Interior Design Trends for 2021/22? At Sulfaro it’s Classic and Contemporary,Traditional? Ultimately it’s What Pleases You

When you review the opinions given on design trends for 2021/22 there are many conflicting opinions. Some say minimalist, some say maximalist, some say grey is ‘in’, some say it’s on the way out. There is a general trend towards sustainable materials, open, multi-use rooms and a more feminine, curved element in upholstered furniture and dining settings. Some reports see the retreat of mid-century modern styles while others consider it a time of the 70’s renaissance. Ultimately it comes down to one thing – what is it that you want? What is the look you’ll be comfortable with, the look that completes your home?

Lockdown has given us time to ponder these things as we look around our home. Fashion in itself can be very fickle. What you simply must have this year can be a faded memory next year. With furniture it’s smart to opt for what is crafted traditionally and to seek the advice of those with expertise and knowledge.  Sulfaro offers nearly 60 years’ experience in providing superb quality furniture and craftsmanship and with that comes the ability to guide our clients and customers to discover what will ultimately please them the most. 

When family patriarch, Nunzio Sulfaro, and his wife, Francesca, first started their business in the swinging sixties it was all about modernist styles, hip fabrics for the time together with comfortable design. Over the years the Sulfaro team have evolved a spectacular Collection of traditional classic and contemporary furniture. Some enjoy a Hamptons influence whilst others pay homage to classical, European design. It’s a Collection that is constantly added to each year and there’s sure to be a style, a design that suits your taste and requirements. A design that you absolutely love. Furniture that is completely handcrafted and hand-built using the very best in materials, expertly finished by the Sulfaro team of Artisans under the direction of a true Master Craftsman, Santo Sulfaro, the second generation of the Sulfaro furniture making family here in Australia. 


As a Sulfaro client you have the opportunity to make a selection from our extensive Collection and its Catalogue Sections and then to take a truly individual approach to the final look and feel of your new furniture – lounge suites, sofas, armchairs, occasional chairs or dining settings. 

Simply schedule a time (virtual or in person post-lockdown) by calling 03 9872 4608 to discuss and plan your new furniture (or simply leave your details here for a prompt reply). You have the opportunity to select the fabrics or leathers of your choice from our extensive collection of materials we have gathered from the best fabric houses and fine leather purveyors, both here in Australia and world-wide. You can then select the accessories you desire – buttoning, piping, skirting, fringing, cushioning, timber finishing and more – truly bespoke, truly unique. 


Start by visiting our website and browsing our full Collection. Our most popular sofas are profiled in a series of delightful interior settings – this is your starting point – the Signature Selection.

From there take the time to browse each Catalogue to find the design, the style of sofa, armchair and accessories you prefer. Our Catalogue sections are as follows:

  • Decor and Design Accessories
    A complete range of accessories including coffee tables, credenzas, buffets, side cabinets, lamps and much more.

As well we also offer an extensive range of dining settings – fully extendable tables to seat up to 12-16 people in comfort, in beautiful, polished timbers finished in your choice of timber, glass, ceramic or marble table tops. If you require something more compact we offer beautifully crafted tables to suit 4-6 people for the kitchen, the sunroom or breakfast nook. All dining chairs are finished with matching fabrics or leathers, handcrafted and hand-built for durability, strength and in superb complementary designs. 

Australian Made

In Australia these days much of the furniture on display at retail outlets is imported and mass produced robotically offshore.  There is little to distinguish each individual piece from the next with manufacturers applying a cookie cutter approach to all upholstered furniture. 

Purchasing from Sulfaro means you are buying a handcrafted product that is 100% Australian made, quality furniture that is crafted using Australian products and materials wherever and whenever possible. Your purchase benefits a local Australian industry, Australian workers and the Australian economy. Sulfaro is a wholly Australian owned business, a family business with a tradition of excellence, stylish design and genuine service. Quite simply the money stays here in Australia, benefitting Australians. 

Order Now

Even during lockdown you can place your orders with Sulfaro. Simply browse our website and select the items you desire.Then call us on 03 9872 4608 to order and to determine price and availability. Sulfaro delivery Australia wide. We offer unique custom built furniture – lounge suites, sofas armchairs, occasional chairs, ottomans and a wide range of complementary accessories – coffee tables, side tables, buffets, credenzas, lamps and sumptuous rugs. We also offer a complete range of recliners – sofas, armchairs and lounge suites as well as sofa beds. We carry significant floor stock and there is current availability on many lines.

Don’t delay, call us now and start your Sulfaro experience. A lifetime of comfort, relaxation and pure luxury. It’s from Sulfaro and it’s simply the very best. 

Sulfaro – Luxury, Comfort and Design. 

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