Move Over Minimalism – The Decor Trend You Never Saw Coming Is Here

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Interior Design has been trending towards the Minimalist look for several years now. Until now that is. In the US and Britain as well as in Italy and other parts of Europe there is a strong move trending to a far more lived in look, a maximalist look if you like. People are embracing a new trend that celebrates their lives and reflects this through their artwork, wallpaper, ornaments, furniture and fabric, both the decorative and the purposeful.

Indoor plants and floral decoratives are now making a big return. Many people enjoy the living nature of indoor plants or the symbolism of natural settings in their living spaces decoratively.

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Here is an article reprinted from My Domaine in its Decor section. My Domaine is a US publication from Los Angeles.

Move Over, Minimalism — the Décor Trend You Never Saw Coming Is Here

Increasingly minimal interiors have been dominating décor trend reports for a while now, but as we all know, the pendulum always has to swing back the other way at some point. We started seeing a glimpse of this shift in aesthetics on NYFW’s A/W 17 runways and predicted interiors would follow suit. In the last month, this sentiment has only been confirmed with the proliferation of ultra-cool traditionalist interiors popping up everywhere.

Have we seen enough of monochrome interiors with minimal styling? Maybe not (we’re still all over the new modern trend), but there’s something to be said about a traditional interior executed in a fresh new way. Just like a good Chanel suit will always look flawless on Anna Wintour, some elements of traditional interiors always add flair to a room. Want to learn the best tricks for decorating a traditional home without making if feel stuffy? Get ahead of the curve and incorporate these timeless décor rules in your own space.

Use One Dominant Colour


No matter how much of a minimalist you are, it’s hard not to fall in love with the playroom of Marie Claire fashion editor Zanna Roberts Rassi. Her designer’s trick for a traditional interior that also feels fresh and modern: going bold with one colour. The red toile wallpaper mixed with a bold striped Dhurrie in the same hue create a vibrant backdrop for other accessories like a classic burlwood armoire, swing-arm sconces, and tailored slip-covered sofa bed.

Throw in Modern Lighting


You may have an entirely formal and traditional dining room, but there’s one quick way to make it feel fresh again: Just add a minimal chandelier. This is a great way to refresh your space when you inherited a set of furniture that isn’t necessarily your style or to infuse personality into a space that feels too formal.

Go Entirely Neutral


If there was one house that had the power to turn anyone into a traditionalist, it would be Mark D. Sikes’s Los Angeles home. His trick for making a classic interior feels bright and fresh: to decorate entirely in shades of white and cream (with a few black accents). This unity in tone allows the shapes of the furniture to shine without looking overpowering.

Mix in Some Modern


British interior designer Ben Pentreath knows a thing or two about classic interiors, but he always manages to make them feel new and different. In this traditional dining room, he added a clean striped dhurrie as a base and softened the furniture with a modern Saarinen table by Knoll. He then mixed in traditional elements in lush emerald green tones to make them stand out.

Light Up Your Bookcase


There are a few elements of traditional design that are timeless staples, and for good reason: They work every single time. Case in point: Picture lights above bookcases and artwork always add a sophisticated flair to a space, no matter how traditional or modern.

Don’t Mix and Match


The quickest way to make your traditional room feel stale is to decorate with only one style. Instead, use your maximalist flair for mixing in elements from different parts of the world and different time periods. Don’t be afraid to mix and match your chairs to blend the lines between modern and traditional.

Decorate With Sculptural Plants


Amy Stone’s stunning New York prewar apartment is proof that traditional interiors can look young and fresh no matter how classic. Adding in a tall banana-leaf plant and a pair of vintage cantilever rattan chairs softened the look of the more traditional furniture, giving the whole space a laid-back edge.


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