With a Love of Craftsmanship and a Tradition of Artistry. Sulfaro – Made by Hand.

Ralph Lauren is renowned for his vision, his impeccable taste and his ability to deliver pure beauty. As a Designer he is without peer.

I design for the home the way I design for a man or a woman with the same attention to detail and the same eye for what is beautiful and unique.

Things made by hand are rare in our world. They represent a love of craftsmanship inspired by a tradition of artistry handed down over generations. 

Quality improves with age and use. That’s the underlying principle for my collections for the home. Designing for interiors, or creating home furnishings, is one of the last places left where striving for perfection is still respected. 

Every stitch, every detail represents a passion and a love to create something one of a kind. My goal is to bring a tradition of quality and good taste to all the places we call home.’

  • Ralph Lauren 

This is the ethos that drives us in our endeavours at Sulfaro. For sixty years our team of Artisans have continued to create and produce simply beautiful, handcrafted furniture. Ageless design, timeless beauty, carefully hand-built by a very talented and gifted team at Sulfaro to meet with your exacting standards. The result? Unique and stylish design that complements your stunning interiors with comfort and a touch of pure luxury. 

Sulfaro – The Essential Difference 

It is this genuine attention to detail and the handcrafting of each individual piece of furniture that sets Sulfaro apart from other retailers, as Ralph Lauren says 

“Things made by hand are rare in this world.”

Here at Sulfaro this means the frame making, the upholstery, including stainless steel springs, the leather and fabric selections, and the cushioning, are all selected to give you the support and comfort you require. It’s valuable time spent with you the customer to ensure your selection of fabrics, finishing and accessories meets your expectations and preferences. 

Select Stunning Accessories from the Sulfaro Collection

Complement your selected and refined upholstered furnishings with our eclectic, dazzling selection of decor and design accessories, credenzas, side cabinets and buffets, detailed, elegant for the perfect completion of your new interior styling. Coffee tables, side tables, a fabulous range of lamps, ornaments and art, sumptuous rugs – the end result, comfort, luxury and a home to love, a home for living – your home, your style.

Sulfaro Website 

Visit our website to browse our full Sulfaro Collection 

Signature Selection

The Signature Selection offers a series of interior design vignettes by well-known Interior Decorator and Designer Amanda Richmond. It features some of our most popular sofas, armchairs, occasional chairs and accessories.

  • Decor and Design Accessories
    A complete range of accessories including coffee tables, credenzas, buffets, side cabinets, lamps and much more.

Dining Settings From Sulfaro 

Sulfaro also offer a complete range of dining settings. From fully expandable dining tables that seat up to 16 people, finished in rich polished timbers through to compact units that seat 4-6 people, suitable for breakfast rooms or sun-rooms, all with sturdy matching dining chairs, finished in exclusive fabrics and fine leathers. 

Customisation and Interior Design Service

At Sulfaro take the opportunity to select the sofa design or chair design that appeals to you and then confer with our in-house Design Team to determine the fabrics and finishing that you desire – piping, buttoning, fringing, skirting, cushioning and more. Our skilled team of artisans and tradespeople will then create the furniture you desire with care and finesse –‘every stitch, every detail represents a passion and a love to create something one of a kind’ 

Schedule a meeting with Amelia Sulfaro, our Retail Manager and her Design Team at your convenience by calling 03 9872 4608, or leave your details here for a prompt reply. In selecting Sulfaro you have taken the first step in your Sulfaro Experience. You are choosing a lifetime of comfort, quality and superb, stylish design. All Sulfaro carries a lifetime guarantee on all workmanship. 

The Sulfaro Showrooms Open 7 Days 

Visit our showrooms – we are open 7 days a week. Take a seat, relax and enjoy the experience of the very best at Sulfaro. 100% Australian made and owned.  

‘Things Made by Hand Are Rare in our World’

Sulfaro – simply the very best


Sulfaro showrooms are located at 650-652 Whitehorse Road, Mitcham, corner Cochrane Street, approximately one kilometre west of the Ringwood off ramps on Eastlink. There is ample off-street parking available.



Monday to Saturday 10am to 5pm.

Sunday 11am to 4pm.

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