Sulfaro’s Stocktake Sale – it starts today June 1st

prada corner IMG_0020

Prada Corner with Chaise

Sulfaro – the art of furniture. Beautiful upholstered classic and traditional sofas, armchairs and dining settings. Soft contemporary styling with plush fabrics. Rich vibrant colours or neutral whites, creams and beiges. There is a suite to suit your taste and your budget at Sulfaro. European style and comfort. Sulfaro – it’s a family tradition. A tradition right now you can afford.

prada corner IMG_0018

Prada Corner Sofa

From its earliest days, when first established in 1960 the Sulfaro Furniture business has followed the long held traditions of the master craftsmen of Europe. Nunzio Sulfaro, the business patriarch and founder, from day one has produced superior Australian made furniture, a range that is elegant, individual, luxurious and comfortable. Now his son Santo has enjoyed the benefit of his knowledge and guidance and carries on this same tradition, imparting these same standards of quality, craftsmanship and excellent design into every individual piece of Sulfaro Furniture – every time.

Balwyn 01x

Balwyn Sofa

Choosing a Sulfaro Furniture selection is a choice many people consider a life changing decision. Sulfaro create timeless masterpieces, Furniture you can be proud of – it looks good, feels good and is immaculate in its presentation – made and crafted right on the premises at its Mitcham address. And when the time comes in the future, Sulfaro is right there ready to re-upholster and refresh your Sulfaro Furniture to your complete  satisfaction.

Olivia Suitex

Olivia Suite

At this time of year we require floorspace for our new season’s Sofas, Armchairs, Dining Chairs and Settings, Ottomans and accessories. It’s our Stocktake Sale and it’s the perfect time for customers to strike a great deal on selected items in our showrooms. Many of those items are now priced attractively. Come out to visit us 7 day per week at 650-652 Whitehorse Rd Mitcham and make your selection. With up too 40% off on a number of Sofas and settings, it’s the right time to buy. Be quick as it’s sure to be a very popular sale. Don’t miss out.

Praham T Cushion

Praham T Cushion Sofa

Sulfaro offer classic elegance in quality hand made furniture. Talk to us about your requirements. Our design team are more than happy to work with you to discover the style that suits your home, which fabrics work best with your interior design. Sulfaro have access to a huge range of fabrics and will work with clients on individual custom designs and bespoke furniture when requested. We have an exciting range of traditional and contemporary furniture to suit all interior designs and satisfy your requirements.

Call Now on 9872 4608 and book an appointment to discuss your needs.

Sulfaro – Real craftsmanship – Real value. Luxury, Comfort and Design.

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