Sulfaro – 100% Australian Made

Today more than ever is the time to support Australian made products. In supporting Australian made you are maintaining Australian manufacturing, Australian jobs and employment.

The majority of furniture currently sold in Australia in imported, mostly from China. Quite simply the profit is being remitted offshore and is of little or no benefit to the Australian economy.

Australia used to have a thriving manufacturing sector. Much of the furniture we grew up with was made here in Australia. It is a testament to its quality that a considerable quantity of it is still in use after restoration.

Today, Sulfaro is one of the few remaining local manufacturers. All Sulfaro furniture from frame-making through to completed upholstery is handcrafted and hand built, here in Melbourne at our modern Mitcham Studio and Workshop. We employ local artisans and tradespeople and provide apprenticeships as well as Work Experience programs for young people interested in a career in the furniture industry. In supporting us and other Australian manufacturers you are in fact supporting our work forces and their families.

Quite simply we urge you to ‘Buy Australian’ wherever possible. Never before has it been so important to do so. The reality is we produce materials of the highest quality right here in Australia – in our case furniture, and with broad migration having extended for over 100 years in Australia, anything you could purchase offshore is likely manufactured right here now to a higher standard with guaranteed quality.

At Sulfaro, we are expecting to re-open our Showrooms in Mitcham (650-652 Whitehorse Rd – 1km west of the EastLink) in October, hopefully mid-month if the numbers keep improving and stabilise. Schedule a visit and experience for yourself the superb quality and design of our complete Sulfaro Collection. Visit our website and browse to select your new lounge suite, sofas, armchairs or dining settings.

But remember ‘Buy Australian’ and select Sulfaro. it really is the very best furniture available in Australia today.

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