Made in Melbourne Sale Time – Open for Business at Sulfaro


The Sulfaro Retail Showrooms are currently open for business during our normal trading hours. This continues to remain possible as the Sulfaro Showrooms are spacious and extensive allowing for correct social distancing to be achieved without issues. It’s time to support Australian Industry and buy Australian Made, in doing so we can save jobs by buying local.

To further assist our clients, we offer an appointment opportunity. Call us on 9872 4608 or leave your details here and arrange a time with Sales Manager Amelia Sulfaro to view our floor stock and perhaps order your custom designed Lounge Suite, sofa armchairs and accessories. More about that later.

The Sulfaro Furniture Company is a wholly owned Australian enterprise. Purchasing from Sulfaro protects local employment and ultimately saves jobs. As the Australian Dollar falls in value, imported products will simply become unaffordable.

When the quality of local manufacturing far surpasses that of imported product it makes real sense to purchase Australian made locally produced product.

In the case of Sulfaro Furniture, all furniture is designed and created right here in Melbourne at our Mitcham Studio and Workshop adjoining our Showrooms.

The complete range of furniture from our Sulfaro Collection is hand built and hand crafted by classically trained artisans – Upholsterers, Framemakers, Seamstresses, pattern and template makers – the list goes on. Add to this the training of new apprentices and the provision of work experience programs for young people here at Sulfaro, it truly is local excellence right here in Melbourne.

But the real clincher is that the furniture is simply superb. Take the time to browse our website and select from our magnificent collection of timeless classics. Traditional and European or Contemporary and Modern, the choice is yours.

Unlike major retailers offering mass produced furniture from third world factories in Asia, the Sulfaro experience is one of real choice. Clients can select colours, fabrics, leathers, timber and timber finishes. Choose the styling of your Sulfaro Lounge Suite or Sofa – skirting, fringes, piping, the size, the cushioning. It’s about your individual taste, your comfort and pleasure.

In selecting custom designed, handcrafted furniture from Sulfaro, it’s quite probably the case that the average waiting time for completion compares most favourably against any imported customised furniture, and now with the falling dollar, there will be no real incentive to import anyway.

So, with time on our hands, take the opportunity to book an appointment with Sulfaro. Select from our vast array of floor stock or create your own customised, individual Sofa or Lounge Suite with Sulfaro.

Sulfaro Furniture and its showrooms operate following the social distancing guidelines as instructed by Federal and State Government Health Authorities. We recommend making an appointment to visit, as this assists us in maintaining the standard now required.

At Sulfaro we maintain the highest levels of hygiene and cleanliness. Hand sanitiser and wipes are available for your convenience.


The Sulfaro Showrooms are located at 650-652 Whitehorse Rd, Mitcham, corner of Cochrane St, approximately 1 kilometre from the Ringwood Eastlink exit ramps.

Opening hours at present remain as follows

  • 10am – 5pm Mon – Sat
  • 11am – 4pm Sundays

With Sulfaro, not only do you purchase an exquisite hand made piece of quality furniture – you help to preserve a unique Australian business, Australian jobs and our local economy. it truly is the Sulfaro experience, and we appreciate your custom and support.


Luxury, comfort and exquisite design.

Sulfaro – it’s simply the best.

The Melbourne Grand Prix – Sit back and watch it in comfort with Sulfaro – Luxury, Comfort and Superb Design

sulfaro formula 1 hero6

It’s that time of year. Mercedes to battle it out with Ferrari and Red Bull. Will Riccardo improve Renault’s position this year – there’s a distinctly Italian feel about Grand Prix racing. Sleek, modern design with real performance – like Sulfaro.

Sulfaro offer both Traditional Classic designs as well as Contemporary Modern excellence. All Sulfaro Furniture is handcrafted and hand built by professionally trained and gifted artisans right here in Melbourne – it’s truly Australian made. The Italian influence is in the styling and design, first introduced nearly 60 years ago by the Sulfaro family in establishing their unique business.

Sulfaro Furniture is lovingly crafted at our modern well equipped Studio and Workshop located behind the extensive Sulfaro Showrooms in Mitcham.

This week we take a look at some of our Italian and European inspired creations in deference to the Grand Prix.

From our Signature Selection we present the following classics.

Camelot Fringe Sofa
Camelot Skirt Sofa
Ringwood Sofa
Grand Sofa

For a more Modern Contemporary look, consider the following designs from our Signature Selection.

Studio T
London Fullback
Coco T
New Tribeca

For a more expansive Lounge Suite, why not consider the following Corner Units?

Prada Corner Round
Prada Corner Square
Alexis Corner Suite

Scatterback or Fullback? You decide…

Tiffany Scatterback

All Sulfaro Sofas can be matched with Armchairs and Ottomans to suit the same designs.

Take the time to arrange a visit and consultation with the Sulfaro Design team led by Amelia Sulfaro. This is where things really change up! Sure you can buy directly from our floor stock but you also have the opportunity to create the look and feel, the design you desire.

With Sulfaro we can provide access to a huge range of Fabrics, Leathers and Materials from the world’s leading suppliers; Fabric Houses and Leather specialists – thousands of different materials to choose from. Take the time to consider the colours, the accessories including piping, skirting, fringing, castors and cushions that suit your taste and requirements.

You are only limited by your imagination, with a world of different options to delight and please you. On a practical level you can discuss your preferences with Amelia and her team and they will guide you towards your dream lounge suite.

The difference here is that the style and design you select is then created right here on the premises in our modern studio and workshop, from the ground up. Framing, springs, selected foam, fabrics are all then crafted into the masterpiece you’ve imagined and designed. Superb quality means superb comfort, elegant, exquisite in its finish – your dream lounge suite becomes a reality – guaranteed for a lifetime. Australian made, supporting Australian Industry for the future.

So the winner of Sunday’s Grand Prix may still be undecided, but you can be the winner when you select fine furniture from Sulfaro.

The Sulfaro experience – from start to finish will give you a genuine lifetime of comfort and pleasure.

Call now on 03 9872 4608 to book a consultation with Amelia and her team. Be sure to bring any fabric samples, photographs, interior design plans or floor plans. This is your opportunity to truly create your dream lounge suite, sofa, armchairs and accessories.

Sulfaro Furniture is located at 650-652 Whitehorse Rd Mitcham, cnr of Cochrane St. Take the Ringwood exit ramps on EastLink. Sulfaro is located approximately 1km to the west on Whitehorse Rd.

Sulfaro’s Showrooms are open 7 days per week as follows

  • Mon – Sat, 10am – 5pm
  • Sunday, 11am – 4pm

Formula 1 is simply the ultimate in Motor Racing, the glimpse of perfection. So to with Sulfaro Fine Furniture. In selecting Sulfaro you have elected to choose simply the very best in hand crafted, hand built Australian made furniture. And like Ferrari – just a touch of Italian magic.

The secret of our success in no secret. It’s time to sit back, relax and enjoy the Sulfaro experience.

Sulfaro – it’s simply the best.

It’s the Summer Sale at Sulfaro. Right through January – Don’t Delay


The Sulfaro Annual Summer Clearance Sale is now in full swing. All current floor stock is heavily discounted with up to 40% in savings. Hand built, high quality luxury furniture. Now is the right time to make your selections and make real savings.

This week’s specials

Prada Chaise Corner Design

IMG_8080a prada chaise corner.jpg

7 piece corner chaise suite In Zepel European Jacquard

Now $8280 save $1890

Byron Design Corner suite

IMG_8086a byron design corner suite.jpg

6 seater square corner suite now $7950 save $1490 In Warwick chenille fabric

Soho Design

IMG_8088a soho design.jpg

Button back 3 seater sofa & 2.5 seater sofa in Wortley European plush velvet with contrast piping $7950 save $1380



3.5 seater $4760 + 3 seater $3893 = Normal Retail $8653
Now $6990 Saving of $1663

Collins Button back


3 seater $3893 + 2.5 seater $3611 = Normal Retail $7504
Now $5650 Saving of $1854

Hamptons Design New Release

IMG_8093a hamptons design.jpg

7 piece Hamptons round pedestal base Dining table and 6 chairs


Comfort, genuine European design and a touch of Italian styling, made right here in Melbourne. No cheap imports. Furniture that’s built to last – Relax – It’s from Sulfaro.


The Sulfaro range offers design options to suit most tastes. From traditional upholstered Sofas and Armchairs through to thoroughly modern, chic contemporary lounge suites – it’s here for your inspection – now – at our expansive air conditioned showrooms located at 650-652 Whitehorse Rd Mitcham, just a kilometre west from the Ringwood Eastlink off ramps (corner of Cochranes St). [LINK]


Make sure you schedule a time to visit soon. Call 03 9872 4608 and make an appointment with our Design and Sales Team. You’re welcome to bring your floor plans and interior design plans. With a broad selection of sofa and armchair designs as well as fabrics and leathers from the world’s leading fabric houses, you are guaranteed a beautiful elegantly designed and unique sofa, lounge suite or complete furniture setting. Or simply select from our extensive floor stock now and receive up to 40% discount during our Summer Sale.


Choose from our Sulfaro Collections. The Signature Selection [LINK] represents our most popular Sofas and Armchairs and occasional chair selections.

Take the time to browse our complete catalogue.

For your pleasure we present from our catalogue a selection of current floor stock Sofas. All Sofas can be provided with matching armchairs (and ottomans if required).

To complete any setting, we also offer an excellent selection of occasional chairs. From our collection for your viewing pleasure…

Add to this our exciting range of Dining tables and settings, as well as a complete gallery of exquisite accessories such as lamps, coffee and side tables, Objets D’art, statuettes and decorative panels, you need look no further – Sulfaro offer the complete interior design experience.

Sulfaro is a family tradition. For over 50 years, the Sulfaro family have crafted some of the finest furniture available in Melbourne. Our Artisans continue in the time honoured tradition of quality hand crafted furniture first introduced by Nunzio Sulfaro in 1962. The Sulfaro Collection is without doubt simply one of the best selections of upholstered furniture and exquisite accessories available in Melbourne today.

Don’t Delay! Drive out to our Showrooms today – it’s time to enjoy the comfort of Sulfaro living. It’s the Sulfaro Experience.

The Sulfaro Showrooms are located at 650-652 Whitehorse Rd Mitcham, corner of Cochrane St, approximately 1km west of the Ringwood off-ramps on EastLink.

Opening Hours are as follows

  • Monday to Saturday, 10am – 5pm
  • Sunday, 11am – 4pm

Ample off street parking is available.

Choose Sulfaro Furniture – for genuine Luxury, Style and Comfort.

“It’s simply the best.”

The Sulfaro Clearance Sale from now until June 30th


Imagine owning a beautiful handmade and crafted lounge suite. Sofas, armchairs all lovingly and carefully created right here in Melbourne. In a modern workshop yet ensuring traditional and time honoured methods and materials are utilised in the same way they have been for generations. From Europe, from Italy, timeless design – the end result – Sulfaro – contemporary and traditional furniture, built to last a lifetime.


With fabrics and leathers from the world’s leading fabric houses and leather suppliers, Sulfaro furniture is exquisite, refined. A simply superb finish delivers the lounge suite, sofa, armchair or ottoman you will enjoy and be proud of for many years.

Sulfaro is a family business. When you purchase from Sulfaro, you become one of a bigger family – our customers.

The Sulfaro ‘method’ is applied to all pieces we craft and create. Design is exclusive. Our Collection includes contemporary and modern sofas and lounge suites as well as more traditional pieces with classic European styling.


The Sulfaro family has been creating beautiful furniture since 1963. You can be confident with Sulfaro – we have over 50 years of real experience in creating luxurious, comfortable, high quality furniture. And as the world has modernised, so have we – we are well equipped in a very modern workshop – but this is not a production line set up – no mass manufacturing of the same pieces. Each item is unique and receives maximum attention.

When you visit our showrooms you will see for yourself. Feel the fabrics, enjoy the comfort of a genuine handcrafted artisan built sofa. If you desire we can arrange a tour of the Sulfaro workshop where all our furniture is built. It’s simply part of the Sulfaro experience.


Browse our extensive Sulfaro Furniture Collection on our website here. From our popular Signature Selection, through our entire range – Contemporary/Modern, Traditional/European and Classic/Hamptons. There is a broad selection to suit all tastes and all interior design applications. As well we have a wide variety of simply gorgeous Decor and Design Accessories – ornaments, coffee tables, side tables, credenzas, sculptures, lamps and mirrors – unique and original – perfect to complete your new living room design.

Many of these items feature in our clearance sale with some floor stock offered at up to 40% off list price.


And remember, at Sulfaro you the customer are in control. You have the opportunity to select colours, fabrics, leathers as well as design features such as piping, studding, skirting and timber finishes. You can customise to suit your taste as well as choose from different size sofas ranging from 2 seaters through to 3.5 seaters and full corner units (often selected for new modern living apartments).

To really appreciate the Sulfaro difference, you must visit our extensive showrooms in Mitcham. Drive out, it’s well worth the effort – it’s a simply stunning display. Sit back, relax and revel in the deep comfort, the luxury and the feel of a genuine Sulfaro sofa, armchair or occasional chair. Sulfaro also offer a full range of elegant and refined dining settings to compliment your new lounge suite.

You can find the Sulfaro Showrooms at 650-652 Whitehorse Rd Mitcham (cnr of Cochrane St) approximately 1km west of the off ramps on Eastlink.

Sulfaro Furniture is open 7 days a week, Monday to Saturday from 10am til 5pm, Sundays from 11am until 4pm.

When you select Sulfaro you choose luxury, comfort and European styling at its very best.

Sulfaro it’s an experience.

Sulfaro it’s simply the best.

Boxing Day – The Clearance Sale Begins at Sulfaro

clearance sale

Christmas Day – it was wonderful. The whole family came – including all the children and their children. And that told you one thing. Time for a new Dining Setting and Lounge Suite! Well it’s time to visit Sulfaro’s Showrooms at 650-652 Whitehorse Rd Mitcham – 1km west of the EastLink offramps at Ringwood. Cnr of Cochrane St.

All current floor stock is available – at substantial Discounts – up to 40% on selected items. A full selection of beautifully hand made Sofas, Armchairs, Ottomans and Occasional Chairs. Accessories including Credenzas, Coffee Tables (in glass, timber and marble), Mirrors, Statuettes in Metal. A stunning array of simply gorgeous, elegant furniture. As well we stock a wide range of finely finished Dining Settings – Tables, Dining Chairs, Table Ornaments and more.

The Clearance Sale will extend into January, but be early – once the items discounted are sold – that’s it. But don’t be apprehensive – we have a very exciting Collection, with two very large Showrooms. But be sure to visit – you won’t regret it.

Take a virtual tour of our store by visiting our website

Our Collections page will provide you with a sneak preview of our superb range of hand crafted, elegant upholstered furniture – manufactured right here in Melbourne. Comfort, Quality and Style – it’s a Sulfaro.

Doors open at 11am on Boxing Day (26th Dec) and we close at 4pm. We will then be open on the 27th, 28th and 29th of December. Don’t miss out! Superb quality furniture at prices we offer only once a year!

Once again we hope you enjoyed a really Merry Christmas and we wish you a very prosperous New Year. We look forward to you enjoying your new Sulfaro Furniture – the Sulfaro experience – it’s simply the best.

clearance sale