Craftsmanship – the real secret to beautiful Furniture. Sulfaro – Australian Made Quality, Design and Comfort. Spring Sale Now.

There is a real difference with all Sulfaro Furniture. You notice it immediately. Quality? Yes – Exquisite design? Yes – and Superb comfort? Most definitely – and there is a very good reason for this. All Sulfaro Furniture is handmade and handcrafted by expert experienced craftsmen and women. Artisans and Tradespeople carefully create and build your lounge suite, sofas, armchairs and recliners – right here in Melbourne.

It’s all done under the watchful and experienced eye of Master Craftsman Santo Sulfaro. Sulfaro is a family business, originally set up in the early 1960s by Santo’s father Nunzio. The Sulfaro Collection is based on the principals of traditional furniture making, the result is pure European elegance with a generous touch of Italian artistry and flair.

All Sulfaro Furniture is manufactured at our modern Studio and Workshop, Mitcham located in Melbourne’s East. Framemakers, upholsterers, seamstresses – furniture builders all work in harmony to create the symphony that is a Sulfaro masterpiece. It’s totally unique and yet it’s current and on trend with fabrics and leathers selected from the world’s leading suppliers and Australia’s leading fabric houses.

Visit our website and inspect our full collection. Sulfaro offers a magnificent selection of traditional and classic European style furniture as well as a superb range of modern, contemporary (Hamptons influenced) lounge suites, sofas, armchairs and occasional chairs.

The Sulfaro Signature range is our premium selection. It represents our most popular sofas, armchairs and lounge suites with complimentary accessories such as coffee tables, side tables, lamps, rugs, mats and simply gorgeous ornaments.

Our full collection can be viewed as follows…

We also offer a complete selection of both modern and traditional Dining suites, in polished timbers, also with glass, ceramic and marble tops. All Sulfaro Dining chairs are individually crafted and finished with selected fabrics and leathers.

Call us on 03 9872 4608 to order or enquire as to price, or email us at We are only too happy to assist.

At the moment, whilst in the last few weeks of lockdown we are offering the following specials on nominated floor stock.


Octavia – New Design Release
3 Seater and 2 ½ Seater
Now 20% – $6920
Save $1730

3 Seater and 2 ½ Seater
Now 20% off – $5340
Save $442

3 Seater and 2 ½ Seater
Now 15% off – $5920
Save $1010

Hudson Leather Recliner
Electric Double Action
Now 20% off – $7540
Save $1899

3 Seater and 2 ½ Seater
Now 15% off – $5350
Save $932

3 ½ Seater and 3 Seater
Now 20% off – $6920
Save $1753

Sorrento Leather Recliner
3 ½ Seater Chaise and Recliner
2 ½ Seater Double Recliner
All electric actions
Now 20% off – $9950
Save $2485

The really refreshing difference at Sulfaro is that you actually get to choose and select your fabrics, colours and finishing. Take the time to discuss your preferences and the options available to you with Amelia Sulfaro and her design team. Make a selection from our Collection and then customise to suit your taste and the desired look and feel you hope to achieve.

You can decide on the fabrics and leathers you desire from our huge range of world class materials available to you and for your selection. You get to choose whether you have skirting, fringing, straight back or scatterback (cushions). you decide on the firmness of your cushioning, the piping, the timber finishing, brass castors or timber feet. Your reward? You get to enjoy exactly what you want and desire – no compromise.

In this regard Sulfaro are indeed unique. In most cases (nearly all actually), upholstered furniture is mass produced offshore to simple formulas. What you see is what you get. Quality is low and the furniture generally is not renowned for longevity.

Sulfaro, on the other hand provide a lifetime guarantee on all workmanship. And with proper care and upkeep, your Sulfaro Lounge suite will do exactly that – last you a lifetime. It’s what we call the Sulfaro Experience – a lifetime of comfort and pleasure – pure relaxation on every level.

Whether you live in Melbourne, in Sydney, Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Pt Douglas or Unley in Adelaide, Sulfaro is the right choice. We deliver Australia wide.

For the perfect suit you attend a Tailor, for the perfect fit and style in shoes, you buy handmade shoes – Italian. And so it is with furniture, experience the very best in European elegance and style, Italian design and superb craftsmanship unmatched in Australia – Sulfaro, simply the right selection.

Call now on 03 9872 4608 for enquiries on pricing and ordering or email us at for a prompt response.

Sulfaro – the very best in Quality, Comfort and Design.

‘It’s from Sulfaro’

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