The Sulfaro Easter Sale – It’s on now!

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With Easter fast approaching, the Sulfaro Easter Sale is in full swing right now. Many items of floor stock at our Mitcham Showrooms are now discounted – some up to 40%.

Sulfaro is open 7 days per week from 10am until 5pm Weekdays and Saturday and 11am until 4pm Sunday.

During the Easter Break from the 18th of April until the 22nd of April Sulfaro will be open, closed only on Good Friday (April 19th) and Easter Sunday (April 21st).

This week’s specials include:

  • The London Fullback Sofa
  • The Tribeca Sofa
  • The Ringwood Sofa

Now is the time to select from our superb range of hand-built and refined upholstered furniture, dining settings and wonderful accessories.

All items are crafted by hand with all upholstered furniture manufactured and finished right here in Mitcham by our trained artisans, seamstresses and upholsterers. No cheap imports, no robotic mechanical production lines. traditional crafted furniture – a family tradition handed down through the generations. Genuine European styling, the very best in fabrics, leathers and materials from the world’s leading fabric houses.

Take a look at the Sulfaro Collection. This week we feature our Classic/Hamptons range.

hamptons sofashamptons chairs

Designed for semi-formal relaxed comfort, the range features classic styles such as the Ringwood, the Cosmo, the Southern Cross Tosca and the Tribeca, through to more elegant and stylised presentations such as the Monet, the London, the Giulio and the Jessica.

Many of these Sofas, Armchairs and Full Lounge Suites (including corner suites) are currently on display in our extensive showrooms. Take the time to visit us. Sit back and feel the superb comfort, the texture, the support. Perfectly finished, the Sulfaro Collection is simply premium grade luxury furniture – furniture you both deserve and will enjoy for many years.


You may desire a specific fabric, colour or some simple modifications – not a problem. At Sulfaro you get to choose. The Sulfaro team will create the Sofa, Armchairs, Occasional Chairs or Ottoman that you desire. Arrange a meeting with Sales Manager Amelia Sulfaro and her design team and make your selections. Choose fabrics, leathers, piping and more from the world’s leading Fabric houses. Sulfaro hold a brilliant selection with hundreds of different fabrics and materials from the all over the globe to choose from – it’s simply masterful. Call now to arrange a time to meet with Amelia and her team – 9872 4608.


We are conveniently located at 650-652 Whitehorse Rd Mitcham (Cnr of Cochranes St) approximately 1km west of the Eastlink off ramps. View Map

When you select Sulfaro, you have entered a world of possibilities. Ultimately you will own an absolutely beautiful piece of furniture – sumptuous, luxurious, beautifully crafted European quality and style.

So relax, sit back and enjoy. It’s a Sulfaro.

Easter Sale – Commencing March 21st, Don’t Delay

easter sale banner 203 x3

Easter this year commences Thursday the 18th of April and continues until Tuesday the 23rd when most people return to work. The Sulfaro Easter Sale commences now with some fantastic offers available to our customers on nominated floor stock.


praham t.jpg

Praham T 3 seater + 2 ½ seater
Special Price $5025


Coco T 3 ½ seater
40% Discount – Price $3990

Check next week for further specials!

With superb upholstered hand crafted furniture available, it’s time to select that new Sofa, Armchair or a complete new lounge suite. With winter just around the corner, the days getting shorter, a slight chill in the air in the evenings, we are soon going to be spending more time indoors. Be comfortable, feel the sumptuous luxury of sinking into a Sulfaro Sofa, as the armchair welcomes you as you’re seated. Firm, but just right. Choose the style thats right for you – the fabric that feels right. From woven materials, linens, woollen finish or smooth exquisite leathers – it’s your choice.

The Sulfaro family take pride in producing each piece by hand on the premises at Mitcham. No short cuts, no cheap imports. Finesse, quality refined European design. Nunzio Sulfaro and his son Santo personally inspect each new piece manufactured.

All designs are original, created over time by Nunzio and his team. He still prepares the templates required whilst his son Santo oversees the manufacturing and finishing of each piece of fine crafted upholstered furniture.

Our Signature range offers a full selection of our most popular sofas, armchairs and occasional chairs. Take the time to browse the collection and make your choice.

You can modify dimensions if required to suit your needs, to work within your living spaces. Meet with Amelia Sulfaro and her Sales and Design team to discuss your requirements. Feel free to bring your floor plan and fabric suggestions. Amelia and her team can show you hundreds of beautiful fabrics and leathers from the world’s leading fabric houses. The choice ultimately is yours.

A visit to our showrooms is simply a must. Once there, take your time, take a seat, experience the comfort, the luxury, the sheer pleasure of a genuine Sulfaro upholstered masterpiece.

We are located at 650-652 Whitehorse Rd Mitcham, on the corner of Cochrane St, approximately 1km west of the EastLink offramps. The showroom is open from 10am until 4pm Monday to Saturday and on Sundays from 11am until 4pm.

When you choose Sulfaro, you know you’re choosing the best. It’s an experience. the Sulfaro Experience. Take the opportunity this Easter to visit us and make your selection. And when your new lounge suite is delivered and you sit back and enjoy the simple elegant comfort, the pure luxury – you’ll know – yes.

It’s a Sulfaro

The tradition continues – Congratulations Francesca Sulfaro

The Sulfaro Family are proud to announce that Francesca Sulfaro, daughter of Managing Director Santo Sulfaro and Amelia Sulfaro, Sales and Marketing Manager, will this year be featured as an Exhibiting Student at the National Gallery of Victoria’s “Top Arts 2019 – 25 years at the NGV”.

This is a wonderful honour and the Sulfaro family are delighted to acknowledge Francesca’s achievement. The exhibition will be hosted at the Ian Potter Centre NGV Victoria. “The exhibition showcases young artists exploration of some of the greatest concerns of contemporary times and their creative celebration of humanity and the world”. The exhibition will run from the 22nd of March until the 14th of June 2019.

At Sulfaro, creativity, design and a fulsome understanding of colours, fabrics and their application has been a generational talent. Francesca’s grandmother, Francesca senior, has for many years worked with beautiful fabrics and materials to create the exquisite furniture that is Sulfaro today. There is a vision and a knowing that comes from the eye of a true artist.

Here is the NGV profile for Francesca – the student artist

Francesca Sulfaro
False Thrills – Moving Surrealism 2018


colour digital video, silent (looped)
© Francesca Sulfaro
Studio Arts
Genazzano FCJ College, Kew

Artist statement


The Moving Surrealism Photography series intends on capturing a moment in time with a twist. The series brings to life an element of the photograph and asks the audience to see the surrealism within the moving component. Moving imagery evokes emotion as does still photography. I wanted to generate a balance to showcase a binary of two media.

Materials and processes …

I began by taking photographs using my Canon 6D Mark II. I imported the images into Photoshop and manipulated them. This was exhausting at times as I had to erase, replace, edit and recolour certain aspects of the image in order to achieve the desired look. To apply the moving element, I used an application called Werble. This allowed me to import my still image and apply a moving element.

Starting points and influences …

I am most inspired by film. The way a cinematographer captures a moment within a single frame can be so perfect that it can affect my mood within seconds. Other times I can be inspired by a stroke of paint. Artist Callen Schaub manipulates beautiful paints in such a way that exudes a natural, organic placement of colour. The process by which he creates this exceptional artwork is called ‘painting trapeze’. This process is inspiring to me because it is so innovative and dynamic.

Favourite artist …

My favourite artist is the Belgian artist René Magritte (1898–1967). His artworks are so engaging and surreal that each viewer feels a different emotion upon inspection. His perception of the world was so wonderful and imaginative. Although his works can be considered bizarre, they appeal to me as they present a powerful paradox between reality and dreams due to his idiosyncratic approach to surrealism. My favourite work of his would be The lovers (1928) because it develops the concept of a festering lust that is hidden behind the purity of the white clothes draped over the figures’ faces. Magritte’s works evoke mystery and unsettling thoughts.

Future plans …

In 2019 I plan to study film and television and I hope to travel. I would like to carry my art with me through life. In 2019 filmmaking will play a large role as I would like to be part of the film industry, mostly behind the camera where I can manipulate a shot in such a way that it can evoke an emotional response in viewers.

Advice to future students

Take every opportunity that comes your way. Sometimes you are blinded by what you think could potentially be amazing however don’t leave any stone unturned. Always discover other avenues that you could possibly take because if you don’t, you could miss out on something extraordinary. Always listen to the advice of your teachers and others around you as they may see things that you miss because you are too close to the action. Lastly, don’t be afraid to fail. Failure is what leads you to success.


The Sulfaro Collection is truly an ongoing work of art, a collection of style – the vibrancy and feel is like no other. You can view our full collection here.

And at Sulfaro we wholeheartedly encourage you to express your creativity. Choose the style of Sofa, Armchair or Occasional Chair you desire from our extensive collection. Choose a full lounge suite. Then with the help of our Design team select the fabric or leather you desire, piping, skirting, timber finish. At Sulfaro we can be as individual as you are.

Handcrafted, supremely comfortable – real luxury.

Call now on 9872 4608 and book a time with our experienced Design and Sales team. We are open 7 days per week from 10am to 4pm Mon-Sat and from 11am until 4pm on Sundays.

Located conveniently at 650-652 Whitehorse Rd Mitcham (Cnr of Cochrane St), our Showrooms are approximately 1km west of the EastLink exit ramps for Ringwood.

We look forward to seeing you. And remember, when you choose Sulfaro, you’re choosing the very best.

Sulfaro – Genuine European Styling and Design

Select the best – Select Sulfaro

01 coco-t-hero

The Coco T Sofa with Langham Chair

When choosing your new Lounge Suite, Dining Setting or perhaps just some selected occasional furniture – chairs, coffee tables or lamps – it’s wise to be discerning. With a plethora of choices available, yes it can be confusing. Your best option? Choose quality, choose comfort, style and luxury. Choose Sulfaro.

Today, hand built furniture is rare. Most upholstered furniture on the market is manufactured via a machine driven production line. Not so at Sulfaro. Each piece is lovingly prepared and created by skilled artisans using time held methodologies passed down through generations of trained framers, upholsterers and seamstresses. Don’t accept second best. Always choose Sulfaro. Hand crafted using the finest materials, Sulfaro is the luxury you’ve always desired.

03 studio-t-hero.jpg

The Studio T Sofa

The Sulfaro Signature Selection profiles some of our most popular Lounge Suites – sofas, armchairs and beautiful accessories to match. Styles range from Traditional European through to Contemporary and Classic/Hamptons.

But there’s much more. At Sulfaro you have the opportunity to pick the style you appreciate, dress it in a fabric or leather of your choice, choose the dimensions of your sofa or corner suite and select the finish you desire. Our design team, working closely with our factory, can provide your specifications and choices ensuring you are delivered a hand built, perfectly finished item in much the same time as it takes to have a mass produced unit delivered.

05 tribeca-hero1.jpg

The New Tribeca Sofa and the Charlotte Chair

Sulfaro is all about choice. Choose from a huge selection of fabrics from the very best fabric houses worldwide. Choose the dimensions that suit your living space and your needs. Choose the look, the feel and the comfort you’ve always desired.

And remember, at Sulfaro’s showrooms it’s possible to choose for your entire living area – lounge suites, your dining setting and also a full range of hand crafted exquisite accessories – side tables, coffee tables, lamps, credenzas and much more.

08 euro-chaise-hero

The Euro Chaise Sofa

Talk to our expert Design and Sales team about your needs and requirements. The Sulfaro team have been crafting fine furniture since 1962 under the guidance of family patriarch Nunzio Sulfaro. Trained in Europe in the traditional techniques of Upholstery, Framing and Fine Furniture Manufacture, these methods have been passed down to today’s Sulfaro team. For the Sulfaro family there are no ‘short cuts’. It’s about quality, finesse, style and beauty. A family business upholding a tradition of real quality, real comfort and genuine European know how and styling.

Take the time to call 9872 4608 and book a time to meet with Amelia Sulfaro and her team. Our showrooms are open from 10am until 4pm Monday to Saturday and 11am until 4pm on Sundays – seven days per week.

Our showrooms are conveniently located at 650-652 Whitehorse Rd Mitcham (Cnr Cochrane St) approximately 1km west of the EastLink off ramps. Map

Make the decision, choose Sulfaro, choose comfort, quality and real luxury.

Choose Sulfaro – it’s simply the best

The Sulfaro Summer Sale – Ending Soon

05 euro-chaise-hero

The Sulfaro Summer Sale – while it’s still hot so is your opportunity to own a genuine hand built and crafted Sulfaro Masterpiece – but this sale is not about to last forever. Here’s the map reference to help you make your way out to our showrooms. We are located at 650-652 Whitehorse Rd Mitcham (Cnr of Cochrane St – approximately 1km west of the Eastlink offramps)

All Sulfaro Furniture is hand crafted. The Sulfaro team design the various sofas, armchairs and lounge suites that make up the Sulfaro Collection – in house.

01 lawrence-hero

At Sulfaro, Bespoke design is possible for all our customers. It could be as simple as modifying sofa lengths to suit room sizes. Sulfaro customers have the opportunity to modify and choose – size, fabrics, timber, finishing and more. Provide your measurements, indicate your preferences – dressing, skirting or castors, solid timber feet or otherwise. At Sulfaro we manufacture all upholstered furniture on the premises. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

Take the time to sit down with Amelia Sulfaro our design expert and Sales Manager to determine what will work best for your home and personal requirements and just as importantly – what will look stunning and be incredibly comfortable. At Sulfaro you can afford real luxury, premium quality and a touch of European style and elegance.

Sulfaro also offer a magnificent array of Dining Settings. From formal mahogany in traditional styles through to ceramic and glass topped tables. All with exquisitely finished dining chairs – made right here at our Mitcham factory – to match. Prices on various items (floor stock) are currently marked down for our Summer Sale, some by as much as 40%!

Lastly, the Sulfaro Collection offers a superb range of stunning ornaments, lamps, coffee tables and side tables as well as tasteful wall art and paintings. For a quick preview you can view the range here.

But really the best way to experience Sulfaro is to visit us and sink into the luxury that is a Sulfaro Sofa, Armchair, Occasional Chair or Recliner (Yes we do have an extensive range of recliners) To take a seat at the table and imagine it in your home.

Call now on 9872 4608 to book an appointment with our Sales and Design team. Bring your floorplan, fabric samples and your interior design ideas. Let Sulfaro create fr you a beautiful living area – one you have always desired.

Sulfaro are open 7 days per week – 10am-4pm Monday to Saturday, 11am-4pm Sundays.

When you choose a Sulfaro – you’ve chosen the very best – Sulfaro – genuine European style and elegance.