The Sulfaro Team – Australian Made Craftsmanship and Quality. Stay well, stay safe, stay secure.


The current crisis with Covid-19 has people reassessing their daily lives. At Sulfaro we recognise that these times are challenging, and we are continuing to manufacture whilst our expansive showrooms remain open for you to visit.

Our showrooms are huge, spread over two large stores. The reality is visitors can easily maintain spacing individually so there is little or no risk of unwanted contact.

The Sulfaro Furniture Collection is exclusively Australian made. Our Studio and Workshop are located at the rear of our Mitcham Showrooms. With high quality raw materials in storage and good supply, the Sulfaro team will continue to craft and build furniture of the highest quality right here in Melbourne. Sulfaro will not be affected by import embargoes or supply issues from overseas sources. We simply don’t require such materials – our furniture is genuine and 100% Australian made.

Over the next few months and into the future this is a critical factor in maintaining Australian jobs and Australian manufacturing.

At Sulfaro we employ local craftsmen and women and engage young people in apprenticeships and work experience programs. With a falling Australian dollar over the coming months, this will become quite valuable, ensuring the Australian market has access to high quality locally manufactured and designed product. Effectively it provides ongoing local employment, fosters genuine local craftsmanship and reduces the nation’s carbon footprint. It is a sustainable proposition and we are most grateful for the support of our customers and clients.

Sulfaro is adhering to all Government health recommendations in regard to Covid-19 and will be closely monitoring the advice and guidance of both the Australian Government as well as all local and international health authorities and their recommendations. We will be guided by these recommendations in our actions moving forward over the next few months in particular.

The reality is that our home, its environs, living areas and facilities becomes even more important to our family and our wellbeing in these difficult times. The reality of self-isolation and social distancing is that our home becomes where we seek comfort, security and a sense of protection.


Consideration, kindness and generosity. It’s time to look out for one another. Stay safe, stay well.

The Sulfaro Family and Team.


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