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For some it’s too early to mention the word, yes Christmas. But for many it’s now time to think ahead. The family has expanded. the children are now young adults with their own children. The dining setting that has served you so well is now ‘too small’. It’s time to visit Sulfaro at their Mitcham showrooms and view the fantastic range of Dining Tables and Chairs to suit all tastes and requirements. And why not consider a new lounge suite? – for the same reasons. Sulfaro really does offer you a world of choice.

At Sulfaro we are proud of the fact that we manufacture our extensive collection of Sofas, Armchairs, Ottomans, Occasional Chairs and Dining Chairs right here in Melbourne.

All Sulfaro furniture is either handmade and crafted on our premises or selected on these criteria. Many furniture makers claim to handcraft and manufacture locally, but even to the untrained eye it’s obvious that for many brands this is simply not the case.

Not so with Sulfaro. Here at Sulfaro we follow a proud tradition of genuine European Craftsmanship handed down through generations of furniture makers and upholsterers. Sulfaro originally commenced producing elegant hand made European styled furniture in 1962 right here in Melbourne. The processes to produce truly beautiful, superb furniture remains the same now as they were then with founder Nunzio Sulfaro still on hand to guide his son Santo in the traditional ways of upholstery, and wood work. You may be familiar with the phrase ‘cut corners’? it’s an interesting phrase and it’s suggested it originated in the furniture and upholstery industry. It suggests a cut to save money.


All Sulfaro Furniture is genuinely hand made using the full length of fabric, cloth or leather to produce exquisite traditional and contemporary furniture. We simply do not cut corners.

Sulfaro Furniture designs include hand tied coil springing using contemporary methodologies. Sulfaro framing is made form high quality kiln-dried hardwood and is corner blocked for rigidity and strength. Cushioning used is of the highest grades of Dunlop foam. Sulfaro offers a range of polishes and finishes. Provide us with a sample of your selections on colour or timber and our expert staff will match it from our extensive range of world class fabrics, leathers, timber and painted finishes. (Painted and antique style polishing is available upon quotation.) You can also choose from a range of piping and studding options as well as a range of castors.

And maybe with the expanded family unit it’s time to consider a new lounge suite as well! Sulfaro offer an excellent range of Corner Sofas as well as traditional sized Sofas (3 seater, 2 1/2 seater and 2 seaters), all with matching armchairs and ottomans as required. Pictured here are some of our corner units.

_BRI9067 alexis corner suite corner 3.5 seat plus 2.5 seat_BRI9370 Prada Corner Suite round corner plus 2 x 2.5 seat

For pre-Christmas orders, don’t delay. To ensure your selection can be supplied in time, you will need to order now or in the next 2-3 weeks.

Why not schedule a viewing at our Showrooms at 650-652 Whitehorse Rd Mitcham (Cnr of Cochranes St) just one kilometre from the EastLink off ramp. We are open 7 days per week. Call now on 9872 4608 and book a time with our Sales and Design team. Or you can leave your details here and one of our friendly staff will respond to your enquiry and assist you without delay.

Quality, professionalism and genuine luxury. At Sulfaro, you know that these are not just words. Each piece of furniture is lovingly created right here in Melbourne at our Mitcham factory*, or carefully selected from suppliers demonstrating the same quality standards as Sulfaro continues to apply to its range. It’s the Sulfaro Experience.

(*All upholstered furniture is handcrafted right here in Melbourne. We do no sell cheap imports).

Be Confident, Be Sure – always choose Sulfaro. Luxury, Quality and Comfort.

Sulfaro – a world of choice.

Spring/Summer 2018 – The hottest trends


This Spring and Summer, it’s bold and vibrant with glittery golds and indigo blues. With zingy colours that pop and icecream pastels. Indoor plants, floral patterns, bamboo and golds. This year is exciting.

Your colour palette may resemble a Gelati Bar this year. For furniture it’s pick a primary colour for your upholstery and mix and match with accessories – throws, cushions, wallpaper, curtains and drapes. Add pastel hued vases, dining chairs and tableware. Choose a pattern of vibrant colours for a single wall, or be courageous and do multiple walls.

2017 saw bold geometrics on cushions and rugs. Now see free standing wall units and partitions using such patterns.


Foliage and florals are back with a vengeance. Wallpapers with roses and other showy exotic flowers – combined with exotic tropical greenery. Fresh, vibrant, living.

But let’s consider fabrics. Here at Sulfaro our customers have a magnificent choice of fabrics from a full range of leading fabric suppliers.

For a designer its often somewhat imperious to select a wafting silk or a pure white linen. However good designers realise their clients must live with the fabric selected and it may be the fabric is determined by the potential use of the furniture, its location and the degree of traffic a room may experience. Often choosing an easy to maintain fabric is a better long term choice.

Here is a list of fabrics, both Natural and Synthetic reprinted from the website. It is a useful guide and at Sulfaro we consider it reasonably accurate and useful.

  • Cotton is durable and resistant to wear and fading, but not as resistant to dirt and wrinkling. Cotton can go from casual to formal depending on the weave.
  • Cotton blends are slightly more durable than cotton due to the mix of additional fibres.
  • Leather is durable and functional. It wears well and gets better with age.
  • Linen is resistant to pilling and fading. It provides a crisp and casual look to furniture. However, it wrinkles and shows dirt easily.
  • Silk is elegant and adds a sophisticated and formal touch to furniture. Due to its delicacy, it’s best for light use and requires professional cleaning.
  • Wool blends with synthetic fibre for easier maintenance. It’s durable while also being resistant to pilling, fading, wrinkling and soil.
  • Acetate is developed as imitation silk, and is resistant to pilling and shrinking; however, it doesn’t hold up well for everyday use due to its tendency to wear, wrinkle and fade in the sun.
  • Acrylic is developed as imitation wool and may pill easily if not of high quality. However, it’s softer than natural wool, and is resistant to wear, wrinkling, dirt and fading.
  • Microfibre fabric is made from polyester fibres, is similar to suede, and easy to maintain.
  • Nylon is often blended with other fibres, creating a durable fabric that won’t wrinkle or soil but may fade and pill.
  • Polyester is usually found in a blend with other fibres, and is resistant to wrinkling and fading.
  • Rayon, though prone to wrinkling, is durable and affordable.
  • Vinyl is durable and a more affordable option compared to leather.

Functionality and Reality

Clever designers will select fabric that not only looks superb but also wears well, is easy to maintain yet synchronises well with the style of the furniture and the decor and feel of the room you have selected.

Houzz advises:

Neutral tones and floral prints work well in a traditional space, while bright colours and bold patterns give off a more contemporary vibe. Your lifestyle also dictates your design. Here are four quick questions to ask when choosing upholstery fabric:

  • How long is this upholstery meant to last?
  • How often will you clean and iron it?
  • Where do you plan to use it – indoors or outdoors?
  • Which style furniture pieces is this upholstery meant for?

Source: Houzz

Take the opportunity to design your own Lounge suite. With a wide range of styles, both contemporary and traditional available. Choose the sofa, armchair and dining settings you desire. Select from our incredible range of fabrics, leathers and materials – all carefully selected by Sulfaro from the world’s leading fabric houses.


Call now on 9872 4608 and book in an appointment to meet with our Sales and Design team, or leave your details here and one of our friendly staff will contact you to assist you with your enquiries.

Sulfaro’s showrooms are located at 650-652 Whitehorse Rd Mitcham, about 1km from the exit ramp on EastLink. We are open 7 days, check our website for details.

All Sulfaro Furniture is handmade right here in Melbourne using premium materials. Sulfaro’s craftsmen and artisans carry on the Sulfaro tradition established by company founder Nunzio Sulfaro – Quality, true elegant European design and genuine comfort.

Sulfaro. Premium Quality Furniture.

It’s simply the right choice.

Como By Design – Interiors Showhouse 18-21 October 2018


como by designWith Spring we think of renewal. And so it is with our homes. it’s time for a change, a refreshment. And it’s time for inspiration. Sulfaro offer a superb range of upholstered furniture, dining tables and chairs, occasional chairs and simply beautiful accessories. With an Interior Designer and Sulfaro’s hand built premium furniture you can create the environment you’ve always wanted. Space to move, refined, extremely comfortable furniture. So for some real inspiration why not visit the Como By Design – Interiors Showhouse at Como House (Williams Rd South Yarra) this weekend coming. It promises to be spectacular!

Como By Design ‘reimagines’ the interiors of Melbourne’s famous historic mansion Como House through the vision of twenty-six eminent designers. Each designer will decorate a space – from the grandest to the most humble of spaces.


With International Guest speakers including the renowned Nina Campbell of the UK, visitors will see and hear about the latest trends in international design.

The event profiles a broad spectrum of Melbourne’s Interior Designers and their work. You can view a full selection of the designers presenting here with their profiles.

As well there will be a series of nine Seminar sessions over the three days with well known presenters and panel members, discussing an excellent range of topics.

The Seminar schedule and topics are to be found here. You can book now to ensure your place at any of these seminars whilst space is still available. It is a rare opportunity to hear from luminaries such as Nina Campbell, Robyn Holt, Paul Bangay, Phillip Bershad, Justin Bishop, Camilla Molders, Adelaide Bragg, Alexander Brownlow, Lucinda Kimpton, Tigger Hall and other notable experts and industry contributors.

It’s the perfect time to be inspired, to be informed, and to really benefit from genuine creativity and vision.

Zora McDonald provides a further insight in her article reprinted here from the Age (12/10/18)


‘Not just plumping cushions’: Designers share misconceptions about their industry

For the creatively challenged, the design world can occasionally feel like an elusive space full of perfectly put-together rooms: an art form covering colour, space and style.

But there’s a group of an interior designers that wants to get rid of the mystery that surrounds the job.

From October 19 to October 21, the historic Como House in South Yarra will be reimagined by 26 eminent designers, who are looking to show off their work to those who may not understand it.

Here, three of the designers reveal the various misconceptions that surround the industry, and why an event like this one is important.

It’s not all about design


According to Lucinda Kimpton, of Lucinda Kimpton Interiors, being an interior designer, surprisingly, is not just about design.

“The design side of executing a project from start to finish only entails approximately 30 per cent of the project time; we are also experts in the art of problem solving, communication, logistics, quality control, furniture moving, and psychology,” she says.

Camilla Molders, of Camilla Molders Design, concurs.

“We aren’t just about plumping cushions or just what the space looks like, though I will go to the grave defending the fabulousness of how a good, fluffed cushion really can change the feel of a space,” she says.

Feel is as important as looks

For her, interior design is as much about how a space feels as it looks.


“An interior designer is not just there to make a space look good, they are there to make a space feel good, too. The spaces that clients live in, work, eat or holiday have such a big impact on their psychology and need to be designed to make them feel good,” Molders says.


“Engaging an interior designer who can relate to your individual personality and aesthetic can really change your quality of life. I believe there is the right designer out there for every individual and the right individual for the designer, it’s about finding the right fit,” she says.

She says she’s not interested in “repeating” herself or “taking the easy way” when it comes to tackling a project.

“I love the human side of really understanding their individuality. My home is where I exhale, I help my clients find their individual style that also helps them exhale and excel.”

It’s not just for the rich

According to the founder of Alexander Pollock, Aaron Wong, employing an interior designer is not just for those with wads of idle cash.


“A lot of people assume that interior designers are just for the rich. Interior designers are for everyone as we work within the client’s budget as long as it is realistic,” Wong says.

It’s about you, not them

Molders says more than anything, a good designer understands it’s all about you, and not just about the individual desire or vision of the designer.


“Good design involves really understanding the needs of the client and their lifestyle so that the end result is something that is suitable and functional to them,” she says.

“We need to really understand the needs of the space and the people who live within and design the space to suit them. There is so much emotion involved dealing with people’s personal spaces and that is a responsibility I don’t take lightly. I want to work with my client to create an individual space that suits them and their needs. I’m not going to walk into a room and say, ‘That’s hideous, it has to go’. ‘That’ might be someone’s treasured heirloom and something they cherish — it’s my job to work with ‘that’.”


For Wong, putting together an event like Como By Design is important because of these misconceptions.

“The interior design world may seem elusive to the everyday person. An event such as this brings together the design community to showcase to the wider community what interior designers have to offer and that it is very much accessible to anyone,” he says.

Molders, meanwhile, believes it’s a “brilliant platform for people to see what designers can do”, and “see how spaces really can make you feel”.

For more information on Como by Design and to buy tickets, visit their website.


Why not plan or schedule a visit to Sulfaro this weekend prior to the show? Browse from our Sulfaro Collection [LINK]. Take a seat, feel the comfort and finish of our fine handmade furniture – fine European styling combined with luxurious fabrics or leathers, top quality Dunlop foam and delightful timber finishes.


You will find us located at 650-652 Whitehorse Rd Mitcham (Cnr of Cochranes St) approximately 1km from the Eastlink exit ramps.


Call now and book a time with our design and sales team to discuss your specific needs and requirements. Bring your floor plans. Design the Lounge suite you desire with literally hundreds of fabrics, timber or painted finishes and a wide selection of styles and design options available. Click here for more details on our Sulfaro Collection


Sulfaro – Handmade by skilled Artisans right here in Melbourne. Simply the best.




Choosing your Dining Setting – from Sulfaro – 10yr Guarantee incl.

10 copy

It’s Springtime. This week we welcome Daylight Savings. Longer evenings, the chill off the air. It’s time to entertain, to create that ultimate dining experience – the Dinner Party. And the first prerequisite is a comfortable, attractive Dining Setting. A dining setting that comfortably seats your family and friends, that allows you the freedom of creating a visual delight – food, wine, crystal glasses, elegant porcelain. A comfortable setting that is part of creating those memorable, joyous moments.

At Sulfaro we offer a wide range of dining settings, both traditional and contemporary. Choose from our dining table and chair selections. Sharing a meal with loved ones is a wonderful experience – the warmth, the comfort, the flavours, the sheer enjoyment. And it all starts with your dining setting.


A few tips in selecting your dining setting – but first always remember – touch the surface – wood, glass, stone, ceramic – do you like it? Is it to your taste? Secondly take a seat at the table – are you comfortable? Do you like the fabric of the chair, its shape, its feel? Do you feel part of the table, moving comfortably?


A dining table is one of the most important purchases you will make for your home! It must be many things; yes, it’s a place for dinners, family lunches and lazy breakfasts, but it is also a place to do homework, jigsaw puzzles, newspaper sprawling and amongst all this, it is a vital centrepiece for your home and key anchor for your interior style.

If your table is well crafted and strong, it should outlive you by a long while and can even be a half decent investment piece, so it should never be something you purchase on a whim. We give you the need to know pointers to help you find the perfect piece to sit at the heart of your dining space.



The shape of your dining table will be greatly dictated by the room it is going to be placed in. Most spaces will suit a rectangular dining table as most dining spaces tend to be rectangular in shape and this combination provides soothing visual symmetry. You are also more likely to have greater choice when it comes to choosing styles because rectangular dining tables are the most popular on the market and are favoured for their classic and highly functional aesthetic. They are also a great choice if entertaining is your thing as they can easily have a chair or two added to them to accommodate that once a year celebration and its large guest list! Round or oval tables are often favourable because there is no “head” of the table and they offer a more informal and intimate approach to dining. These styles are also wonderful as they help provide a smooth flow of traffic through the space. Visually, round or oval tables tend to provide softer lines and come into their own in smaller rooms, especially those with a pedestal base as they take up less space and don’t break up the visual flow. Square tables should generally be reserved for use in large open spaces as they tend to take up vast amounts of space. If you do consider a smaller square option, keep in mind you will never be able to push all chairs in at once and therefore you will need to allow extra room for them to sit slightly out from the table.



The table’s size has to be based on the size of the room it is going to call home. You will need to consider and allow for the pushing back of chairs and room for people to circulate within the dining space. As a general rule of thumb, 90 cm from the wall or any other larger furniture items in the room is the minimum space to allow. Don’t forget the height of a dining table can vary, too. Most modern tables sit around 76 cm but many antiques or mid-century styles can vary from this measurement so make sure you consider this before you go choosing things such as on trend over the dining table pendant lighting and dining room chairs! In regard to choosing chairs you should always aim to leave about 20-30cm between the seat to the dining table and if you already have chairs you love…make sure to take their measurements with you when you head out shopping. If you are unsure of the size you need it is a fabulous idea to mock up a paper template to use in your room to ascertain what size will work best for your home, you can always take it on the table hunt with you too!



This is perhaps one of the most key points in choosing you’re dining table! A tables materials speak volumes as they act as an anchor in terms of the interior style of the home but also need to provide ample functionality. If you’re looking for something that will stand the test of time, then hardwood is the best option. Consider blackbutt, mahogany, walnut, oak and gum for both looks and durability. Salvaged or rustic wooden tables are also great as they provide character and can take most things you choose to throw at it with ever added aged worn chicness. Do make sure if you choose a timber table, salvaged or hardwood, that it is completely sealed, even on the base so as to avoid moisture sneaking in and bowing or cracking your tabletop. Glass topped tables are great options for smaller more modern spaces and those lacking in light because they allow light to filter through and visually they are not too overpowering or heavy. However, they do tend to scratch and are often hard work to keep clean. A more recent addition to the dining table market is concrete which is a fantastic option as it is beautiful, modern and super durable. It is also a material that transcends a myriad of interior styles. Surfaces such stone and marble are lovely and offer a great hard wearing surface but be cautious that they don’t appear cold and unwelcoming in your space and also pay close attention to the sealant used on these surfaces to avoid nasty stains.

6 copy.jpg

All good advice, but the real test is to view and be seated at the table of your choice. Schedule a visit now to visit our showrooms at 650-652 Whitehorse Rd Mitcham, corner of Cochrane St, just 1km west of the EastLink exit.

Call now on 9872 4608 and arrange for our Sales and Design team to guide you in your selection.

For elegant European styling choose Sulfaro. Made here in Melbourne – Hand built by skilled artisans – it’s simply the best.