Spring Sale – Commences Sept 2nd at Sulfaro

Springtime is the season of renewal, refreshment and regrowth. The blossom appears first then daffodils and jonquils. The days begin to lengthen, the light intensify as the season progresses on. Spring fashions emerge with new colours, new styles. As we leave the gloom of winter behind, a little more sunlight reveals hidden secrets. The family lounge suite now looks so worn and tired! So it’s time to visit Sulfaro and refresh and renew, selecting something new and exciting. A step up in quality, comfort and style. It’s time to renew your living areas with genuine handcrafted furniture from Melbourne’s own Sulfaro Furniture – new fabrics, new colours, new styles. It’s time for the Sulfaro experience.

Why Sulfaro? It’s a simple decision really. The Sulfaro Collection demonstrates an unrelenting pursuit of excellence in design, quality and detail. A Sulfaro lounge suite, sofa or occasional chair is handcrafted from start to finish right here in Melbourne at our Mitcham workshop. Established in 1962 by family patriarch Nunzio Sulfaro, the enterprise remains a family business. Now managed by his son Santo Sulfaro and Santo’s wife Amelia Sulfaro, the Sulfaro team of artisans still display an unwavering insistence on utilising the traditional furniture making and upholstery skills first introduced by Nunzio Sulfaro over 50 years ago.

When you purchase from Sulfaro you are taking ownership of a genuine handbuilt masterpiece, guaranteed to last you a lifetime. Today the design templates are still crafted by Nunzio Sulfaro and the same traditional methods of upholstery and framing ensure your Sulfaro creation is indeed a classic piece of furniture. And not only is it complete quality – it looks and feels amazing.


Whether it is a traditional or classic style or a more contemporary or modern design, you can be assured that it is put together with the same love and true appreciation of fine furniture that has been and still is the hallmark of the Sulfaro family – an uncompromising passion for true excellence in both design and comfort.

Selecting the very best in fine leathers, woollens, cottons, linens and composite fabrics – all sourced from the world’s leading fabric houses and leather suppliers, there are no substitutes – it has to be quality every time. With Francesca Sulfaro (Nunzio Sulfaro’s wife) along with Amelia Sulfaro ensuring that the latest colours, styles and types of fabric are made available along with popular and timeless favourites, Sulfaro is simply a superb choice when selecting quality crafted furniture.


Sulfaro does not offer cheap imported furniture, nor does it do production line ‘cookie-cutter’ modular furniture. All Sulfaro Furniture is original in design, handbuilt and crafted by skilled artisans, upholsterers and seamstresses. Customers can customise their selections choosing different fabrics, colours, piping, timber finishes, and even castors. At Sulfaro, we will be as individual as you are.

Right now we are preparing for our annual Spring Sale. From Sept 2nd onwards a wide range of floor stock will carry discounts of up to 40%. Visit our showrooms now at 650-652 Whitehorse Rd Mitcham (Cnr of Cochrane St), approx 1km west of the Ringwood offramps on Eastlink.

We are open 7 days per week…

  • From 10am to 5pm Monday to Saturday
  • From 11am to 4pm Sundays

Call now and schedule an appointment with Amelia Sulfaro to make your selections. Visit our website and browse our collection. You are welcome to bring floorplans and fabric samples to discuss your personal vision for your home and its interior design.

Take the time to ensure you select the lounge suite, sofa or armchairs that guarantees you a lifetime of comfort, luxury and sheer enjoyment.

Sulfaro – It’s simply the best.

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