Sulfaro – Open for business ‘Virtually’ – Elegant European Style Furniture – Made in Australia


Right now, here in Melbourne, we are spending most of our time at home. An hour a day of exercise, then it’s back home. With the cold weather, comfort is more important than ever. Our Lounge suites, Sofas, Armchairs and occasional chairs at home are experiencing a real workout, and for many of us, it’s shown us one thing – It’s time for a change. It’s time to move up to the ‘Sulfaro Experience’.

With everyone’s main connection to the world now being through the internet and online, what better time to start searching for that exquisite new Sofa and armchairs. The very first site to visit must be Sulfaro. Sulfaro Furniture, made here in Melbourne for over 50 years – Stylish, comfortable, high quality, handmade and handcrafted furniture with a touch of elegant Italian design.

We offer a simply amazing Collection of both Contemporary and Traditional Classic Furniture. Custom designed and built to suit your taste, your needs and your sense of style. Individual – using the very best in Australian materials, with fabrics and leathers selected from both Australia’s and the world’s leading suppliers.


Browse our website at and select the sofa, armchairs and accessories you desire. Next step? Call us on 03 9872 4608 to customise your selection to suit your taste and your interior decor. Arrange a suitable time for a virtual conference on Zoom, Messenger, Skype or Whatsapp. Call us for details on 03 9872 4608 or email us at

There are two directions you can take. the first is to simply focus on your Lounge suite – the Sofa, Armchairs, ottomans you desire and perhaps also your dining chairs to match. Take the opportunity to select the fabrics or leathers best suited to your needs – the Sulfaro Design team can assist you in this. Select the look – decorative with fringe or skirt, piping or buttons, scatterback or fullback, castors or wooden feet – there is simply a wonderful selection of options available to you.

classic hamptons

Alternatively, you may opt for a clean contemporary look – modern, sleek, modular and low. You can determine the size of your sofa from 2 seater through to full corner units.


The other direction you can take is to work with our design team in creating a full interior design plan. Lounge suites, Dining suites, mats, rugs, lamps, objets de art, will be selected to match your existing layout, flooring, paint schemes and fixtures.

Either option is an entirely FREE service. Think about it – would you prefer the ultimate in comfort, handcrafted, handmade furniture custom designed to suit your taste and your needs, featuring the finest in fabrics and leathers with a lifetime guarantee on all workmanship – yes that’s right – a lifetime guarantee!

Or a simple cookie cutter imported unit from the showroom floor, robotically manufactured in sub-standard conditions offshore?

The Sulfaro Experience is tactile, it’s luxurious. It’s excellence in design and offers superb quality. It’s as individual as you are. Feel the touch of supple leathers, smooth fabrics as your hand glides across them. Real comfort – real enjoyment. Furniture you and your family can be proud of for a lifetime.


Want to see more? Why not start here with our Sulfaro Signature Selection. You can view each individual piece here in our main sections as follows.


Handcrafted, hand built furniture made in Australia is uncommon. The quality is simply without peer. In purchasing from Sulfaro you are supporting Australian Industry and local employment. It’s unique, created entirely by master craftsmen and women, here in Melbourne.

Don’t hesitate to call or email us and start the conversation. Sulfaro is a family business and we genuinely understand the importance of family and your family home. Let us add to its comfort and beauty with genuine Sulfaro Furniture. Call us on 9872 4608 during Business Hours or email us at It’s time to start your journey, your Sulfaro experience.

Currently our showrooms are closed due to Covid 19 restrictions but we are expecting to reopen in September when the current restrictions are eased.

Please note Sulfaro Furniture can ship/deliver furniture nationally all over Australia as well as New Zealand if required.


So, stay well, stay safe and stay comfortable and take this opportunity to renew and refresh your living areas – with Sulfaro.

Sulfaro – it’s simply the very best.

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