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Article from Best Interior Designs – interview with top Italian Designer Carlo Donati, April 23, 2020.

 The Carlo Donati Studio’s work is mostly focused on different types of interior design projects that highlight the power of fine craftsmanship techniques. Surrounded with one of the world’s best craftsmanship culture, this brand-new furniture collection with Essential Home was the perfect opportunity to combine two of his many passions: craftsmanship and a modern approach of the mid-century style.

Italian Designer Carlo Donati

Whether it is residential design, villa or even commercial projects the Italian design studio has become one of the most renowned experts not only in Italy but also worldwide.  It’s founder, Carlo Donati was born in Zibello (Parma) in 1965 and studied architecture at the Politecnico of Milan where he graduated in 1992. Passionate about the world of design and all of its creative possibilities, Carlo has featured a strong aesthetic and sense of beauty from a young age. “Memories of details in my friends’ houses or in hotels during family vacations have monopolized my imagination since early childhood. Since then, beauty to me represented a matter of proportions, colours and details”, he explained.

During his twenties, the Italian designer started working for historic architectural firms in Milan, such as Studio BBPR and Gregotti. A few years later, in 1995, Carlo Donati moved to New York to be the consultant architect of one of the most famous luxury design groups in the world, also known as Versace. “Though his style was different from mine and rather decorative, I found his creativity and taste for colours very inspiring.” During that time, the Italian interior designer was challenged with the renovation of Gianni Versace’s townhouse and the historic Vanderbilt Mansion, the main flagship store on Fifth Avenue.

After working as a consultant for Gianni Versace, the Italian firm worked on the image or other distinguished brands, like Aldo Coppola, Liberty of London, Linea più- A2A, Stybiella and Colefax & Fowler. Currently, the Studio Donati is the responsibility of the artistic direction of the Slowear fashion brand and they are developing the new retail concept and design of several stores and showrooms not only across Italy but also worldwide.

In 1996, Donati decided to create not only his own firm “Carlo Donati Studio”, but also the “Farnese Contract” with Adriano Donati and Massimo Avanzini, that operates as a general contractor, working with the most successful design studios. “In every project, I design custom made furniture, both for residential or retail projects because I believe that each work requires special attention to furniture details”, explained the Italian designer.

A Carlo Donati design

With a peculiar contemporary signature style that features deep roots in the past, Donati loves to search for inspiration in the architectural landmarks and Italian design references of the post-war modernism (like  Gio Ponti, Osvaldo Borsani, Franco Albini), as well as the magic abstract scenography by Bob Wilson, the interiors in Stanley Kubrick’s or Quentin Tarantino’s movies. In the world where the guidelines are timeless elegance and strong character, the designer likes “to contaminate the design with details which can be both precious or low-cost budget but always elegant and peculiar creating unexpected contrast.” His most recent inspirations were the famous Korean movie called “Parasite” by Bong Joon-ho that won the 2020 Oscar.

In every design project, no matter the style (contemporary, mid-century or modern), Carlo Donati’s minimalist approach is always contaminated by chromatic and graphic suggestions inspired by the theme chosen in the planning process. “If I think about all the projects we did, the best results always came from synergy and a strong feeling with the client. This friction can be a source of creativity and can bring us to better solutions”, said the interior designer.

Another Carlo Donati design

Obsessed with perfection and attention to every detail, the Italian designer loves to use both artificial and natural light to emphasize volumes and perspectives of his design project.The Italian design studio is currently working on a new residential building with luxury apartments and utilities in Milandowntown. “I believe it’s important to be very updated on the actual trends of the industry but at the same time to be able to work on different tracks out of the mainstream in order to anticipate new trends, be original and try in our little field to be some kind of disruptive”, enlightened Carlo Donati. His constant research for new material solutions and the attention for the chromatic palette is what makes his design projects so exclusive.

Sulfaro Furniture was established in the 1960’s by family patriarch Nunzio Sulfaro with a similar vision. The Sulfaro methodology is to design the furniture to suit living areas of your home, your dwelling. Each piece is individual and crafted to express your taste, your vision and, ultimately, your home. 

Utilising traditional European furniture making techniques, handed down over generations, the Sulfaro methodology in crafting fine furniture still requires very real skill and artisanship. Master Craftsman Santo Sulfaro and his team lovingly create each piece, adding that touch of elegant Italian design and styling. To start your Sulfaro experience first visit our website and browse our fabulous Sulfaro Collection – stunning designs, pure elegance, crafted for your comfort. 

View our Signature Selection first and select from some of our most popular pieces – sofas, armchairs, occasional chairs paired with accessories and décor in beautiful design settings. 

Then review our full catalogue here and select the sofa or chair design you prefer –

 Contemporary / Modern
On trend, modern design, sleek, low, comfortable.

·  Traditional / European
Elegant Classic European, timeless beauty, stunning design.

·  Classic / Hamptons
Relaxed yet formal, stylish – comfort from the Hamptons.

·  Recliners / Motion Suites
Pure relaxation and comfort. Sit back, stretch out, pure enjoyment.

·  Decor and Design Accessories 

A complete range of accessories including coffee tables, credenzas, buffets, side cabinets, lamps and much more.


First step – select the fabrics or leathers you desire from our extensive collection at Sulfaro. We select fabrics and fine leathers from both Australia’s and the world’s leading fabric houses and fine leather suppliers, for your consideration. Select the colours, the fabrics or blends and accessories. Choose whether you feature buttoning, studding, skirting, piping or cushioning. Nominate the size that is appropriate for your needs, create the lounge suite you desire faithfully to the vision you have in mind. There is no need to compromise. 

Why not enlist the services of our experienced and expert Design Team to assist you in customising your selected furniture and in creating the layout and floor plan that truly expresses your interior design concepts and ideas. Take a seat with Amelia Sulfaro and her team to develop a gorgeous vista in your home utilising the Sulfaro Collection for your pallete. Experience a lifetime of comfort and pleasure with true luxury from Sulfaro.

Simply call on 03 9872 4608 to confirm a time for a consultation at your convenience (this services is absolutely free to all Sulfaro customers and clients). 

Schedule a visit to our extensive showrooms spread over two huge stores located in Mitcham in Melbourne’s east (details below). Sulfaro presents a superb range of floor stock available for purchase right now. Many items are currently marked down by up to 40%, ready for delivery to your home upon order. 

Order your custom designed lounge suite, sofa or armchairs for pre-Christmas delivery now. Sulfaro will continue to accept Christmas/holiday orders up until August 31st to guarantee delivery in time. 

All Sulfaro furniture is 100% Australian made, created and crafted exclusively at our Mitcham studios and workshop. Wherever possible Australian materials are selected and utilised – framing, fabrics and fine leathers, cushioning, stainless steel springs and accessories. 

Australian made ‘ ensures that your purchase returns money to the Australian economy, local industry and specialist Australian artisans, upholsterers and tradespeople currently employed by Sulfaro.  

Sulfaro adheres to first sourcing of Australian products and materials in all its production and manufacturing activity. 

Exclusive furniture crafted and individually created for your comfort and relaxation; designed for beauty, proportion and space. The Sulfaro tradition – classic, traditional or contemporary, stylish luxury designed to last you a lifetime. 

It’s from Sulfaro and it’s Simply the Very Best. 


Sulfaro showrooms are located at 650-652 Whitehorse Road, Mitcham, corner Cochrane Street, approximately one kilometer west of the Ringwood off ramps on Eastlink. There is ample off street parking available.



Monday to Saturday 10am to 5pm.

Sunday 11am to 4pm.

Fully air conditioned and heated, as required.

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