Australian Made – Handcrafted and Hand Built in every detail. It’s from SULFARO. Design, Comfort and Quality – Simply the very best


Now more than ever is the right time to buy ‘Australian Made’. But to be more explicit, now is the time to buy genuine Australian Made products. At Sulfaro our furniture is completely Australian made – right down to the last detail. And the actual quality is in every detail – handcrafted, hand built. Exquisite design, a fabulous finish – truly elegant, comfortable furniture – made to last a lifetime.

It’s fashionable now to claim your furniture is Australian made. But often that’s not the case – it’s merely assembled here. This is very true of several very large National organisations with multiple branches around Australia. The framing, the components such as springs, cushioning and the associated accessories are made offshore. Normally assembled by a third party trader in China, Indonesia, Malaysia or the Philippines, the component parts are now shipped to Australia and assembled. Why? Because the seller can then claim it’s “Australian made” when in fact it most definitely isn’t – it’s merely assembled here.

Contrast this to Sulfaro Furniture. At our Mitcham Studio and Workshop, our team of trained artisans – frame builders, upholsterers, seamstresses and apprentices create your sofa, lounge suite, armchairs and ottomans from the ground up; Using F1 Australian Hardwood, first quality memory foam, stainless steel springs and accessories – all sourced locally supporting many local Australian industries; with all works overseen and supervised by Master Craftsman Santo Sulfaro. Yes that’s correct – right here in Melbourne.

The Sulfaro team use templates and pattern designs created exclusively in our Mitcham Studio. All Sulfaro designs are original and unique. The Sulfaro Collection was actually commenced way back in 1962 – elegant European furniture with a dash of Italian style and panache – real timeless beauty.

For many it’s about enjoying a new lifestyle – Apartment living. Panoramic views, open space, privacy, comfort and security. The Sulfaro Collection offers a superb range of lounge suites, sofas, armchairs and accessories for apartment living. Comfort, luxury and gracious elegant style. Apartment living? – Sulfaro is the right choice


Take the time to browse our website here… Start with the Sulfaro Signature Selection and then enjoy the huge selection of quality hand built, finely finished upholstered furniture, dining settings and accessories as follows.

Remember all Sulfaro Furniture comes with a lifetime guarantee on workmanship and finishing.

But there’s more. Often the most difficult element in making your furniture selections – lounge suites, dining suites, accessories and occasional chairs is the all important aspect of your ultimate interior design and the completed look and feel.


Did you know that Sulfaro Furniture offer a complimentary Interior Design service providing qualified experienced advice and direction. Led by Amelia Sulfaro, the Sulfaro Interior Design team can create for you the ultimate look and feel you’ve always desired. You can choose you colour schemes, fabrics, leathers, timber finishes, piping, skirting, even the castors, legs or timber feet, guided and comforted by the expert advice of Amelia and her team. With a huge selection of fabrics and leathers from Australia’s and the world’s leading suppliers and you can be sure of a unique design with selected components that are as unique and individual as you are, a design that recognises your taste, your dreams and your desires.

Arrange an appointment – either by visiting our showrooms, or have a virtual consultation via Skype, Zoom, Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp. Call 03 9872 4608 or leave your details here to schedule your appointment at your convenience.

Bring your floor plans, interior design drawings, photographs, and fabric or leather samples with any images of floor coverings, paint schemes and interior surfaces. Be comfortable in knowing that your Sofa, Armchairs, Ottomans and Dining Settings meet the dimensions and measurements of your living areas. It’s the first step on your journey to the Sulfaro experience – a lifetime of comfort, superb design and pure luxury.

Do you live interstate? No problems. Sulfaro can facilitate delivery to your location, with care, in a timely fashion. Sydney, Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane, Cairns. Trinity Beach or Peppermint Grove. The Gold Coast or Hobart. If you really want to enjoy the very best in stylish, comfortable handcrafted, hand built Australian made furniture, look no further. Sulfaro are the absolute premium in quality and design – furniture you’ll be proud to own for many years to come.


‘It’s from Sulfaro’.

The Sulfaro Showrooms are situated over two huge stores located at 650-652 Whitehorse Rd, corner of Cochrane St, approximately 1km west of the Ringwood exit ramps on Eastlink.

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Opening hours for the showrooms are as follows

  • 10am until 5pm Mon to Sat
  • 11am until 4pm Sundays

Sulfaro abide by all State and Federal Government health directives, ensure appropriate social distancing and provide hand sanitizer and wipes for all visitors as required.
All furniture and surfaces are hygienically cleaned as per requirements

Schedule a visit, bring the family, there is ample off-street parking.

When you select from the Sulfaro Collection, you’re choosing the very best in refined, elegant, finely finished furniture. Its furniture you’ll be proud to own, display and enjoy. It truly is the Sulfaro Experience. And when it all comes down to it – you do really truly deserve it.


Sulfaro – it’s simply the very best.

Sulfaro – Made in Melbourne – Interior Design made easy.

The Sulfaro experience begins with the Sulfaro Collection of Classic and Contemporary Furniture. Superb handcrafted, hand built Lounge Suites, Dining Settings and Recliner Motion Suites. Simply beautiful. But did you know Sulfaro offer a complete and complementary Interior Design service?

At Sulfaro we offer an Interior Design service to take your living spaces into the realms you have always desired. Plush luxurious fabrics and leathers, selected to complement your colour schemes, interior layout and flooring. A lounge suite and accessories you can truly be proud of!

The Sulfaro Interior Design team is both qualified and experienced. Led by Amelia Sulfaro, the team will create the look and feel you have always desired. Call 03 9872 4608 and schedule an appointment to discuss your needs. Bring fabric and leather samples, photographs and floor plans to assist in ensuring you can communicate your vision and desires for your home to our team.

But there is also the opportunity to customise your lounge suite, sofas and armchairs to reflect your taste and your preferences. With Sulfaro you can select the colours, fabrics and leathers you desire from our extensive catalogue of materials, a huge selection of fabrics and leathers from the world’s leading suppliers. You can also select the piping, the skirting, fringing, the timber finishes, the castors or feet for your Sofa and Armchairs. Size does matter. Bring your exact measurements and our craftsmen will select or adapt a sofa size best suited to accommodating your requirements.

Browse our Sulfaro Collection here prior to your visit. Make a selection from the following categories…


All Sulfaro Furniture comes with a Lifetime Guarantee on workmanship and finishing. This can be a critical issue. When repairs are required, it’s the team of artisans who have made and crafted the furniture originally that will execute the work required – not a third party contractor with little or no affinity with your furniture, nor an off-shore facility that requires months of extra time simply on the transport to and from their facility.

For those people lucky enough to have valuable antiques, heirloom pieces or simply those valuable family treasures such as period sofas, armchairs or occasional chairs, you can trust your treasured furniture to Sulfaro for all your necessary repairs and restorations. The Sulfaro team of artisans, upholsterers, framers and seamstresses can return to you your heirloom pieces in mint condition, faithful to the original manufacture and creation. Contact the Workshop on 03 9872 4608 and direct your enquiries to Master Craftsman Santo Sulfaro on all restoration and renovation requirements.

Sulfaro Furniture deliver Australia-wide. The Sulfaro Showrooms are located at 650-652 Whitehorse Rd, Mitcham, corner of Cochrane St – approximately 1 kilometre west of the EastLink Ringwood exit ramps.

The Showrooms opening hours are as follows:

  • Monday to Saturday 10am to 5pm
  • Sundays 11am to 4pm

The Sulfaro Showrooms are huge – spread over two large stores. There is ample off-street parking, so schedule a visit, take the time to take a seat on one of our gorgeous sofas or armchairs, sit back, relax and start your Sulfaro journey of comfort and contentment. It’s the Sulfaro experience.


Luxury, Comfort, Quality and Design

Sulfaro – It’s simply the very best.

The Sulfaro Summer Sale. Superb Australian Made, Handcrafted Furniture – finishes on Saturday Feb 29th [Up to 50% off marked items.]


Yes, we have a Leap Year! And up until the 29th of February (that’s a Saturday) you have the opportunity to purchase a unique handcrafted, hand-built Lounge Suite, Sofa, Armchair and accessories from Sulfaro at greatly reduced prices. Up to 50% off normal retail. Australian Made, European Styling, Italian Design – absolute quality with workmanship guaranteed for a lifetime!

The Sulfaro Collection is entirely original. Designed right here in Melbourne, Sulfaro offer a range of classic and traditional furniture as well as a complete modern and contemporary range with the latest fashion trends, colours and styling from Europe.

But the really big difference is simple. Our Artisans, craftsmen and women hand craft and hand build every piece of Sulfaro furniture, right here in Melbourne at our Mitcham Studio and Workshop. Custom designed furniture with Sulfaro generally is ready for dispatch within 6 weeks. When ordering the same from an overseas supplier and importing a selected custom design, the whole process can take up to 20 weeks – who wants to wait for what is ultimately an inferior product? At Sulfaro, customers can determine their designs, fabrics and additions in a ‘no fuss’ process and be enjoying their new furniture in as little as 6 weeks.

NO IMPORTS – There is no consolidating of imported components – All Sulfaro Furniture is made here entirely in Australia.

Sulfaro Furniture, from the original templates, through to the fabric finishing is fully created and manufactured right here in Melbourne.

This means local employment and our customer’s money spent remaining entirely in the Australian economy.


And what an incredible collection our customers have to choose from. The Sulfaro Collection offers firstly our Signature Selection, our most popular Lounge Suites, Sofas, Armchairs and Occasional Chairs. You can view them here

For a broader perspective and perhaps assisting you in selecting your preferred Lounge Suite, you can browse our full collection here…

Decor and Design Accessories

The Sulfaro Summer Sale focuses on current floor stock (we simply need more space for new introductions). However, all items marked down are of the highest quality and are current stock featuring fabrics and leather from the world’s leading suppliers.

There is a new generation at Sulfaro. Owners and managers Santo and Amelia Sulfaro want to offer their customers much more than a cheap, robotically manufactured lounge suite or sofa from China.

Sulfaro is about quality, comfort and design. It is luxury you can afford. For many customers it is the chance to design their own selected living room decor – the colours, the fabrics, the finishing and the accessories. The Sulfaro experience is one of individual preference, of real choice.

Take the time to arrange an appointment with our design team led by Amelia Sulfaro, our Retail Manager. Let yourself be guided through our extensive collection to determine the design and style best suited to your unique situation. Select the colours, the fabrics, leathers and accessories that truly reflect your taste and vision.


Feel free to bring your floor plans, Interior Design concepts, fabric samples and photographs. This can be an exciting and rewarding process. Call 9872 4608 to schedule a consultation with Amelia and her team at your convenience.

It’s the right time to visit the Sulfaro Showrooms. Enjoy the comfort, the luxury of the Sulfaro experience. Take a seat on your preferred sofa or armchair and simply sink back into pure relaxation.

The Sulfaro Showrooms are located at 650-652 Whitehorse Rd Mitcham, corner of Cochrane St, approximately 1 kilometre west of the EastLink Ringwood exit ramps [MAP LINK]

The Sulfaro Showrooms are open 7 days a week and offer ample off-street parking.

  • Mon – Sat – 10am – 5pm
  • Sun – 11am – 4pm

We look forward to seeing you soon. This is your chance to purchase genuine handcrafted, hand built furniture – Australian Made – with a lifetime guarantee on workmanship at a significantly discounted price. And remember…

Sulfaro – It’s simply the best.

The Sulfaro Spring Sale – Handcrafted Excellence

With the Spring Racing Carnival in full swing, it’s that time of year where everyone takes a seat and watches ‘the race that stops a nation’ – the Melbourne Cup. Frankly it’s probably more comfortable to watch the great race from your living room rather than brave the huge crowds at Flemington. And when you are seated and relaxed on a genuine Sulfaro Lounge Suite, win lose or draw, you will continue to remain in absolute comfort, enjoying real luxury in your own home.


[For those of you wondering we have included a few images from inside the new Members’ Stand at Flemington for your enjoyment.]

But for real excitement why not visit our Mitcham showrooms and enjoy the pure luxury of Sulfaro Furniture during our annual Spring Sale, now on. Select from a wide range of currently marked down floor stock with discounts of up to 40%. Or customise your selected Sulfaro designed Sofa, Armchairs and accessories to suit your individual taste – creating a truly bespoke lounge suite for your living room and open space areas. Choose colours, fabrics, leathers, piping, skirting and timber finishing.


The Sulfaro Collection offers the very best in both Classic and Contemporary design. With strong Italian design and European styling, the Sulfaro range of luxury furniture offers a full complement of unique designs, the very best in both fabrics and leathers, and Sofas in the sizes and configurations to suit your every need.

Coming into Summer, interior designers often opt for a Hamptons influenced design with its casual elegance. The Sulfaro Classic/Hamptons Collection offers a delightful selection of Hamptons inspired Sofas, Armchairs, Occasional Chairs and Lounge Suite Corner Units. At Sulfaro you have the option of choosing the colours, fabrics, patterns or leather selections you may prefer or desire. Right now it’s still possible to order for pre-Christmas delivery, but make sure you take the time to arrange a consultation with Amelia Sulfaro and her Design team in the next week or so if you require your new lounge suite pre-Christmas.


Sulfaro – it’s an experience. An experience that comes with a lifetime guarantee. Remember all Sulfaro upholstered furniture is hand built and crafted right here in Melbourne at our Mitcham Studio and Workshop. Quality framing, the very best in cushioning with fabrics and leathers drawn from the collections of the world’s leading suppliers (no cheap imports from Chinese factories). All Sulfaro furniture is genuinely hand made and crafted by skilled artisans, using the same traditional methodologies handed down from generation to generation. Each piece is individually crafted and supervised by family patriarch Nunzio Sulfaro and his son, the current manager of Sulfaro, Santo Sulfaro. This is a business where the real love is producing individual quality furniture. The Sulfaro family are invested in pleasing each and every customer with truly unique, fully crafted hand built furniture to their complete satisfaction and have been doing so for over 50 years.

Sulfaro Showrooms are located at 650-652 Whitehorse Rd Mitcham (cnr of Cochrane St) approximately 1km west of the Eastlink Ringwood exit ramps.

Opening hours are as follows

  • Monday to Saturday 10am – 5pm
  • Sunday 11am – 4pm

It’s time to visit Sulfaro and select form our huge range of high quality, luxury furniture. Sulfaro for design, comfort and truly luxurious quality.

It’s really an experience.

Sulfaro – it’s simply the best.