Customise with Sulfaro. Select the design, the colours, fabrics and leathers you desire.


The time has come for a different approach. Over the last few months, you’ve been searching for the lounge suite that not only meets your needs, but demonstrates strong design features and individual style. The reality is that the larger furniture warehouses offer little in the way of difference or individuality – the same fabrics, standard colours and no variations on size or dimensions. It’s time to step up to a genuine custom designed hand built selection from Sulfaro.

Now is the time to specify the lounge suite you truly deserve – you choose the fabrics, the leathers. You determine the colours, the accessories (cushioning, skirting, fringing, piping and more). You select the look, the feel, and the finishing details–timber feet or brass castors, and much, much more. Create the lounge suite you’ve always desired. Select from the Sulfaro Collection of Sofas and Armchairs, occasional chairs, ottomans and accessories. Determine the look, the design and the style that suits your taste and be rewarded with a stunning new lounge suite to totally enhance your living room prior to summer.

The Sulfaro Collection offers a spectacular range of stylish elegant European style furniture. Hand built and handcrafted by our experienced artisans and tradespeople, all Sulfaro Furniture is created right here in Melbourne at our modern studio and workshop, under the watchful eye of Master craftsman Santo Sulfaro. It is in fact the very best furniture available in Australia. Why settle for a cheap facsimile or copy, when you can luxuriate in the very finest – it’s not really a choice is it?

Arrange a virtual appointment with the Sulfaro Design team now. Simply call 03 9872 4608 and confirm a consultation with Amelia Sulfaro and her team to discuss your requirements. Whether you’re looking for a full Interior Design plan or simply a beautiful elegant European designed Sofa customised to suit your vision, the service is both comprehensive and free of charge. With fabrics and leathers from the world’s leading fabric houses and leather suppliers, the breadth of choice is outstanding, simply superb. Yes, now really is the time to create the look, the feel and the magnificent interior that is every bit as individual as you are.

Of course, you can always purchase directly from our floor stock. At this time we are offering a range of specials that offer significant discounts on normal retail prices. As with all Sulfaro Furniture, the Sofas offered here are all handcrafted and hand built to the same exacting standards as always, and as with all Sulfaro Furniture our workmanship carries a lifetime guarantee!


Sulfaro Spring Lockdown Specials

The Sulfaro online sale continues this week. Here is a list of our current specials.

Octavia Sofa – New Design Release

3 Seater and 2 ½ Seater
Now 20% – $6920
Save $1730!

Praham Sofa

3 Seater and 2 ½ Seater
Now 20% off – $5340
Save $442

Cosmo Sofa

3 Seater and 2 ½ Seater
Now 15% off – $5920
Save $1010

Hudson Leather Recliner

Electric Double Action
Now 20% off – $7540
Save $1899

Hamilton Sofa

3 Seater and 2 ½ Seater
Now 15% off – $5350
Save $932


3 ½ Seater and 3 Seater
Now 20% off – $6920
Save $1753

Sorrento Leather Recliner

3 ½ Seater Chaise and Recliner
2 ½ Seater Double Recliner
All electric actions
Now 20% off – $9950
Save $2485

Start your Sulfaro journey by visiting our website and viewing our Collection. The Signature Series offers our most popular Sofas, Armchairs and accessories lovingly created and finished for your complete comfort, pleasure and satisfaction.

traditional european

Reward yourself with the very best furniture available – the Sulfaro Collection. And enjoy a lifetime of comfort, luxury and a simply exquisite array of one-off designer furniture in your home.

Contact us on 03 9872 4608 during business hours or email us at Our showrooms are currently closed probably until mid-September due to the Victorian Government’s lock down restrictions. However we are still able to process your orders and at this time develop your customised furniture. We deliver furniture Australia wide and the reason we do is simple – it’s without doubt the best handcrafted hand built furniture available anywhere in Australia , nationwide. Why settle for less? Enjoy the Sulfaro Experience, a lifetime of pure comfort and total luxury. You thoroughly deserve it.


Sulfaro for Furniture – it really is the very best.

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