The Sulfaro Celebration Sale. Celebrate the end of Lockdown with Superb Sulfaro Furniture

Christmas is less than 7 weeks away. Hard to believe, it’s been that sort of year. After 7 months of confinement and with daily averages on new cases being zero for some time, there is real cause for celebration. Now with the relaxation of restrictions you can comfortably visit our Showrooms in Mitcham and enjoy the sumptuous luxury of our beautiful elegant Sulfaro Furniture. Better still order now and you will enjoy delivery of your new furniture before Christmas.

To help you to decide on the right lounge suite, sofa, dining setting or occasional chairs, let’s deal with some frequently asked questions


Sulfaro is located at 650-652 Whitehorse Rd Mitcham, approximately 1km west of the EastLink Ringwood exits, on the corner of Cochrane St We have two very large Showrooms and more than ample off-street parking. Map Link

Opening Hours

  • Monday to Saturday — 10am to 5pm
  • Sunday — 11am to 4pm

Pricing and Ordering

All Sulfaro Furniture is handcrafted and handbuilt at our Melbourne Studios and Workshop, located directly behind our Mitcham Showrooms. Many items are custom designed with client and customer input.

We have a large and full display of Floor Stock. To make you selection, visit our website and browse our collection.

Simply call us on 03 9872 4608 or email us at for further information and pricing (We generally do not publicise pricing as often the items available have been individually customised.)

Can I specify the size, the fabric or leather, the colour and accessories for my selected Lounge Suite, Sofa, Armchairs or Dining Setting?

The Answer is yes. At Sulfaro you have choice. You select the fabrics, the leather, the accessories such as piping, fringing, skirting, cushioning and much more. Simply call us on 03 9872 4608 and make an appointment to meet with our Design team and Retail Manager Amelia Sulfaro to start the process.

Do you have current stock available for purchase? What Sale items are available?

We have a magnificent Collection of superb Classic and Contemporary Furniture available right now for your selection. Schedule a visit to our showrooms. Take the time to sit back and enjoy the sumptuous comfort of a Sulfaro sofa or armchair. Order now and you can be enjoying your new furniture within the week. We deliver to the full Melbourne Metropolitan area, Victoria wide and nationally. Of course your location will determine our delivery time and schedule.

Start your Sulfaro experience now. Visit our website and browse our exquisite Sulfaro Collection.

The Signature Series presents some of our most popular Sofas, Armchairs, Occasional Chairs and accessories such as side tables, coffee tables, credenzas and lamps.

You can then select individually from each of the following ranges.…

Sulfaro offer an exciting selection of Dining Tables, dining chairs and table ornaments, with a range of superb polished Timber, Ceramic, Marble and Glass top tables. From fully extendable for up to 16-20 people to discreet corner units for breakfast dining, you are sure to be pleased and delighted with the full range on offer.

Sale Items

The following items are offered with up to 20% discount on normal list price.

Octavia – New Design Release
3 Seater and 2 1/2 Seater
Now 20% off – $6920
Save $1730

3 Seater and 2 1/2 Seater
Now 20% off – $5340
Save $442

3 Seater and 2 1/2 Seater
Now 15% off – $5920
Save $1010

Hudson Leather Recliner
Electric Double Action
Now 20% off – $7540
Save $1899

3 Seater and 2 1/2 Seater
Now 15% off – $5350
Save $932

3 1/2 Seater and 3 Seater
Now 20% off – $6920
Save $1753

Sorrento Leather Recliner
3 1/2 Seater Chaise and Recliner
2 1/2 Seater Double Recliner
All Electric Actions
Now 20% off – $9950
Save $2485

Do you deliver Australia Wide?

Yes, as we said earlier Sulfaro will deliver to all States. The consideration is that you are purchasing Australian made, high quality, crafted furniture that is unique. Hand built in our modern Workshop and studios, it really is worth that little extra to ensure quality, impeccable design and workmanship resulting in truly luxurious comfort.

“I want to purchase the item in this picture”

Certainly, you can screenshot it and email it to us at Add your telephone details and we can call you back if you prefer with pricing and delivery details.

Sulfaro Furniture is without doubt the very best in hand built, hand crafted furniture now available Australia wide. All Sulfaro Furniture uses Australian made materials wherever possible. The Sulfaro Studio and Workshop employs local artisans, tradesmen and women. In purchasing from Sulfaro, your money remains in Australia and benefits not only our staff and their families, but ultimately the Australian Economy.

Purchasing from the large furniture warehouses sees your money remitted offshore. Robotically manufactured to cookie cutter formulas, customers have very little choice in what can be purchased.

Sulfaro is a family business. When you purchase from Sulfaro you become part of our greater Sulfaro family. All Sulfaro furniture is guaranteed on workmanship for a lifetime. And there is a simple reason for this. The reason? It is without doubt the very best furniture available in Australia today.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

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