Quality, Superb Design and Total Comfort – Sulfaro Furniture – The ‘Made In Melbourne Sale’ On Now.


When selecting new furniture, we are offered myriad of choices. From superb handcrafted, hand built furniture made right here in Melbourne, through to cheap imported ‘cookie cutter’ pieces found in the big furniture warehouses and barns. Don’t settle for anything less than the highest quality. Choose furniture that’s built for a lifetime – not a few seasons. And Sulfaro Furniture is simply the best – the highest quality available, elegant and truly stylish.

With Sulfaro, handcrafting means applying just that little extra in terms of stitching, cushioning, springs (stainless steel) and framing. Upholstery is the key to quality furniture being built to last. By hand building and handcrafting all Sulfaro furniture we can offer a lifetime guarantee on all workmanship. The end result is a beautiful piece of furniture carefully crafted and created using traditional methods handed down over many generations. From concept to completion, the process is overseen by Master Craftsman Santo Sulfaro, with each stage being lovingly crafted by skilled and trained artisans – upholsterers, frame-makers and seamstresses.

In the past, the trade of Upholstery was known as ‘Upholding’. Furniture as we know it was first crafted over 400 years ago. At first it was the heavy block like furniture of Germany, but with time the introduction of the fine and refined styling of Italian furniture began to influence all European furniture. Furniture in Britain and France started to demonstrate these trends in the 18th and 19th centuries. The elegant furniture of the French Provincial period was a clear demonstration of this transference.

Sulfaro Furniture has its foundation in the traditional Furniture making crafts of Italy and Europe. Following tried and true methodologies is the only way of achieving true comfort, durability and quality in upholstered furniture. From the early 1960s, the Sulfaro brand has produced exquisitely designed high quality upholstered furniture, both in traditional classics and modern contemporary – sofas, armchairs, occasional chairs, dining chairs and tables, ottomans and a full range of gorgeous complimentary accessories – made right here in Melbourne.

And this is the reason you should really consider selecting Sulfaro when you decide to purchase a new lounge suite. A Sulfaro Sofa, Armchair or Dining Setting is built and crafted to last a lifetime at our modern well equipped studios and workshop here in Mitcham, our Melbourne headquarters.

What’s the difference? With Sulfaro you know that should you require repairs or assistance, the manufacturer is a phone call away, you can speak to them directly. The furniture is built to last a lifetime. When you buy cheaper furniture, its use-by date looms from the day you purchase it, a poor investment. You’ll pay a price not dissimilar to what you pay for quality yet again within 5 years there is every likelihood you’ll have to make a similar purchase again.


Buying from Sulfaro Furniture supports local industry, local employment and ultimately Australia’s balance of trade – it protects Australian jobs and the Australian economy.

The durability and quality is down to the extra care, the superior quality materials used – timber framing, cushioning, steel springs and the fabric and leathers selected. It is indeed a very solid investment in your family’s future. But more importantly it’s simply beautiful – sleek lines, smooth warm fabrics and superbly comfortable furniture with genuine support.

Right now you can achieve up to 40% discount on nominated and marked items on our showroom floors – the same hand crafted hand finished furniture we’ve been discussing – it’s definitely worth a showroom visit.

Schedule your visit and select from our extraordinary range of floor stock available, with over two huge showrooms of elegant stylish traditional and contemporary furniture.

The Sulfaro Showrooms are located at 650-652 Whitehorse Rd, Mitcham, cnr of Cochrane St, approximately 1km west of the EastLink exit ramps.

Opening hours as follows:

  • 10am to 5pm, Mon to Sat
  • 11am to 4pm Sundays


Experience the true comfort, and the tactile luxury, the complete quality of a Sulfaro Lounge Suite, Sofa or Armchair. Take a seat and relax, truly relax – it’s the Sulfaro experience and you really do deserve it – Sulfaro, it’s simply the best.


Made in Melbourne Sale at Sulfaro Furniture – Up to 40% Discount.


When purchasing new furniture there are important considerations. Design, quality and finishing are all equally important. At Sulfaro it is the attention to detail in the refined stitching, the superb comfort of selected cushioning (foam or down), the exquisite designs and the knowledge that you really are making the purchase of a lifetime – it’s the Sulfaro experience.

All Sulfaro Furniture is hand built and handcrafted right here in Melbourne at our Mitcham Studio and Workshop located at the rear of our spacious showrooms. It is truly an integrated operation. Furniture once completed is either delivered to clients or makes its way onto our showroom floor.

Right now is the perfect time to select from our extensive Sulfaro Collection and enjoy great savings and value. Spread over two very large showrooms, you will find many of our most popular lounge suites, sofas, armchairs and accessories marked down by as much as 40%. Why? We simply need the space for some of our more recent new designs. Sulfaro Furniture is timeless. We offer a wide range of Traditional and Contemporary selections. Add to this a beautiful range of Dining settings and occasional furniture such as Credenzas, Cabinets, Side Tables, Coffee Tables and Lamps, plus much, much more in terms of ornaments, rugs and objets de art – there is a spectacular world of choice.

Our trained and skilled artisans do not cut corners. At Sulfaro we select only the finest fabrics and leathers from the world’s leading suppliers. Frame makers, upholsterers, seamstresses all take pride in producing simply exquisite furniture – all under the watchful eye of Master Craftsman Santo Sulfaro.

You can start your journey, your Sulfaro experience, right now. Browse our website here. Click on Collection and choose from our extensive range of superb luxury furniture. Our most popular lines can be viewed in our Signature Selection. To assist you further we offer the following categories for your appraisal and enjoyment.


Take the time to quietly browse through each category to find the style, the design that best suits your tastes and interior design of your home.

Right now is the perfect time to visit our showrooms and experience the luxury, the comfort of authentic handcrafted Sulfaro furniture. No need for an appointment, just drive out to our Mitcham Showrooms (details below) and begin your Sulfaro Experience. Take a seat on your favourite sofa or armchair, sink back and relax. Feel the support, enjoy the feeling of fine fabrics and leathers. It’s real quality down to the smallest detail.

For a more individual approach, customers can book a time with our Design team to create and customise the Lounge Suite, Sofa or Armchairs of your choosing. Select the fabrics or leathers, the colours, the accessories such as piping, skirting or fringe. Provide your measurements to ensure a perfect fit for your new furniture in your living room. Recliner? Sofa bed? – it’s all possible at Sulfaro. And it all comes with a lifetime guarantee on all workmanship.

Truthfully, what would you prefer? Genuine quality handcrafted, locally made upholstered furniture, your choice of fabrics, leathers and colours – or a simple cookie-cutter, mass produced sofa from a third world robotic manufacturer. Similar components but much lower in quality and craftsmanship.


It’s the knowledge of the master craftsmen and skilled artisans that can take the very best of materials – framing, springs, cushioning and fabric and turn them into a masterpiece of luxury, comfort and design – a truly elegant piece of refined furniture you will be proud to own.

Our showrooms are located at 650-652 Whitehorse Road Mitcham, corner of Cochrane Street, approximately 1km west of the Eastlink Ringwood exit ramps. Sulfaro Furniture showrooms are open 7 days per week.

  • 10am – 5pm Monday to Saturday
  • 11am – 4pm Sundays

Now is the time to enjoy up to 40% discount on indicated floorstock. This is currently being offered on many of our most popular lines. Make your way out to our showrooms this week to experience the Sulfaro difference – support Australian made products and local business. Help to ensure local employment. And the end result? You get to enjoy the real luxury and comfort of Sulfaro Furniture for a lifetime. It starts right now.


Sulfaro Furniture – it’s simply the very best.

Sulfaro – Made in Melbourne – Italian Design – European Excellence

Selecting a new lounge suite, sofa or dining setting is a very important life changing purchase for many people. At the very least, most people will anticipate 10 years usage and beyond. Timeless design, superior quality and the very best in fabrics are therefore non-negotiables. To be certain you are selecting a superb piece of furniture offering all of these attributes and more, make Sulfaro, made in Australia, your first choice.

Made in Australia

All Sulfaro upholstered furniture is made exclusively at its well equipped workshop and factory right here in Melbourne. It is not ‘assembled’ here having been manufactured elsewhere, it is handbuilt here in our Mitcham premises. All aspects of its creation occur here. Design, patterns, templates, framing, springs, cushioning and fabric – a Sulfaro sofa is individually crafted by our skilled upholsterers, seamstresses and artisans. The whole process is overseen by the Sulfaro family. Santo Sulfaro and his father Nunzio. This is a purchase you can make with real confidence, with guaranteed comfort, quality and finish. Sulfaro Furniture is built to last you a lifetime.

Sulfaro is a living expression. It will remain constant yet evolve with you as your family grows and matures. It’s a lifetime selection that reflects your journey, with timeless beauty.

The Sulfaro Collection

Take the time to browse through our collection of fine furniture – The Sulfaro Collection.

We offer a wide range of both traditional and contemporary designs and styles. From genuine European classics through to modern contemporary masterpieces, we offer a wonderful selection of superb furniture – Lounge Suites, Sofas, Armchairs, Occasional Chairs, Ottomans – all handcrafted, all ‘Made in Australia’. Luxury, superb design and genuine choice – the Sulfaro experience.

Locally Made

Sulfaro does not stock cheap imported furniture from third world sources. A Sulfaro selection will last a lifetime. When the time is right, contact us regarding restoring and recovering your lounge suite, sofa, armchair and accessories.

Sulfaro has been manufacturing high quality classic and contemporary furniture for well over 50 years now. We do not cut corners with each piece requiring the same finish and quality control only handcrafting can deliver.

Visit Our Showrooms

Buying Australian made furniture is most definitely to your complete advantage so why not schedule a visit to our showrooms at 650-652 Whitehorse Rd Mitcham (Cnr of Cochrane St) approximately 1km west of the Eastlink Ringwood off ramps.

It’s your opportunity to not only relax into your selected Sulfaro Sofa or Chair, to be seated at the Dining Setting of your choice, but also to feel the quality of the fabrics and leather and enjoy the total comfort from the superb cushioning and springs. And if you desire you can visit our factory to view our furniture being made.

Open 7 Days Per Week

Sulfaro, yes it’s truly ‘Australian made’. Our showrooms are open for inspection 7 days per week. From Monday to Saturday we are open from 10am until 5pm. On Sundays we are open from 11am until 4pm.

Feel free to call ahead and schedule an appointment with our Sales and Design team. Call 03 9872 4608 during business hours. Our Sales Manager, Amelia Sulfaro, will be only too pleased to assist you. Don’t forget to bring your floor plans and any fabric samples or photos you feel might be helpful.

Sulfaro – it’s the experience. A lifetime of comfort, style and true luxury.

Sulfaro – it’s simply the best.