of know-how and time honoured craftsmanship handed down from father to son. As can be seen Sulfaro is a traditional family business with Santo Sulfaro, the factory owner and business manager pictured here with his mother Francesca Sulfaro. The Sulfaro family continue to maintain an uncompromising hands on approach on all aspects of their well known furniture and upholstery business.


Quality is never compromised and the result is the luxury and comfort of todays Sulfaro Collection of fine upholstered furniture, dining settings and beautiful accessories.

All Sulfaro upholstered furniture is hand built and hand crafted using traditional methods. Featured items such as Dining Tables, Mirrors, Lamps and Credenzas are selected for presentation utilising the same time honoured criteria.


To really appreciate the quality and comfort of a genuine Sulfaro lounge suite you must take the time to come out and visit our showrooms located at 650-652 Whitehorse Rd Mitcham (Cnr of Cochranes St) approximately half a kilometre from the EastLink Freeway off ramps at Ringwood.

We are open 7 days per week and we welcome you to call ahead on 9872 4608 and book a time to meet with our Design and Sales team to ensure you can communicate both your ideas and requirements, prior to purchasing your new furniture. At Sulfaro be assured, you are selecting the highest quality, most comfortable furniture available in Melbourne, made right here on our premises.

The Sulfaro experience – Genuine European Craftsmanship, design and styling.

Choose Sulfaro – Luxury, quality and comfort – you deserve it!

A new lounge suite? Why not choose the very best Hand Crafted from Sulfaro – you deserve it!

Sulfaro Furniture – the finest upholstered furniture available in Melbourne. Hand crafted superb European styling from the finest selected materials. Why settle for cheap imports, poor quality and poorly finished furniture when you can choose from a range of Australian made furniture made right here in Melbourne – Sulfaro Furniture – it’s simply the best. Priced right now to assist you with discounts of up to 40% on selected items.


Not all furniture is the same. All Sulfaro framing is hand built using superb kiln-dried Australian timbers and structural plywood. At Sulfaro, building furniture is an art form, with all works carried out by qualified tradesmen and artisans. Using traditional techniques handed down through generations, Santo Sulfaro, the business owner and Factory Manager supervises all furniture production and manufacture to ensure the same priceless European methodologies are faithfully followed with every genuine piece of Sulfaro Furniture.


You can choose your design from the Sulfaro selection. Modify it to suit your needs – measurements, feet or castors, and a brilliant range of fabrics. At Sulfaro you may choose a fabric or leather from our huge collection selected from the world’s leading fabric and leather houses. There is no need to compromise. Sit down with our Design team and ensure that the piece of furniture you desire – Sofa, Armchairs, Ottomans or Occasional Chairs – is completely to your satisfaction. For most people a lounge suite, a sofa is a long term investment. this is a great opportunity to design and order exactly what it is you desire. You will be thrilled with the results.


The Sulfaro Collection offers both Traditional/European selections as well as Contemporary/Modern choices. For a more relaxed informal look we also offer our Classic/Hamptons Collection. The key factor with all our furniture whether it is traditional or contemporary is comfort. All Sulfaro furniture features the highest grade foams from the Dunlop company in 6 different gradings. Frames are back blocked for sturdiness and hand tied springing is utilised on many of our sofas and armchairs. Studding, piping or braid and brush. Skirting, scatter cushions or high backs. The choice is yours. Take the time to design the sofa setting you have always dreamed of.

Of course you can attend our showrooms at 650-652 Whitehorse Rd (Corner of Cochranes St) Mitcham, 1km west of the EastLink Freeway off ramps, and make your selection from our floor stock as well. All made with the same precision and care as with custom designed stock but right now enjoy up to 40% discount on many selected items.

Choosing Sulfaro means choosing probably the best handcrafted furniture available to the public in Melbourne today. All Sulfaro Upholstered furniture is guaranteed and you are assured of furniture that is not only stylish, looks good, but is also made with the highest quality materials and genuine Craftsmanship. Don’t settle for second best.

Choose Sulfaro. It’s simply the best.

The Flemington Members Grandstand – Excellence in Architecture and Interior Design

In Melbourne, the Spring Racing Carnival for most people means Flemington and the Melbourne Cup Carnival. This year the Victoria Racing Club, the organisation responsible for conducting the Melbourne Cup Carnival (Derby Day, Melbourne Cup, Oaks Day and Stakes Day), have opened the new Grandstand for VRC Members. For most people there is little opportunity for a viewing, so here for your interest is a sneak peak.

This is the new home of Victorian Thoroughbred Racing, the flagship of the sport – the new Flemington Members Grandstand.

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This is no ordinary building. Like a giant layer cake, the Grandstand houses viewing platforms, seating restaurants and bars, the likes of which have never been seen before in Australia.

Designed by leading architect and interior design practice Bates Smart, the 5 level Club stand was completed on schedule by builders Multiplex.


Illustration of the original Flemington Grandstand

Flemington has a long and interesting history. The first grandstand was built on the course in 1865. This structure is the 10th such Grandstand constructed over the last 150 years.


Former members grandstand, now demolished

The Grandstand features ‘petal projections’ along the perimeter of the stand on each floor. This has been achieved using 90 pre-cast panels each weighing up to 30 tonnes.


Bates Smart-designed $128M Flemington Racecourse stand complete


Bates Smart director of Interior Design Jeff Copolov says the Club Stand celebrates the rich history and character of Flemington Racecourse with sweeping 360-degree views of the Mounting Yard, Race Track, Members Lawn, Parade Ring, Betting Ring and Winning Post.

VRC Chairman Amanda Elliott added that the Club was delighted to reach this significant milestone ahead of its hallmark events in the spring racing season.

Some of the design highlights of the Club Stand include ‘petal’ projections along the perimeter of the stand on each floor constructed using 90 precast panels, each weighing up to 30 tonnes; external walkway on the first floor wrapping around the Club Stand and connected to the existing Members Grandstand and Parade Ring; a new north-south corridor at the heart of the stand linking the Betting Ring with the Members Lawn and Mounting Yard; and the Roof Garden on Level Four offering landscaped open and enclosed spaces beneath canopies.



Whether it’s traditional furnishings or more contemporary choices, Sulfaro must be your first destination when selecting a new lounge suite or dining setting.


All Sulfaro upholstered furniture is made right here in Melbourne. Using carefully selected high quality materials Sulfaro’s craftsmen and artisans maintain the traditional European techniques in hand crafting the superb range of Sulfaro Sofas, Armchairs, Dining Chairs, Ottomans and accessories. The same exacting standards are applied to all Dining Settings (tables and seating) available through Sulfaro.


Ensure that your selection is available for this festive season. Order now and receive up to 40% discount on selected lines. Only 10 days left to ensure pre-Christmas delivery.



Call now on 9872-4608 and arrange a time to meet with our experienced Design and Sales team at your convenience. Sulfaro is located at 650-652 Whitehorse Rd Mitcham (Cnr of Cochrane St) just 1km west of the EastLink off ramp on your left.

Enjoy a spectacular Festive Season. Choose Sulfaro for Design, Luxury and real comfort. Visit our showrooms and take a seat – enjoy the sheer pleasure of a Sulfaro Lounge Suite. It’s the Sulfaro Experience.

Sulfaro Furniture – it’s simply the best in European styling and comfort.

Spring Carnival Sale – Get on a winning deal up to 40% off list price! Order now to ensure Christmas Delivery – only 2 weeks left.

In Melbourne, it’s Spring Carnival time. The Melbourne Cup, Derby Day, Oaks Day and Emirates Day – a week of frivolity and fun! And right now is a great time to make your way out to the Sulfaro Showrooms at 650-652 Whitehorse Rd Mitcham (Cnr of Cochrane St) 1km from the EastLink off ramps. Drive out any day except for Tuesday (Melbourne Cup Day). Open everyday. With discounts of up to 40% off selected items, you too can be a winner!


Coco T 3.5 seat Sofa

Before you visit take the time to visit our website. Browse our Collections and choose the style that best suits your taste, and your home.

The Sulfaro Signature range represents our most popular Sofas, Armchairs and Occasional Chairs. For those who prefer a traditional and formal lounge suite, our Traditional/European collection offers an exciting range of elegant, supremely comfortable and simply beautiful superbly made hand crafted furniture.

From the Tiffany to the Harlow and the traditional skirted Canterbury, you are sure to find something that excites you. Quality timeless design and a wide choice of fabrics, leathers and accessories.


Tiffany Scatterback 3.5 seat Sofa

Perhaps you lean more towards a Classic or Hamptons style of Sofa or Armchair. Gorgeous clean lines, your choice of arms or highbacks or scatterbacks. In the size you require from 2 seaters, 3 seaters 3 1/2 seaters through to full corner pieces. All handcrafted by our skilled artisans and tradesmen right here in Melbourne. Something for the holiday house? Take a look at the Willow, the Monet Full Back or the Grange – your comfort is guaranteed.


Willow Scatterback Sofa

Looking for something slightly avant-garde? May we suggest the Jackson Chair – or our Art Deco Chair. Or maybe just picture sinking back into the surrounds of the London Chair. At Sulfaro we have the Occasional Chair for all occasions!

And for those of you looking for something Contemporary and Modern we have an eclectic collection of beautiful, stylish furniture waiting for your consideration.

From the sleek Euro Chaise to the sumptuous Coco T, Sulfaro offer a beautiful range of modern, elegantly styled contemporary furniture perfectly suited to the space and lighting of your new apartment. Take a look at the Prada Corner Square, the New Tribeca or the Havana. At Sulfaro you know there is a real world of choice – it’s really the Sulfaro experience!


Euro Chaise 3 seat Sofa

So we look forward to seeing you and if you would like some further advice, please call us on 9872 4608 and book a time to meet with our Sales and Design team. Bring your floor plan . With hundreds of fabrics to choose from, carefully selected from the world’s leading fabric houses, you can really design your own lounge suite. Add an Ottoman, or choose from the beautiful selection of lamps, statuettes and other accessories to complete the individual look of your home.

Or simply take advantage of our HUGE SPRING CARNIVAL SALE, select one of our Sale items and receive up to 40% discount off the list price.

Be secure in the knowledge you’ve selected from Sulfaro – made right here in Melbourne and guaranteed for a lifetime! No cheap imports. Real Quality, Real Style.

Sulfaro, it’s an experience, one you will love for years to come.

Sulfaro Furniture – it’s simply the right choice.