Father’s Day — Sunday Sept 6th – A superb Recliner from Sulfaro –Its Dad’s day and you know he really deserves it.

Sorrento Leather Recliner 9-38 copy

Yes, in this unusual year it’s Father’s Day on Sunday September the 6th and there’s still time to select one of the beautiful recliner lounge suites, sofas or armchairs from Sulfaro. Smooth motion and movements, soft supple leathers or warm durable fabrics. It’s the perfect gift for Dad – let him sit back, stretch out and relax. Push button smooth electronic movement. Yes,absolutely it’s from Sulfaro.

Sulfaro Spring Lockdown Specials

The Sulfaro online sale continues this week. Here is a list of our current specials.

Octavia Sofa – New Design Release

3 Seater and 2 ½ Seater
Now 20% – $6920
Save $1730!

Praham Sofa

3 Seater and 2 ½ Seater
Now 20% off – $5340
Save $442

Cosmo Sofa

3 Seater and 2 ½ Seater
Now 15% off – $5920
Save $1010

Hudson Leather Recliner

Electric Double Action
Now 20% off – $7540
Save $1899

Hamilton Sofa

3 Seater and 2 ½ Seater
Now 15% off – $5350
Save $932


3 ½ Seater and 3 Seater
Now 20% off – $6920
Save $1753

Sorrento Leather Recliner

3 ½ Seater Chaise and Recliner
2 ½ Seater Double Recliner
All electric actions
Now 20% off – $9950
Save $2485

Order from home. Visit our website at sulfaro.com.au and browse our full collection. We offer an exquisite range of both Classic and Contemporary upholstered furniture in your choice of fabrics and leather we have selected from the world’s leading suppliers.

All Sulfaro Furniture is handmade and hand built right here in Melbourne at our Mitcham Studio and Workshop located behind our extensive showrooms. Sulfaro have been designing and manufacturing exquisite European style furniture here in Melbourne for well over 50 years, commencing many years ago in 1962. Today the Sulfaro brand is renowned for quality, comfort and simply superb design in both classic and contemporary formats.

The Sulfaro Experience for customers and clients is unique. At Sulfaro, you the customer get to select the colours, the fabrics or leathers, the accessories – skirting, piping, straight back or scatter back, wood finishes, feet or castors and much more – yours to choose – and as individual as you are. Add to this the assistance and direction of Amelia Sulfaro and the Sulfaro design team and you have a superb custom designed lounge suite that is genuinely unique and stylised to suit your preferences and taste. Size matters – you can specify from a two seater sofa right through to a very large corner unit. It’s really what best suits your needs. At Sulfaro it really is all about you and fulfilling your vision and ensuring you enjoy a lifetime of comfort – it truly is the Sulfaro Experience!

Compare this with shopping at one of the large furniture warehouses selling imported upholstered furniture and dining settings. What you see is what you get, and generally it’s one of thousands manufactured robotically offshore. You’ll get very limited choice on fabrics, leathers and accessories. It’s formula manufacturing and nine times out of ten there are simply no variations on what you see on the showroom floor. Add to this the issue that quality wise, such furniture rarely lasts more than 5 years in premium condition – if that. Often although the claim is ‘Australian made’ it’s simply not true – it’s manufactured offshore and shipped as components to be assembled here only to claim the ‘Australian made’ label.


All Sulfaro Furniture is genuinely Australian made, using Australian raw materials – F1 Hardwoods, stainless steel springs, brass and stainless steel castors, memory foam, fabrics and leathers, both local and international. With the very best in materials and craftsmanship, all Sulfaro Furniture is sold with a lifetime guarantee on workmanship. With Italian design elements, elegant European styling and pure comfort, it’s quality you deserve.

Sulfaro offer a complete all round package for those selecting furniture for their home and family. For many the idea of selecting the right lounge suite and dining suite with accessories can be a difficult and arduous task. Why not take advantage of the Sulfaro Interior Design Service. It’s a FREE service offered to all Sulfaro clients and customers. Gather up your floor plans, colour schemes, flooring, dimensions and samples of the fabrics and leathers you have in mind. Call us on 03 9872 4608 and arrange to send us a file for our design team to work with. End result? A beautiful, comfortable home with furniture you’ll love for a lifetime.

traditional european

Take the time to visit our website and view our exciting collection. Start with our most popular range of Sofas – our Signature Series. You can then view our complete collection here

classic hamptons

Be adventurous, be daring, but be confident you’re purchasing the very best in custom designed hand crafted furniture – from gorgeous lounge suites, occasional chairs and ottoman through to complete dining settings. Lamps, side tables, coffee tables, credenzas and objets de art – at Sulfaro it’s original, the very best in quality, comfort and design.

Call us now on 03 9815 4608 or email us at sulfaro@sulfaro.com.au to enquire, place your orders or to simply discuss your needs with regard to interior design. Although we are currently closed until mid-September due to lockdown, we can still take your orders, and remember we ship Australia wide.


Sulfaro – simply the right decision. It’s the very best in handcrafted and handmade furniture – Australia wide – a lifetime of comfort and quality.

Sulfaro, it’s simply the very best.


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